Retirements may doom GOP

The Republicans still have a dream that they can reclaim the House of Representatives in 2008.

That dream, a long-shot at best, is fading even more because of the growing number of GOP retirements from the House.

Retirements may put House out of GOP's reachThe Democratic majority in the House of Representatives should be very vulnerable. But it’s not — at least, not right now.

[CNN Political News]


  1. Steve Horn

    Well, let’s all hope there are some strong third party candidates then, ’cause the Donothingcrats aren’t exactly worthy of re-election. Perhaps 2008 will be the year the political landscape of this nation changes – I doubt it – most people will do what they’ve always done – walk into the voting booth totally uninformed – look at their voter registration card – match the party name with a “party line” lever and pull – they walk out feeling that they’ve “done their civic duty” – in total ignorance ….

  2. JudyB

    Retirements are not what has doomed the GOP..they’ve doomed themselves and hurt us in the process!!! I can assure you,for the first time ever, I will not be voting for ANY GOP in ’08.

  3. mary cali

    What a shame!!! Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch.
    The GOP failed to perform their Constitutionally mandated oversight of the executive branch, which did not serve them nor the country well.

  4. Steve Horn

    So, what have the Democrats in the house done since they took control to deserve our continued support?

  5. mary cali


    The biggest accomplishment of the democratic congress is the oversight and investigation of the executive branch, which sorely needs it. After 6+ years of the Rs abdicating their Congressional oversight responsibility, there is alot to investigate with an administration that has wiped its feet on the constitution.

    Do you think that Bush et al would be held accountable at all had the Ds not gained the majority? I am sorry they don’t have a large enough majority to redeploy the troops or impeach Bush and Cheney, but that is a reality.

    Republicans are taking advantage of the people’s frustration by saying all the Ds want to do is investigate. Well, I certainly hope they continue to investigate so we can see how our country has strayed far from our values and start punishing the people who have so misled the nation.

  6. SEAL

    Incumbents always “retire” when faced with certain defeat. Regardless of how we feel about it, there is little doubt the voters will load congress with democrap in 2009. Many of those repugnants who feel they could win reelection will not run because they do not want to be part of such a lopsided minority that they will have no influence. Once you have power it’s hard to live without it.