Blackwater goons murdered Iraqis

U.S. military reports from the scene of a shooting incident in Baghdad involving security contractor Blackwater indicates its guards opened fire without provocation and used excessive force, The Washington Post reported on Friday.

At least 11 Iraqis were killed in the September 16 incident, which has outraged Iraqis who see the firm as a private army which acts with impunity.

Citing a senior U.S. military official, the Post said the military reports appear to corroborate the Iraqi government’s contention that Blackwater was at fault.

“It was obviously excessive. It was obviously wrong,” a U.S. military official speaking on condition of anonymity told the newspaper.

“The civilians that were fired upon, they didn’t have any weapons to fire back at them. And none of the IP (Iraqi police) or any of the local security forces fired back at them,” the official was quoted as saying.

The Blackwater guards appeared to have fired grenade launchers in addition to machine guns, the official told the Post. He said U.S. soldiers had reviewed statements from eyewitnesses and video footage recorded at the scene.

An Iraqi Interior Ministry official and five eyewitnesses described a second deadly shooting involving the same Blackwater guards minutes after the incident in Nisoor Square, the Post reported.

The FBI is leading a State Department investigation of the incident, which occurred as Blackwater escorted a diplomatic convoy in western Baghdad. The Pentagon and a joint U.S.-Iraqi team are also looking into the incident.

North Carolina-based Blackwater has said its guards reacted lawfully to an attack on the convoy they were protecting.

In previously unpublished remarks prepared for delivery at a congressional hearing, Blackwater Chairman Erik Prince said the Blackwater guards “came under small-arms fire” and “returned fire at threatening targets,” the Post reported.

Portions of the remarks dealing with the incident were left out of his testimony after the Justice Department warned Blackwater the incident was under investigation, it reported.

The Post did not say how they obtained these remarks.

Blackwater is also under scrutiny over other shooting incidents involving Iraqis.


  1. Citroyen

    When this slaughter happened, Maliki, the elected President of Iraq, demanded that Blackwater leave the country immediately.

    The representatives of the U.S. govenment said Blackwater would stay.
    Blackwater is still there.

    Another triumph for democracy.

  2. SEAL

    I will be off line for the next 5 days. Making a trip to see my 3 grand children I have never met aged 6 months to 4 years. This may be my last opportunity and my son cannot leave to bring them here. See ya’ll when I return.

  3. Sandra Price

    This is so typical of the hypocisy of the religious right who demand an end to abortions and then turn around and give permission to kill anything that looks like the enemy. The Conservatives are still supporting Blackwater all over the internet as it represents actions of bravery to kill our enemies. If a camera recorded the death of a single innocent Iraqi, it would still be justified to kill him. Our government is running on brains that have been drained of rational actions because they are on a crusade to kill anything in their sights.

    We train our own children to follow the authority of anyone in power. Until we make the effort to train our children to think for themselves and instinctively recognize right from wrong, these actions will continue.

    Folks, Orwell’s greatest fear is in charge of our nation. No one reads his warning signs any more.

  4. Steve Horn

    The mercenaries are just taking a clue from the commander in chief – premptive elimination of a potential, unproven threat based on biased intelligence.

    We invaded Iraq with no provocation and no real purpose other than greed – to secure that big pool of oil for ourselves. The mercenaries are there for the same reason – greed – to secure a nice, fat paycheck while the war lasts.

    While the deaths of innocents anywhere, at the hands of anyone is a deep concern of mine, what really worries me is that these private armies – under the control of right wing “patriots” are allowed to exist. When this dirty little war is over and these well trained, battle hardened and well armed folks are back home and unemployed, what will their options and actions be?



  5. Sandra Price

    Steve, our government will keep us in a war or wars someplace on this planet if only for a diversion from their plans for world power. This has gone beyond the neoconservative base.

    America is committed to force freedom and democracy all over the world. When people are questioned about this, they will bring up a bible quote and America being a Christian nation has no choice in the matter.

    I’m in a long involved argument with my best friend who claims 90% of the people believe in God which is driving our pre-emptive action in the Middle East. I throw back at him that 75% of the American people are against the war in Iraq.

    It seems impossible to go along with both numbers but a true conservative will follow the number of believers over the unwashed masses of the public. The reality of our current situation is that America is failing in leadership and it shows all over the planet. Blackwater is only one problem and we all must question our candidates on this ridiculous desire to free the world of dictators. We are fighting fire with fire and we will only burn ourselves in the battle.

    Blackwater will be the secret service of the future unless we can declare them illegal. How we do that depends on who sits in the White House next.

  6. vietnam vet

    vietnam vet
    Sandra, I can’t agree with you more. This is nothing more than an SS unit under the protection of this administration. I was reading in the Washington Post this morning that the U.S. Military was denied access to the Blackwater’s company mangers that is in the green zone, under the protection of the military…Now what does that tell you????

  7. Bruce-The work in progress

    In the world of wastewater treatment and public health there is potable water – water that is drinkable and fit for human consumption, graywater – wastewater from basically washing operations, that is, dishwashers, washing machines, showers, etc, and then there is blackwater. That would be water contaminated by fecal matter. I don’t know who named the company but it couldn’t be more appropriate.

    Maybe they could use it as a slogan.

    Blackwater. We’ve been fouled by sh*t. If you hire us, you will be too.

    Bruce-The work in progress

  8. Bill Robinson

    So What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So they murdered 11 or 15 or 17 innocent citizens of a defensless country (the country is defenseless–the insurgents/terrorists are not). Bush/Cheney have murdered over 75,000 Iraqi citizens, nearly every one innocent of an act of agression against the United States of America. Bush/Cheney have murdered over 3,800 American soldiers, 3,000 American citizens (9-11), and maimed over 20,000 of our men and women in a war they began to make themselves rich.
    Who are the criminals here? Sure! All of them.
    End this stupid wasteful war and bring our troops home. Leave Iraq to the Iraqis, they alone can force and restore order to their country. We will never establish Democracies when we support Kingdoms (Saudi, Yemem, etc) in the same region. The only true democracy is Israel, and their survival will depend on themselves, with some economic aid from us (maybe an amount equal to a day’s spending in Iraq), and there just is no way that the problems in the middle east will be solved when Bush/Cheney are in bed with Saudis and other kingdoms. We do not belong there, we are not wanted there, and we must get out of there now–not next week or next month or next year. The money pit that is Iraq has all our politicians sucking at it. Our society reeks with their corruption. Candidates spend 30, 40, 50 MILLION dollars to get elected to an office that pays 400,000 a year–total for four years about 1.5 million. Something is rotten in the state, excuse me, in the district of columbia and methinks it is our politicians.
    Start cleaning the slate by impeaching Bush/Cheney for their treasonous acts, and then vote out any congressional rep who doesn’t vote to end the war immediately and bring all our men and women home where they belong.
    The kids could sure use some of that money for schools, food, and even health insurance. Let’s not abandon our children too…

  9. erika morgan

    I could not agree with the above more, I fantasize that the blackwater murderers are tried in Iraqi courts and are punished under Sharia Law. It would be really good if our decider and his vice in chief could follow them to the gallows.

    What I don’t get is the complacency of our small majority in accepting the status quo – I thought we paid them to influence their colleagues into accepting our reality by persuasive diplomacy.