Clinton aide works for Blackwater

Senator Hillary Clinton’s top consultant in her campaign for President is also head of the giant public relations company that helped Blackwater USA CEO Erik Prince prepare his lies-filled testimony to Congress this week.

Mark Penn, in addition to advising Clinton in her bid to become President, is the President and CEO of Burson-Marsteller, the giant worldwide public relations firm that helps companies in trouble with the law. Burson-Marsteller worked for Prince in preparing rationalizations for the murder of 17 Iraqi civilians by Blackwater mercenaries in a massacre in Iraq.

Prince’s testimony before Congress this week has been largely discredited by reports prepared for both Congress and the Pentagon.

Clinton rival John Edwards calls Penn’s involvement with Blackwater just the kind of “cronyism” that has marked the scandal-plagued Presidency of George W. Bush.

“Bush has been a perfect example of cronyism because Blackwater has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to Republicans and to President Bush,” Edwards says. “I also saw this morning that Sen. Clinton’s primary adviser, Mark Penn, who is like her Karl Rove — his firm is representing Blackwater.”

Senator Clinton appears to be following in the footsteps of her husband, former President Bill Clinton, who often used advisors with strong ties to corporate interests while claiming independence from special interest groups.

Neither Clinton nor Penn would return phone calls seeking comment but Burson Marsteller spokesman Paul Cordasco issued a prepared statement admitting Burson “helped Blackwater prepare for their recent hearing before Congress” but added “With the hearing over, BKSH’s temporary engagement has ended.”

Congressional sources, however, say Burson has long worked for Blackwater and the company is still registered in Washington as a lobbyist for the firm.

Edwards says Clinton’s use of corporate flaks like Penn proves she is no different than Bush.

“We don’t want to replace a group of corporate Republicans with a group of corporate Democrats. I think it is important for caucus-goers to see this choice,” he says.


  1. Helen Rainier

    I am increasingly disappointed and disillusioned with the democratic potentials. I would not vote for any of the republicans — there over-reliance on “religious” issues and beliefs is too frightening for me.

    At one point, I was considering voting for Hillary to bring Bill back into the forefront since he has done a lot on the world stage since leaving the presidency.

    At this point, though, I may write in a presidential candidate and cast all my other federal and state ballots to the democratic side.

    I will NEVER vote for any Republican again in my life, though — that is a given.

  2. Warren

    Defending Hillary. That’s something I never thought I’d be in the position of doing. But here goes.

    Every major candidate out there employs advertising and public relations agencies and consultants that come with them. Any agency big enough to service a nationwide campaign has at least hundreds of other clients. Wise politicians vet those agencies before they contract with them to make sure that they don’t have any other highly visible clients that might bring political embarrassment by association. No PR or Ad agency is going to be 100% free of potentially troubled clients. And there’s no way to tell how or when one of those other clients might get into some bad public embarrassment.

    Hillary could dump Burson-Marsteller, but who’s to say that some client of the next agency she hires won’t step in sh*t the next day?

    In my opinion the most constructive thing Hillary could do is to publically give notice to Burson-Marsteller that she’s watching them, and if they misrepresent Blackwater to the American people in any way she will very publically fire them. That might be enough leverage to keep the Blackwater spin somewhat more honest.

  3. surgethis


    The global elite have already decided that Hillary is to be the next president. She represents more of the same and will continue their agenda of world government run by them including resource wars, spying on Americans without cause, and the destruction of our constitution.

    None of the Republican candidates are real except for Ron Paul. The entire stable of Republicans are nothing more than a dog and pony show as a pretense that there is an opposing party. Which there is not.

    The Bush administration is already preparing for the return of the Clinton’s which was the deal they made with the elite when Bill was impeached and the 2000 election was rigged.

    In fact there are no real elections. It’s all fake. There is no counting of the real vote. Whatever the outcomes they never make it past the gate keepers (media). The news media which is part of the elite and is invested in the one world agenda is lying to us. The elections are a fraud. Doesn’t matter if it’s paper or electronic touch screen.

    Whoever the global elite want in that position is the person who is in. We had better wake up as it is very near the end of this democracy. We have all been duped and used. Our lives are on the line. Their plans include our deaths … as we have seen already they have killed many of us already.

    They are laughing at us. Cheney has bought property in Dubai where he will escape once they are out of office. No doubt Ken Lay is already there enjoying the spoils of ducking his imprisonment by faking his death.

  4. Sandra Price

    Surge this. I think you may be right. Here’s another take on this Hillary election. The Orange County Register thinks we need Hillary in the White House to prove once and for all that an overpowering government is not what America needs. Ron Paul is the only GOP Candidate running on a limited government and will fail until America learns that the citizens run the nation not the One World Order of Bush/Clinton/Bush.

