There’s a good chance Clarence Thomas would get the nomination if he entered the presidential race. He’d be the closest candidate to George W. Bush, and Bush still has many unwavering supporters among Republicans. They would dearly love to be able to vote for another Bush while patting themselves on their backs for being racially color-blind.

There would be no other Republican candidate who mirrored Bush in so many ways.

Thomas has been hawking his new book all over the airwaves, and the man we see, excuse the pun, is an eerie incarnation of everything reprehensible about Bush.

Like Bush, Thomas is sanctimonious and self-serving. His reality is bent and twisted to suit his world view.

Are they both delusional?

Impossible to say without literally getting them on a psychiatrist’s couch. But we do know that both of them claim to consider all sides of an argument; but they never deviate from their original positions.

Thomas’ judicial decisions about executive power demonstrate he is a Bushie to the core. He was the only justice that agreed with all of the arguments of the Bush administration in Hamdi v. Rumsfeld and he dissented in Hamdan v. Rumsfeld, the case regarding the Guantanamo detainees which went against Bush.

There’s much more.

Both Bush and Thomas talk the talk about believing in civil rights and individual liberties.


Far right.

I could go on. I could go over all of Thomas’s Supreme Court votes or even just those for which he wrote the Court’s decision to prove my point that he’d be as close a clone to George W. Bush as the Republicans could run for president.

I think he’d be a shoo-in for the nomination.

The rednecks would happily vote for him, even those secret KKK’ers who’d like to stick it in the eye of all those uppity black people they see as yammering for their “rights”.

When it comes to actually caring about minority groups, Thomas would make Bush look like Sanata Claus in his treatment of the displaced Katrina victims.

With good reason the religious right wing of the party already considers Thomas as a staunch ally. Thomas is reputed to be a member of Opus Dei and to have anointed John Ashcroft with oil when he became attorney general (reference).

He’d get the votes of all who believe the government has every right to spy on you (not them of course) or torture so-called suspected terrorists willy nilly.

I don’t know if Thomas has exprfessed an opinion about Iraq. My hunch based on what we do know about him is that he’d out-Bush Bush in his denial of reality in his efforts to bring Disneyland democracy to Iraq. War supporters would love him.

I hope Clarence Thomas considers running for president. I don’t know if he’d have to resign from the Supreme Court to do so, although it would be unseemly if he didn’t.

As Anita Hill could tell you, Clarence Thomas doesn’t have any compunctions about being unseemly.

The only hope the Republicans have for winning the election is to run their version of a moderate. If they run a hard core right winger like Thomas, they will loose.

So how about some of you joining my Thomas for President campaign?

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