Bush’s out-of-control war

The cost of President George W. Bush’s illegal and immoral war in Iraq — in both dollars and American lives — continues to spiral out of control.

Bush not only wants to send more and more Americans into harm’s way in his war. He wants to spend more and more money to fund his failing efforts.

All this comes when polls show more and more Americans not only want the soldiers home but want spending in the Iraq debacle reduced and the hemorrhaging economy brought under control.

But Bush has a habit of getting what he wants and the timid Democratic Congress appears powerless to stop him.

Reports AFP:

President George W. Bush Monday demanded nearly 200 billion dollars from Congress to fund war operations next year, throwing down the gauntlet to opponents who want a swift exit from Iraq.

“Every member of Congress who wants to see both success in Iraq and our troops begin to come home should strongly support this bill,” Bush said at the White House.

“I know some in Congress are against the war and are seeking ways to demonstrate that opposition,” he said. “But they ought to make sure our troops have what it takes to succeed.”

The request for 196.4 billion dollars would fund the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2008, and adds more than 42 billion dollars to the administration’s original estimate of its war costs for next year.

It includes 5.3 billion dollars for mine-resistant armored vehicles known as MRAPs, and 3.6 billion dollars for the State Department in part to fund what Bush called “crucial relief for Iraqi refugees.”

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, an ardent Iraq war critic, said the request pointed to the president’s “misplaced priorities” following his recent veto of a popular health care funding bill.

“Demanding nearly 200 billion dollars for Iraq while vetoing health care for 10 million children exemplifies the Bush AdministrationÂ?s misplaced priorities,” she said.

“For the cost of less than 40 days in Iraq, we could provide health care coverage to 10 million children for an entire year,” said Pelosi.

“The colossal cost of this war grows every day — in lives lost, dollars spent, and to our reputation around the world.”

If approved, the request would push US war costs to a whopping 757.4 billion dollars since Bush launched his “war on terror” following the attacks of September 11, 2001.


  1. Sandra Price

    The problem may not be the Congress or the White House but the American people themselves who are outraged by the two parties who are determined to destroy each other even before the Primaries begin.

    If I were new to being an American Citizen, I would throw both parties in the trash and forget voting all together. It is beginning to look like the Civil War when several states wanted out of the Union. Hatred and scandal ruled the newpapers and town meetings. Today we have the same combination ruling the internet, radio and television media.

    I just read a post on a very Conservative forum where one woman stated that she would not care if the rich liberals who lived in Malibu lost their homes.

    I’ve been a Red Cross member for 27 years and never once wanted to see a victim’s voter registration card before clearing them out of a disastor area. I’ve never seen anger like this before in any election. Were I a member of Congress, I would think carefully before signing on to a bill or simply hiding out in the cloak closet.

    The White House is hopelessly amoral but our Congress is hopelessly ignorant of the Constitution so nothing can be discussed or agreed upon. We need a clean sweep and the next time we should question our candidates… ALL OF THEM!!!

  2. SEAL

    Janice wrote:
    “The voice at the other end of the phone said we can’t stop funding the war because Bush will keep them over there without the money,

    That is the most amazing thing. Democraps actually believe that. If they refused to fund the war, Bush would move money from other places to keep his war going. He already has a plan for that. He could keep the troops operating in Iraq for 3 more months, maybe 4. His plan is that will give him time to attack congress and get the public behind him to make congress fund the war. He has always been prepared for this.

    The day the money from congress runs out he and his minions will coordinate an attack on congress that will screeeeam about what unpatriotic, soft on terror, stupid evil people they are who would strand our troops in a war to be killed and you can bet that he would orchestrate some action in Iraq that would cause many of our soldiers to be killed. “See, we told you this would happen!”

    Selective members of congress would be viscously attacked in very personal ways and anyone who had something to hide would be exposed. All of this is in place and ready to go if and when the democraps finally acquire the courage to stop the war. This is what the democrap is afraid of. It would set off a bloody war between them and Bush. A fight to the finish!

    In order for the dems to take Bush on and stop the war by defunding it, they would have to submit a bill that provided money to “suport the troops” during a planned withdrawal. They would have to set a time limit of 6 months, 9 months, or a year with some provision for a certain number to remain as advisors to train the Iraqis and provide security for our civilians there. And they absolutely must write in a contingent to remain for the sole purpose of seeking out and destroying the al Qeadas. That would be about 40,000 troops staying there.

    It would be imperative that they write into the bill “supporting the troops.” Bush would veto and the dems would say that is the only bill you will get, take it or leave it.

    However, the democraps will never do that. They are deathly afraid of starting what would amount to a civil war. There would be so much noise and mudlinging in the media that the public would begin to take sides. The Bush supporters would go nuts and do some very nasty things because that’s the way they are. There would be marches; people would argue and get into fights. Emotions would run high. It is entirely possible there would be street fights when supporters of one side would hold rallys. May things could happen.

