Abroad: Maureen Dowd reminded me about how Nixon used to have Kissenger tell the Soviets that while brilliant he was also “a dramatically disjointed personality … more than a little paranoid … when necessary, a cold-hearted butcher.’ ” With Nixon it was mostly fiction, but with Bush???? Now we have Bush and Cheney wanker wagging about Iran.

At home: Bush and Gonsales turned the Justice Department into a torture enabling program. I doubt the new attorney general will be any better.

First to Iran, a country the “feeling irrelevant” Bush and Cheney may decide to bomb in the waning days of their discredited administration, not to play the Nixon game of intimidating through implied insanity (their foe Mahmoud Ahmadinejad occasionally plays that game) but because they really are nuts, or thinking with their nuts.

What better way to get even with those pesky liberals and damnable presidential historians than starting another preemptive war?

Of course when you think with your crotch you don’t pay much attention to consequences, and when you think you’re the biggest badass on the block you forget that your smaller opponent can bring you to your knees with a quick kick in the balls.

Assuming Bush and Cheney aren’t planning to nuke Iran into a radioactive wasteland and start World War III, I’d anticipate their bombing air defense installations, Iranian nuclear facilities, and some military sites.

And the Iranians are going to sit still for this?

In a Bush Cheney wet dream they are. We have tens of thousands of American troops clustered together in a base in Bagdhad and vulnerable to a shit storm of Iranian missiles, enough of which would probably get past whatever missile defenses we have there to cause a huge body count.

Bush and Cheney have considerately given the Iranians American targets right in their backyard.

Now to the home front.

It looks like the chicken shit Democratic Senators on the Judiciary Committee with be giving the thumbs up on retired U.S. District Judge Michael Mukasey to be our next attorney general. How could they think Bush would actually nominate someone who would bring justice back to the Justice Department.

The guy began his confirmation hearings by saying “I’m not a bashful person, and I’m not going to become a bashful person if I’m confirmed.”

So by this are we supposed to think he’ll stand up to Bush and Cheney because Gonslales was bashful and he’s not?

Hell no, he won’t even define torture.

This is what law professor Jonathan Turley has to say about the likelyhood the Democrats will vote to confirm this guy:

But they’re making a mistake. Whatever his qualifications (and Mukasey has many stellar qualifications), even a vague, ill-defined stance on torture should be a barrier to confirmation — particularly because it has been the defining issue of this administration. The fact is that, even though the White House has heralded Mukasey’s deep religious views as an Orthodox Jew, he has flunked the greatest and easiest moral question put to him.

Torture is not the only issue that should have (but has not) awoken the long-slumbering Democrats. Mukasey also opposed a shield law for journalists. And he supports creating different legal rules specifically for individuals charged with terrorism, despite the longstanding legal principle that all defendants are entitled to the same due process and rights. (Read LA Times OpEd “Mukasey’s confirmation: a vote about torture”)

Mukasey is a stick in the eye of the Democrats. If they accept this from Bush they might as well turn their heads and ask him to poke them in the other eye.

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