Bush issues new WMD claim

Osama bin Laden’s Al-Qaeda network remains bent on getting nuclear and biological weapons to unleash apocalyptic destruction, a new White House report on national security warned Tuesday.

The report, which called for redoubled anti-terror coordination at all levels of government, said Al-Qaeda remains “the most serious and dangerous manifestation” of extremist threats against the United States.

“We also must never lose sight of Al-Qaeda’s persistent desire for weapons of mass destruction, as the group continues to try to acquire and use chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear material,” it said.

The White House called anew on the Democratic-led Congress to expand the power of US intelligence agencies to eavesdrop on suspected terrorists “while protecting the civil liberties of Americans.”

And following the administration’s failure to push immigration reform through Congress, the report called for improved capacity to find and expel illegal aliens, “including criminals and potential terrorists.”

The appraisal followed a “National Intelligence Estimate” in July that warned that Al-Qaeda is back in business, sparking Democratic complaints that the war in Iraq has proven a dangerous distraction.

The NIE, which prefigured much of Tuesday’s report, said Al-Qaeda had regrouped in Pakistan “and would not hesitate” to use weapons of mass destruction on the United States.

During a testy media conference call, White House homeland security advisor Fran Townsend rebuffed suggestions that the Iraq war had only served to revive Al-Qaeda in the years since the September 11 attacks of 2001.

“Every time I walk into the press briefing room we go through this, and what I will say to you is there should be no question that there were like-minded Islamic extremists inside Iraq and throughout the region,” she said.

“And certainly that there is extremism inside Iraq and throughout the region is not a result of the war in Iraq, it is a fundamental front in the continuing war on terror.”

Also Tuesday, the White House denied being the source of a leak involving a recent bin Laden video that a private intelligence firm said had sabotaged its secret ability to intercept Al-Qaeda messages.

“Techniques that took years to develop are now ineffective and worthless,” SITE Intelligence Group founder Rita Katz told the Washington Post.

According to the White House evaluation, the US-led “war on terror” has deprived Al-Qaeda of its sanctuary in Afghanistan and eliminated many of those responsible for planning 9/11.

Nevertheless, bin Laden’s group has protected its top leadership, found new lieutenants, and “regenerated a safe haven” in a lawless tribal area of Pakistan on the Afghan border.

The network has also spawned regional offshoots including an aggressive affiliate in Iraq, and is also likely to “intensify its efforts” to place agents in the United States.

In a letter accompanying the report, entitled “National Strategy for Homeland Security,” President George W. Bush said: “Today, our nation is safer, but we are not yet safe.”

He stressed that “our efforts also must involve offense at home and abroad,” vowing to “disrupt the enemy’s plans” and lessen the impact of future disasters through measures to bolster the US economy and its critical infrastructure.

Other organizations that pose a potential threat to the United States include the Lebanese Shiite militant group Hezbollah, the strategy report said.

“Hezbollah may increasingly consider attacking the homeland if it perceives the United States as posing a direct threat to the group or Iran, its principal sponsor,” it said.

Neither is the United States immune to homegrown radicals, it cautioned.

“We will continue efforts to defeat this threat by working with Muslim-American communities that stand at the forefront of this fight.”

The report also urged nationwide readiness against natural catastrophes, following the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and said infectious diseases “pose a significant and ongoing hazard.”


  1. justanothercoverup

    We all need to remember President Bush’s statement to the nation after the “terrorist attacks” that occurred on September 11, 2001:

    Bush said routing the Taliban from power in Afghanistan ended the first phase of the war. Now begins “a sustained campaign, a tireless, relentless campaign, to deny sanctuary, to deny safe haven to terrorists who would threaten citizens anywhere in the world, threaten our way of life, threaten our friends, threaten our allies,” he said. “These terrorists are now on the run, and we intend to keep them on the run.”

    Bush said that in the six months since the Sept. 11 attacks, the United States has made a lot of progress. He told the crowd that the terrorists have figured out that they picked on the wrong people. “They must have thought we were soft,” he said. “They must have thought we were so materialistic that we wouldn’t fight for values that we loved. They must have thought that we were so self-absorbed that the word ‘sacrifice’ had left the American vocabulary. And, my, were they wrong.”

    “We want every terrorist to be made to live like an international fugitive, on the run, with no place to settle, no place to organize, no place to hide, no governments to hide behind, not even a safe place to sleep,” (Emphasis added) he said. “And we’re going to stay at it. You watch, we’re going to stay at it for however long it takes.”

    While the terrorists are on the run, he warned, the United States and its allies must take seriously the possibility that terror groups may obtain weapons of mass destruction. Bush said the world must prevent the spread of such weapons because “there is no margin for error and there is no chance to learn from any mistake.” MORE

    President Bush mislead the military, the country, and the world with those hollow statements; the northern tribal areas of Pakistan were basically lawless to begin with, and because of the insistence of President Pervez Musharraf – the Taliban and Al Qaeda were given safe-haven in Pakistan, and now they again represent a threat to Pakistan, the world, and the continental United States. Now, Pakistan is a hot-bed of Radical Islam, and rather than the Taliban and Al Qaeda confining themselves to the northern tribal areas, they are now in mainstream Pakistan, and Osama Bin Laden is more popular that President Musharraf. The only thing the President forgot was a “Mission Accomplished” banner for his backdrop as he spewed rhetoric which we now know were words without any real resolve or substance.