  5. bryan mcclellan

    I can not understand why a potential leader of the free world ,if they truly are equipped for the job,would need a PR consultant.Seems to me she has no head for leadership if taking directives from others is the only way to put forth an agenda.We are fed up with style! Give us substance! Her mouthpieces should tell her to stop pointing the finger at us for starters ,and get rid of that shit eating grin she sports ,ala smirkyboy.America has been inundated by a tidal wave of corporate sewage that has left the politicians bobbing in the aftermath like so many greedy turds in an ocean of deception and avarice.The political process today can be likened to a Victoria secret style show runway ,with the candidates all in their finest out front,but when they’re caught with the backside showing we see the hash marks and dingle berries in the underwear of their souls.Corporate influence has got to be eradicated from the political process.I’m surprised that anti trust laws do not prohibit outsider manipulation of policy and decision making. Perhaps they do but none has stepped forward with the nerve to take them on.Everyone is too busy pointing their finger at us like we are the problem.I’ve got news for them,don’t point at me,I have a good idea which orifice your finger has been in and all the PR bullshit in the world can’t change that.

  6. Sandra Price

    Can anyone be surprised that a professional politician needs guidance from a corporation based on keeping others out of jail? Nobody here would doubt that Hillary is living in a world of needing legal protection for her words and actions, as she is part of the problem in America that cannot fully understand right from wrong.

    Is there anyone running for any office that has not needed this kind of protection? The laws in America are so watered down that not even the law makers can find the truth.

    This is such a carbon copy of the Roman Empire with their Senators searching for justification for their words and actions that nobody underands the Constitution then or now.

    Anyone who has read Atlas Shrugged and understood the message, should recognize all the candidates for what they are.

  7. bryan mcclellan

    I am positive once we strip these,these,( rhymes with thieves)of all protections but those provided in the constitution, we will be privy to alter action on their part.You want to fly Where?

  8. Klaus Hergeschimmer

    The only real candidate that has integrity and will stand up against the current swill such as Hillary Clinton is a candidate from Green Acres, California!

    This Candidate is Arnold Ziffel.

  9. Rick Fuller

    “Mark Penn did no work on the Blackwater account,” Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson said Friday afternoon.

    Burson-Marsteller, of which Penn is Worldwide President and CEO, “has cut its ties to Blackwater and that was the right thing to do. Mark is and remains a valuable member of our team,” Wolfson said.


  10. some miami dude

    Sandra Price on October 6, 2007 – 5:21pm

    Back in the `60’s there was a teevee program called “Green Acres”. The premise of the show was a country boy, played by Eddie Albert, married a city (i.e., New York city) girl, played by Zsa Zsa Gabor.
    Arnold Ziffel was the name of the pig that was featured on the show.
    To learn more, go here:;jsessionid=3971D39F2DA28B8F0D49AE164C776DC8.misc-jboss-2-811-mtvi-com-38851
    Which means, of course, that Mr. Klaus Hergeschimmer thinks that the best opponent to Hillary is a pig.
    Personally, I think the last thing this country needs is Hillary as President. You didn’t ask, but I will tell you that my candidate is Dennis Kucinich. Educate yourself and go here
    thanks for reading my post.

  11. bryan mcclellan

    Dear Sandra:We are the Answer, my Dear,and don’t you despair ,clear heads,are here, at CHB !.Wheres Gene?

  12. Sandra Price

    Bryan, she has the election in the bag because she has promised no prohibitions on any Americans. The American voters are terrified of all the Republican Candidates including Ron Paul who feel that the American people are not morally qualified to make our own choices.

    We see all the candidates wanting more power over the people by using the force of the government. Our founders must be spinning in their graves. The problem is that the majority (I read 90%) of us are basing our lives on religion not Constitutional laws. This 90% has been raised to look to a higher authority and the White House is now that authority.

    America walked into this movement and it will destroy us. The people of Rome were told that Caesar was appointed by their Gods to lead them and we have our own Emperors waiting to use the power. Caesar had his own senators and laywers looking out for him until he went too far and they turned on him. Americans are too lazy to move in that direction and would rather watch American Idol than American values.

    We have become certified sheep and I wish I had the answer to wake them up.

  13. Sandra Price

    Thank you SMD. I had children living in my home during the 60s and 70s and had no television. A pig was the costar? Now you see why I had no television…..

  14. DejaVuAllOver

    I’m a Democrat and I can’t believe we’re actually going to nominate a f875y w78re such as Mme. Hillary. “Knowing what I know now, I never would have……” lie, lie, yadda, yadda. Then last week, the filthy princess gives Satan-Boy the authority he needs to attack Iran. This “woman” is disgusting, filthy, lying and has all the morality of a snake.