Oh my God!

It’s no secret that Hillary Rodham Clinton scares the bejesus out of most hard-core Republicans.

To make matters worse, her top strategist now predicts 25 percent of GOP women will vote for her in 2008.

Over at the Republican National Committee, the party of the elephant is climbing the walls and screaming “say it isn’t so!”

Pollster: GOP Women Will Support ClintonWASHINGTON (AP) — Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton ‘s top strategist predicted Thursday that up to a quarter of Republican women could support Clinton in the presidential contest – a claim that later drew sharp rebukes from the rival campaigns of Barack Obama and Rudy Giuliani…. [Political news from The Associated Press]


  1. Sandra Price

    If the GOP would give up their prohibitions on abortions and gay marriages, I would bet the women in the party would return. But those prohibitions are the final straw that will destroy the GOP until they come to their senses.

    Prohibitions against alcohol did not work and the war on drugs is a total failure.

    America is a nation that does not know right from wrong and until we introduce it in our schools and churches, we will absolutely require a police state…..It is a huge issue in the 2008 election.