Just when you think the assholes who control our government can’t possibly get any more callous about the escalating loss of human lives as a result of their failed policies, along comes Presidential mouthpiece Tony Snow to tell us that 2500 American military deaths in Iraq is just "a number."

Just a number? I’d glad I no longer cover the White House because I’d kick Tony Snow’s capped teeth down his fucking throat. Then I’d kick the bastard in the nuts just to make sure he got the point.

Yes, I’m mad. Damn mad. Goddamned mad. I’ve lost two relatives in George W. Bush’s illegal Iraq invasion and far too many other Americans grieve lost loved ones because a mass murdering President sent them off to die in a useless war that had nothing to do with his so-called "war on terrorism."

I suppose nothing should surprise us in this world where a President makes fun of a blind reporter on national TV and then dismisses it by saying "I like to needle reporters." I suppose a gutless coward who used his daddy’s connections to hide out from the Vietnam war has no shame when it comes to sending others to die for his personal political agenda.

And I suppose that hiring a mealy-mouthed right-wing blowhard like Snow to show callous disregard for those who gave their lives for their country is just "business as usual" for the bastards and bitches who dishonor every man and woman who wears a uniform and defends their country.

Go to hell Tony Snow. And take that bastard you work for with you.

–Callie Houston