    Actually this would be the best thing that could happen because it would totally expose Bush for the wanton criminal that he is. In order to win, that is what the dems would have to do. They might be forced to impeach him when every one of his crimes are exposed.

    But their belief is that this would cause immeasurable harm to the nation. They want to just wait Bush out and use his actions to win the next election and then they will stop the war (sort of) and straighten the government out. That is a good plan except for the fact that Bush is not going to be a lame duck. He is going to continue his assault on the Constitution and the rape of the treasury. He plans to leave us with a debt we can’t get out of and, therefore, powerless. The corporate complex will have all the money and the power. They will rule. That has been the plan fron day one. Instead of slowing down he has accelerated and become more belligerent and aggressive. He is power mad and no congress of democraps is going to stand in his way.

    It is up to the democraps. How much will they allow before realizing that what they will take over in 2009 will be a broken country, very likely beyond repair, and they must stop Bush? I fear they will not and we will inherit a nation that barely resembles the once great nation called America.

  3. DejaVuAllOver

    Once again Satanboy holds the troops hostage. Say, for the sake of argument Congress cuts off funds. Satanboy would be faced with a choice: bring the troops home or force them to stay in Iraq without supplies, food, weapons or pay. Satanboy has all but said he would choose the latter.

    We have a sick, demonic, vile, degenerate and filthy scumbag in the Whitehouse, folks. And a Congress (Pelosi, Reid et al.) that’s too cowardly and stupid to run a day care facility, let alone a country.

  4. jgw

    I think you are right. What I am trying to figure out is why there is so much bad blood between the two parties. After all, they have colluded on distributing the pork, feathering their own nests, etc, one would think they could take time out, from the looting, to do the nation’s work. Anyway, the Republicans must have very serious goods on on the Dems as the Dems, might even fight back! Well, then again, I am not all that sure they are even up to that!

    Port Angeles, WA

  5. Klaus Hergeschimmer

    Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, and almost all Dems would sell their parents as prostitues rather then confront Bush so as to seal their re-elections & election into to the Capitol Brothel Dome & the White Trash Debutante House.
    Screw all those Bastards & Bastardettes to hell.

    If I call my Senators & Representatives tomorrow, they’re more then happy to send me back form letters basically saying: “We at the Capitol Bordello Dome are so happy to hear from you about us selling the country down the tubes, so that we may stake a brothel room in the dome in 08′, thanx for your concern”.


  6. Janice

    The DCCC keeps calling asking for money. I finally told them that I’m not giving another penny to them until the stop the funding for the Iraq war and get out troops out. The voice at the other end of the phone said we can’t stop funding the war because Bush will keep them over there without the money, and I told him to just stop the money and our troops would be brought home. I pretty much told him that the dems need to stop bowing to Bush and do what the people of this country want.

    Call me naive, but it would be a way to get it done. I just do not see why the dems do not draw a line in the sand – and mean it. If they stop the funding – and they can because they have a majority in both houses – then the money stops and Bush is stopped. The republicans would squeel like the pigs they are, and the media would jump on the ‘patriotic’ bandwagon with them, but the dems would do what the citizens of America have clearly stated they want. It is time to bring some good old common sense back into the area of public policy.

    If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.
    Mark Twain

  7. LurkingFromTheLeft

    And he won’t stop

    …until oil breaks the $100/barrel mark –

    …after all, his rich friends need to buy wedding gifts for his kid –

    …by the way, who is still alive because she isn’t in Iraq like common people’s children –


  8. Steve Horn

    well, at least now we know what it means when someone claims to be a “compassionate conservative” – when I first heard the phrase I had no idea that it translated to “idiot tyrant”

    The problem is, as Phil Ochs once put it “I suppose it wouldn’t matter to anybody … outside of a small circle of friends” that so long as people ignore the big picture and the ultimate impact all of W’s “adventures” are having on the world as a whole, he won’t be stopped.

    To put it in more clear terms, I’ll reference Woody Guthrie – a few verses from “I’ve got to know” … a song which I believe he wrote in 1963

    “why do your war boats
    sail on my waters
    why do your death bombs
    fall from my skies
    why do you burn
    my farm and my town down
    I’ve got to know friend
    I’ve got to know


    why do your ships bring
    death to my people
    nitro block busters
    big cannons and guns
    why can’t your ships bring
    some food and some clothing
    I’ve got to know friend
    I’ve got to know


    What good work did you do, sir
    I’d like to ask you,
    To give you my money
    right out of my hands?
    I built your big house here
    to hide from my people,
    Why you crave to hide so
    I’d love to know!

