Craig: ‘Romney sold me out’

U.S. Sen. Larry Craig, who flip-flopped over whether he would quit after being caught in a restroom sex scandal, said in remarks released on Monday that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney “threw me under his campaign bus.”

Craig, an Idaho Republican, resigned from Romney’s White House campaign after it was disclosed in August that he had been snared in an undercover sting operation in a Minnesota airport men’s room.

The case has been particularly embarrassing for Republicans, since they have long billed themselves as the party of conservative family values.

Craig contends that an undercover policeman in an adjoining stall at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport misconstrued his actions on June 11 as a sexual advance. But he pleaded guilty in August to misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

“Disgraceful,” Romney said at the time about Craig, who had served as co-chair of his campaign efforts on Capitol Hill.

“It reminds us of the fact that people who are elected to public office continue to disappoint,” Romney had told CNBC television. “And we’ve seen disappointment in the White House, we’ve seen it in the Senate, we’ve seen it in Congress and frankly it’s disgusting.”

“He not only threw me under his campaign bus, he backed up and ran over me again,” Craig said in an interview with NBC, excerpts of which were released on Monday.

The interview with “Matt Lauer Reports” will air on Tuesday, with additional coverage of it broadcast on Wednesday on the “Today” show.

As the excerpts were being released, officials in Minnesota announced that Craig had filed notice that he will continue fighting his arrest in court.

Craig’s Minneapolis attorney, Thomas Kelly, filed notice with the Minnesota Court of Appeals, paying a $500 fee and saying he will try to overturn a county court judge’s decision earlier this month that Craig cannot take back the disorderly conduct guilty plea he made in August.

Craig had contended he panicked and was rushed into a decision, and now wants a full hearing. But the judge said he had ample time and knew what he was doing.

In the interview, according to NBC, Craig maintained his innocence, claimed he was the victim of profiling and talked about the lack of support he has received from long-time colleagues in Congress.

Numerous Republicans, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, had urged Craig to resign and were upset when he decided to stay.

Craig also reiterated that despite his earlier comments to the contrary, he would not resign from Congress and instead would complete his third six-year term, which ends in January 2009.


  1. Steve Horn

    Bryan – the Potomac is already polluted enough without adding soiled politicians into the mix …. ;=)

  2. adamrussell

    First the anonymous sex in a public place, and then expecting that other politicians (other republicans even) would come to his support. I think he must be addled.

  3. Steve Horn

    Perhaps Larry knows a thing or two about his fellow republicans and as such, figured they’d understand and support him …

  4. bryan mcclellan

    I think under the Potomac would be a more suitable place for all of them Steve.D.C’s sanitation staff is already overworked.

  5. Steve Horn

    “”He not only threw me under his campaign bus, he backed up and ran over me again,” Craig said ”

    Not a bad idea.

    Poor Larry, first this “family values” candidate who stands against homosexuality gets caught soliciting sexual grafification from another man in a rest room stall. Then he takes a guilty plea to a misdemeanor to keep things quiet (what things? If he’s innocent, then what’s he afraid of having made public?). Then he tries to take his plea back (apparently, out of a sense of convenience he lied to the judge) – how he’s got a sense of moral outrage that other Republicans, perhaps those who really do walk the walk that they claim to, have distanced themselves from him.
    Fancy that.
    For a liar, a cheat and someone who’s afraid to admit their own sexuality and desires, who puffs and crows about the “evils” of homosexuality in public and chases cock in private, under the bus seems just about low enough …..



  6. anthny

    The reason the undercover cop went into the men’s room was to investigate reports that someone was soliciting perverted sex.

    The good thing about this whole story is Romney throwing Craig under the bus.

    He should resign and not put himself and the Senate through any more embarrassment.

  7. Sandra Price

    The crime was not having sex in the bathroom but a combination of getting caught and having made many votes against that same sexual action. The poor man got caught as a hypocrite! This happens in both parties but I feel that Romney was even a bigger hypocrite. We all know that Gays are the ultimate evil in the LDS because they don’t make babies. It must be a tough life to try and live under the new sexual conservative wing of an old party who never gave a damn. We had some great statemen who diddled with other men and nobody cared. It took the Christians to make this an ugly part of life. I will never forgive Craig for his votes and he will be reminded of them for the rest of his life. How many of you realize that two of biggest leaders in the GOP have a very active sexual gay life?

    My point is that our government should not voting on the rights of any group of Americans. Why have we allowed our government to intrude in actions like this while we allow the whole government to allow us to go into an illegal and immoral war?

    The whole damn federal government is a huge load of hypocrisy! No one can afford to throw stones at anyone else.

  8. SEAL

    When the founders stated that: “The government shall make no law regarding the establisment of religion” they prevented the government from defining morality or instituting any law that made a moral judgment. Prostitution is a classic example. This crime has no victim. There is no reason for it to be illegal other than moral judgment. However, no lawyer has, to my knowledge, ever challenged it on constitutional grounds.

    Committing a homosexual act is not a crime. It was for many years until one of the gays challenged it. As a result, the Supreme Court abolished it with their decision in Lawrence v Texas just a few years ago. Therefore, Senator Craig has committed no crime. That’s what makes this whole mess so ridiculous.

    One man telling another he wants to give him a blow job is not a crime no matter where he asks it. It only becomes a “disorerly conduct” crime if he blows him in a public place. From what we know of the incident, Craig never verbally asked the cop to have sex with him. But, even if he did, no crime was committed. There was no public sex act. Therefore, his guilty plea is invalid. The judge could not accept his plea to something that is not a crime.

    If Craig had not panicked in his hypocracy and consulted a lawyer, no one would know it happened. Don’t misunderstand, I’m glad it happened. He is getting what he deserves. But, if his lawyer is any good, Craig will not have a conviction for this on his record and I’m sure he will crow about how innocent he is, that he did not solicit gay sex, and probably run for another term.

  9. barak

    The whole Congress is rotten, with a very, very few exceptions. I think Biden, Waxman, Sarbanes and perhaps Boxer and Feinstein might be worth keeping, but the rest can easily be left at the bottom of some fecal tub where they can eat their fill.
    Dump em all I say, and let’s begin with a truly fresh slate.

  10. trog69

    I am sure about one thing, concerning the whole sordid “Stalling” tactic, for want of a euphemism. Knowing his decisions to, First, plead guilty without consulting an attorney, and Second, stating he was doing everybody a great big favor and disappearing, erroneously he now proclaims; Why should he be trusted to serve competently, with his predilection for craptastic calls?

    Maybe nowadays it’s a prerequisite.