Former Vice President and newly-crowned Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore says he still does not plan to run for President.

Thank God for small favors.

After seven years of George W. Bush this nation needs a lot of things but Al Gore ain’t one of them.

Gore Says Still No Plans to RunOSLO, Norway (AP) — Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore says winning the Nobel Peace Prize has not pushed him into entering the 2008 presidential race…. [Political news from The Associated Press]


  1. Seal

    Your analysis of Gore and Hillary may be interesting, but long on conjecture and short on facts. Gore has no stomach for a fight??? For over 20 years he has led the fight on environmental issues despite being ridiculed for his zealousness. He has been a favorite target of the rightwing who continue to mock and distort him. Remember Bush Sr. calling him Ozone Man.

    He fought for almost two months to get the vote
    recounted in Florida. He did so in the face of brutal brownshirt tactics from the rightwing who finally persuaded the MSM and public that Gore was being a “crybaby” over the election and that Gore was not allowing the country to set up the presidency.

    I can certainly understand his hesitancy about running for president. He is doing what he loves advocating for the environment and has gained some ground in that effort. I don’t pretend to get inside his head as you do, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he had PTSD regarding the 2000 election that makes him hesitant to give up his position now, go on another bruising campaign only to win the mess that Bush has left.
    Some part of him is too smart to do that.

  2. Helen: the problem is getting a president that wants to clean up the mess. That is not Hillary Clinton. She will govern by the polls and distract just as Bush has done with her new programs that will only add to the mess. She will change the war in Iraq and reduce the troop level but she won’t end it. She will only claim she has ended it with “our remaining troops are only there to protect our interests and train the Iraqis.” That will be a permanent 60,000 or so.

    However, she may have to end the war with Turkey Pelousy is starting. The Turks are getting ready to send troops into Iraq right now.

  3. SEAL,

    I agree with your observations about Gore. He is a person who uses his intellect and addresses problems from an analytical and logical perspective as opposed to shooting from his lip — as Dubya does.

    I did vote for Al Gore in 2000 after researching both him and Bush. I followed their various speaking engagements and watched the debates. It was clear to me that, of the two, Gore was/is much more intelligent and thoughtful in his thinking.

    This paragraph of yours was spot on: “I believe Gore was devastated in 2000. Winning the election and having it taken away from him ripped his guts out. I think he harbors a great hatred of the political system and the dishonesty so prevalent within it. That must be what has motivated him to show the world they made a mistake. He would love the country to come crawling back to him.”

    Gore has moved on to bigger and better things and has truly become a player on the world stage now. He is in a much better position now to be a respected advocate for the environment and god knows, the environment certainly needs it.

    As much as I would love to see a Gore administration, I don’t envy whoever has to come in and clean up the damage after Hurricane Dubya.

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