    I’ve to know yes
    I’ve got to know friend
    hungry eyes ask me
    wherever I go
    comrads and friends all
    falling around me
    I’ve got to know yes
    I’ve got to know”



  9. Jerry

    “Bush … wants to send more and more Americans into harm’s way in his war.”

    But they voted for him.

    One of the tragic ironies is that both in 2000, and 2004, the US Military voted overwhelmingly Republican, and got the President they wanted.

  10. Steve Horn

    Funny isn’t it – hundreds of billions of dollars to fund his “war on terror” (that he initiated) is fine, but 35billion over five years to provide health care to children is excessive.

    If Pelousy her fellow lilly livered do nothing liberals can yank their heads out of their collective asses and actually to the people business we’d stand a chance – buit they’ll cave – ’cause impeachment was “off the table” according to Mrs. Speaker of the House.. “queen of the damned” ….

    I really hope that there is a hell – it’ll give these useless examples of “humanity” somewhere to go after they leave office.



  11. JerryG

    Here we go again! Until the “leadership” figures out a way to deflect Bush’s constant playing of the terror card, which consistently portrays them as weak and unsupportive of the troops, there will be absolutely no significant and measureable progress vis-a-vis bringing our soldiers home.

    Personally speaking, I’ve come to the conclusion that Pelosi and Reid are resigned to the fact that they are unable to stop the economic bleeding and fiscal blackhole that is Iraq!

  12. Steve Horn

    JerryG wrote: “Personally speaking, I’ve come to the conclusion that Pelosi and Reid are resigned to the fact that they are unable to stop the economic bleeding and fiscal blackhole that is Iraq!”

    I disagree. I believe they’ve made the decision to not do anything at all, because they lack the courage to take action against a tyrant. Perhaps they’re afraid of skeletons in their closets being revealed to the public. They are cowards. I cannot recall who said it, but I remember that a hero dies a single time, a coward dies a thousand deaths.

    They were elected into positions of power with a mandate from the public to use that power to stop a madman. They have done nothing but prove that they were not deserving of the trust of the people who elected them and as such should be removed from power.

    Peace takes courage and diplomacy, as a group they seem to lack both qualities.


  13. Klaus Hergeschimmer

    What infuriates me on top of the ‘Superfunding’ of 200 billion ChimpCo wants for the war and Fancy Pants Nancy & Hairy Reed going along with this is Hairy Reed selling his ass to AT&T to give AT&T amnesty for the spying on American citizens emails & phone messages it did. Christopher Dodd, Russ Feingold, and some other Dems say they’ll fillibuster this move towards amensty for AT&T, but Hairy Reed is taking copius amounts of money from AT&T and he’s trying to stop any move by Dems to deny amnesty for AT&T for its Spying.

    This recent kaper of Hairy Reed is the Ultimate Scheister move that this worthless piece of Stool Sample has ever done, it just makes my blood boil thinking about it.

  14. ekaton

    No problem. Just borrow it from China. This regime will borrow a trillion dollars before its all over to support the occupation in Iraq. I cannot believe that we are not out in the streets over this. This is insane, to be conducting a WAR on BORROWED money!!!! We should have a nationwide referendum. Everyone in favor of the war will contribute cash on a pay as you go basis. Everyone not in favor pays nothing. After all, this was a war of choice, not a war of necessity, so those in favor should pay, those not, should not.

    — Kent Shaw

  15. Tinker

    You know, or should know that Joe biden has a viable plan to bring about a political solution in Iraq. It would have three semi-autonomous regions for the three differing factions, and a weaker federal government overseeing national concerns like oil revenues distribution. Iraq’s constitution permits for this arrangement. It could be worked at between the Iraq, the UN, and neighboring countries, not just forced on them.

    This resolution passed the Senate with bipartisan support in late September, but of course Bush and his henchmen don’t like it. They don’t appear to like anything that makes sense, and might allow for a solution so that our boys can begin to get out of there. I guess all of the Bush cronies just want to keep wringing more money out of the war.

    And who else in this in this presidential race has any sort of realistic plan to bring an end to this horrible mistake of a war, other than a lot of hot-air vague statements? The front runners are all………”Show Horses”.

  16. ekaton

    I can’t buy the idea that the democrats are afraid to stand up to Bush for fear of being called ‘soft on terror’ or ‘unsupportive of the troops’. Everyone in this country knows thats not true. All they have to do is stand up to him but they won’t do it. In my opinion they are either afraid of blackmail or they stand too much to gain in this war-profiteering environment.

    All of this, all of it, has grown out of World War II. I keep thinking, “If only some true German patriot had stepped up and assassinated Hitler things would be a lot different today and in the future.”

    — Kent Shaw

  17. Janice

    Great idea! You like the war, you support it out of your pocket. Now, that is truely supporting the troops. Remember the old saying, “Put your money where your mouth is.”