    Based on the above article, how can the President claim that because of the War in Iraq and his failed policies in fighting the “War on Terror” that we in the United States are “safer” because of his bungled strategy on helping to halt the spread of Radical Islam?

    Only You can Help Save America

    William Cormier

  2. Electric Bill

    The most persistent danger to the American people is George Bush. We must never lose sight of his insane lust for power or his maniacal desire to dominate the world in the name of Jesus. If al Qaeda didn’t exist, Bush would have invented them. And unlike Iraq or al Qaeda, Bush really does have nuclear weapons an he’s dying to use them.

  3. Steve Horn

    Osama – do we even know if he’s still alive? I’m starting to think that Osama is just a figment of W’s imagination forced upon the people to justify his own paranoid, egocentric actions.

    Bush is just trying to do what he’s done for over six years – keep the country in a constant state of fear so his little dictatorship can be expanded. Replace “Terrorist” with “Jew” and many of W’s speeches come real close to those of a certain nasty German (Adolf Hitler) back in the late 30’s …..

    Lucky for the Germans, Adolf ended up in a ditch, covered with petrol, on fire after offing himself ….. Bush will end up making millions on the lecture circut …. chatting to those same narrow minded audiences who once cheered George Lincoln Rockwell ….


    In fact, the two even look a bit alike …



  4. JudyB

    The ONLY reason one may believe Osama is alive, is the claim that the voice in the recently released tapes were verified as his..but I have ABSOLUTELY NO reason AT ALL to believe ANYTHING GWB says!

  5. Dayahka

    There are two entirely different issues conflated in this article: one is what to do about Islam generally; the other is about how Bush has gone about it.

    As far as Islam is concerned, we have to realize that we are dealing with a very irrational belief system here, intent on destroying (as commanded by Allah via Mohammed) all infidels, through whatever means are available. Islamists have over the years eagerly adopted the inventions of other people to destroy non-Islamic people. They did it with gunpowder, and they do it today with the Internet and nuclear weapons (assuming they have or can get them).

    The way George Bush has responded to the Islamic Jihad is by opposing it with an equally irrational and absurd religion, Christianity. This is his fundamental mistake. Opposing one invented god (Allah) to another invented god (Jehovah or Jesus) is just simply pouring oil on a raging fire. Islam and Christianity (and Judaism, for that matter) are irrationalisms. The fundamental opponent of Islam is not Christianity but science, rationality, and the most basic principle, criticism of theories in light of logic and experiment.

    George Bush has swept aside the scientific method and a Constitution based on it, along with basic provisions (called Rights) intended to safeguard science, and is using the standard irrational methods of the suppression of inquiry and rational discourse as a way to combat a different system of irrationality. Using irrational methods to oppose irrational methods is irrational to the extreme–this is Bush’s fundamental flaw. Everything that he has done follows from his irrational adherence to an irrational religion–and also his pathetically weak and arrogant personality.

  6. acf

    This is nothing new. Every time Congress debates a security issue, in this case the FISA bill, the White House starts a whisper campaign in the Capitol, and throws down the terror threat card, and this time is no different. If there’s anything to it, their history of lying to us makes it impossible to hear them, although I can hear the stampede of politicians adjusting their votes in fear of being weak on terror.

  7. SEAL

    Good explanation, Dayahka. Before 9/11 The extreme radical Islamic element was relatively small. They had grown and gained some power in Afghanistan from which they launched the attacks upon the christian infidels that persisted in occupying and interferring in the muslim world. Our presence in their lands is what fuels their anger towards us. They just want us to go away and leave them alone. If we were not in their lands with our influence, there would never have been a large number of radicals hell bent on attacking and killing our people.

    Bush had the opportunity to virtually destroy the radicals influence after 9/11 when he invaded Afghanistan attacking the bin Laden folowers. He had the support of the entire world. He had them surrounded. It would have been over in another month with all of al Qaeda and the confessed mastermind of 9/11 captured. That’s when he played right into the hands of the islamic radicals.

    He stopped the military from finishing the job In Afghanistan and invaded Iraq. Bin Laden and his loyals escaped to Pakistan and the whole “normal” muslim world went from supporting us to hating us. Consequently, the radical element has grown much larger than before and continues to increase every day. Bush turned it into the crusades all over again. He actually used that term several times in the beginning and the muslim fundamentalists heard it loud and clear. The “holy war” was reactivated. The one they have been fighting against the christian invaders for centuries.

    Bush is such a self important arrogant dolt that he gave no thought to what he was getting us into. And Cheney and Rumsfeld didn’t give a shit, they wanted to rule the world and it’s oil with our military might. If it was up to Cheney, he would nuke Iran right now and double damn dare the world to do anything about it.

    Bush has us in a unwinable conflict. You cannot kill a religion. The only answer to Iraq is for us to tell their government to get their act together in 90 days because we are leaving. Tell the other nations in the region they better help Iraq and let the muslims work it out for themselves. As long as there are christians in the middle east, there will be no solution and no peace.