John (Pravda) “Pat” Philbin – A Team Bush Hero

In what world would fake news masquerade as fact? Where else would a guy get caught making shit up, in public, in the midst of a regional, if not a national emergency, and GET A PROMOTION?

I spent some quality time in Ye Ole USSR in 1976. I learned soviet history, language, culture, social studies, and my personal fave, American History. I did not know that the wrong side won our not very Civil War, nor that slave compounds were pre-communistic living accommodations. But I did learn that every release of news from PRAVDA was 90% (or more) pure spin. Five Year Plans were famously reached, most often by a judicious rewrite of the original goals. Often the plans were simply scrapped, the mission was declared accomplished, and a totally different plan was created. In a world where copy machines were considered a danger to society, facts were fluid things. Sound familiar?

With “Pravda” Philbin, our administration has truly outdone itself. When FEMA wanted to pat itself on the back, and very much wanting to avoid any questions that centered on how the IraqNam quagmire harmed our firefighting efforts, it had Philbin hold a Faux Gnus Conference, except that not even Faux Gnus was invited. Instead, several FEMA workers posed as journalists (like Mr. Gannon of White House fame), asked incredibly supportive and friendly questions, then lobbed soft-balls like it was a photo op at the special olympics. Real newsies were banned, although they could listen in on the phone. However, no questions were permitted.

“Pravda” Philbin saw nothing wrong with this spin control, not at first. In fact, it was probably considered standard behavior for a White House that has pushed form over function since it first “took” office.

Luckily, today’s MSM is finally getting tired of being compared unfavorably to a festering, maggot-covered, worm-filled, dead cat, and even they took exception to FEMA’s actions.

In a move that astounded even the most cynical Bush watcher, what happened next can only be described as truly inspired. Obviously a man like “Pravda” could not stay in his position at FEMA. Wasting talent is almost a crime, especially when you have the likes of Monica “Are You Republican/Religious enough?” Goodling setting the standard for hiring and promotion. So, “Pravda Philbin” left his job and was immediately promoted to a much more sensitive and powerful position.

“Pravda” Philbin’s new job? To run the public information shop at the Office of National Intelligence Director headed by Mike McConnell.

What better place to stick a confirmed liar? After all, we were told last week that the NIEs that used to be shared with Congress (and eventually the public) would no longer be given to Congress, EVEN THOUGH THE LAW REQUIRES IT.

Can you imagine the show and tell that will spew forth from the National Intel Director with “Pravda” Philbin in charge?
“Iraq? No, that mission was accomplished. All those 160,000 troops are simply conducting war games.”
“Iran? No, there is no connection to the mobilization orders for 20 nuke armed B-52s, nor the entire fleet of B-2s. Trust us. Would we lie to you?”

For years, the Bush administration bribed journalists, made up fake news releases, even filmed fake reporters pushing forward propaganda on Iraq, Social Security, and many other issues. They tilled the soil, fertilized it, and seeded it with the likes of Judith Miller. In fact, Libby, Rove, Bolton, and other top staffers from Bush, Cheney, Rummie, and Condi Rice were so good at cultivating the brains and ethics of the Main Stream Media, that Judith Miller was quoted as saying her job was NOT to question WH reports, but to promote them.

So, by Bush Standards (if there is such a thing) “Pravda” Philbin’s career advancement should have been obvious. If it becomes final, then there is no depth to which these criminals won’t strive to reach.

– – – – – ON EDIT – – – –

Breaking news: WASHINGTON – The man who staged a fake Federal Emergency Management Agency new conference has lost a chance to be National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell’s top public information officer.

Amazing what a little light under the covers can do. Could it be that we are seeing the Main Stream Media wake up? Or much like the DOJ firings, does it continue to take the intertubes’ questions to make things happen?

– – – – – On EDIT, Part II- – – – –

Rumors are swirling that Philbin will be picked up by a defense contractor on a temp basis, until the heat is off, whereupon he will return to the new position as Nat. Intel. Public Info officer.

only in Dee Cee, which rhymes with Sleezy


  1. barak

    The complete contempt that this administration holds for the American People is evident here. There is NOTHING that they do that is beyond possibility. They are free to lie, steal, cheat, and even kill us without fear of retribution or punishment. They are so out of control that it terrifies me. I want to run and hide under a blanket, but there are cameras and microphones there watching and listening to my every move. My personal space and my privacy are gone, eaten up by the Patriot act.

    Perhaps impeachment could save the day, but the congress, once our representatives, is too involved with the theft of money and power to do anything to stop this rape of my rights. The Bill of Rights has been replaced with the government’s ability to listen, see, and do with as they choose, again courtesy of the Patriot Act.

    Maybe it is time to remove the “Pat” from the Patriot act and do as our forefathers did in the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness. But there is noone to lead, nobody to start the action, and the group that is normally the first to act, i.e. the students, is too immersed in their own selves to take any action at all. Only a military draft would enliven those students, and the administration knows and avoids any hint of such a draft.

    This is one of the blackest periods in our history, and until the “American People” pay heed and act in unison to change things, we will continue to be raped, pillaged, and shorn of our rights.

    It is time to take to the streets, to man the barricades, to throw caution aside and hang together, for surely we are hanging separately at this moment. Start letter-writing campaigns. Innundate your Congress people with letters and emails of protest. Unless we move together we will continue to be individual targets of opportunity. We can again rise to the heights we had achieved in the past if only a leader like John F. Kennedy will appear. I know such a man is out there, we just have to motivate him to step forward.

    Or else he, like the rest of us, will be ground underfoot by these executive, legislative, and judicial branches of our government.

  2. ekaton

    “We can again rise to the heights we had achieved in the past if only a leader like John F. Kennedy will appear. I know such a man is out there, we just have to motivate him to step forward.”

    That man is here, now, and his name is Dennis Kucinich. Unfortunately he isn’t “pretty” enought to become president, he isn’t a “name” like “Kennedy” or “Clinton”, and the MSM has decided he is “unelectable”, and that is the paradigm they have decided to promote. Of course his mother in law, Shirley McLaine has done him no favors with her UFO story, and that great journalist, Tim Russert, chose to assist in the marginalization of Kucinich with his questions about the UFO incident. Big joke, Russert. You done good. Expect your Council on Foreign Relations nomination for membership real soon now.

    The MSM has decided that Hilary is the annointed one, and they will publicize her to infinity and ignore the rest. The MSM could get anyone they wanted elected by simply promoting them like they do Hillary.

    Thank goodness we have a “free press” in this country. Pretty soon, Rupert Murdoch will own ALL the newspapers and TV stations. Then the press will finally be REALLY free.

    — Kent Shaw

  3. SEAL

    I know I’m in the minority around here but I think Barak Obama is the man for the job with a democrap controlled congress. I just wish he would start acting like it.

    I have been watching and listening to him in depth for several months. What I find is a man who wants what we want but understands that it will take time and tact to turn this country around. The corporates are so entrenched that they will have to be dismantled slowly and, in some cases, very carefully. The JFK and Bobby style was certainly exciting but look what happened to them. You cant go into the White House and take these people head on. They have been building their power since WWII and, right now, it is immense.

    Obama has a talent for getting people to compromise. That is what will have to happen to begin the peaceful process back to constitutional government. He is naturally non-polarizing unlike Hillary or scary to the public like those who are demanding drastic change. That makes him very electable. The most encouraging thing about him is his appeal with the younger public, especially the students. They have been turning out by the thousands to hear him speak. We need them as the driving force for change. They are the future.

    I don’t intend this as a political plug for a candidate but an opinion of what would be best for the nation given the current choices. Either we have (1)Hillary and more of the same, (2)install a great arbiter like Obama, or (3)start a civil revolt. The first is unacceptable to me and, as much as (3) stirs my patriotic blood, I believe (2) is the right way to go.

  4. adb8917

    Bearing in mind that Members of Congress have hired staff who parse and separate incoming mail, I long ago gave up on the notion that I could get a response to a letter seeking redress; and unfortunately with the growth of the blogosphere, the notion of an angry call to arms is increasingly submerged by the bile and babble.

    There are a couple of fundamental steps that Americans could pursue that might successfully attract our “leaders'” attention.

    1. Make it an article of faith that you will NOT vote for anybody who voted for the Patriot Act in any of its iterations; and by extension any amnesty for the telecommunications industry or other Multinational Corporations (MNCs) that benefit from the corrosive political largesse of the Federal Government.

    2. Demand the impeachment of both the President and Vice President for violating their oaths of office by falsifying intelligence as a precursor to an undeclared war; incompetently discharging their offices as military Commanders in Chief in failing to protect Americans from foreign attacks, to include international terrorists AND electronic warfare assaults from hostile countries; willfully disregarding the laws of the land as passed by Congress; and for squandering our global stature for petty and corrupt partisan ends.

    3. Recognize that every failed military, political, social, and economic program generated by this administration must be scrutinized and reformed or eliminated BEFORE they leave office, for fear that they will become permanent authoritarian legacies that cannot be overturned.


  5. ekaton

    “”Pravda” Philbin’s new job? To run the public information shop at the Office of National Intelligence Director headed by Mike McConnell.”

    This is so completely surreal and Orwellian it boggles the mind.

    Ho hum. Did you hear about the big sale at Wal-Mart? And wasn’t that a great four game sweep? OH, and how about those Steelers, eh? And could someone please fill me in on the latest exploits of Britney, Lindsay and Paris? You know. The really IMPORTANT stuff.

    ” … NIEs that used to be shared with Congress (and eventually the public) would no longer be given to Congress, EVEN THOUGH THE LAW REQUIRES IT.”

    One more felony committed by someone in the Bush Administration? Certainly NOT. As Richard Nixon said to David Frost, “Its not illegal when the President does it.” So let’s not all get our knickers twisted over this. Its after all in the interest of national security.

    Excellent article, Mr. Kezelis. Thank you.

    — Kent Shaw