Ron Paul raises $5 million

Long-shot Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul raised a surprising $5 million during the past three months, capitalizing on his stance as the only anti-war contender in the GOP field.

Paul, a Texas congressman who once ran for president as a Libertarian, also will report having $5.3 million cash on hand, campaign spokesman Jesse Benton said.

The amount places Paul well ahead of all but the Republican front-runners in the race. His fundraising for the quarter almost matches what Sen. John McCain is expected to report. His total is half the amount that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is reported to have raised.

Paul barely registers in polls of Republican voters, a sign of low name recognition nationally. Since he entered the campaign, he has operated with little media attention, getting the spotlight only during debates. But that has been enough to attract an avid Internet following.

Benton said most of Paul’s money has come from online contributions. He said the donations had placed a strain on the relatively small campaign staff, which was trying to keep up with the accounting challenge.

Meanwhile, Republican Mike Huckabee was expected to report raising about $1 million for the quarter, according to a Republican familiar with his fundraising. Huckabee, the former governor of Arkansas, had been considered the most likely candidate to emerge from the back of the Republican field because of his charismatic appeal. But his fundraising has been far less than expected. His third-quarter total would bring his overall fundraising for the year to about $2.3 million.

Paul, meanwhile, turned some heads at midyear when he reported having $2.3 million cash on hand. Since then, Benton said, the campaign has increased its staffing from 10 to 40 employees. “We’re adding employees as we speak,” he said.

Paul has been in Congress for 10 years, but also served four terms in the 1970s and 1980s.

He stands out from the current Republican field because of his staunch anti-war stance. At a debate in August, he was asked how he would end the war. “Just come home,” he said. “We just marched in. We can just come back. We went in there illegally. We did not declare war. It’s lasting way too long. We didn’t declare war in Korea or Vietnam. The wars were never really ended. We lose those wars. We’re losing this one. We shouldn’t be there. We ought to just come home.”

He’s an iconoclast in his party in other ways, as well. During a debate on issues confronting minorities, he was enthusiastically applauded when he said minorities are unfairly punished in the criminal justice system. And he called for an end to the war on drugs because “it isn’t working.”

Paul has raised more than $8 million so far this year.

“Here’s a guy nobody is paying attention to and he’s raising real money,” said a stunned Tony Fabrizio, a Republican strategist unaffiliated in the presidential contest. Noting that McCain has emerged as the most vigorous supporter of the current war strategy in Iraq, Fabrizio said: “The strongest pro-war candidate and the strongest anti-war candidate raised the same amount of money.


  1. keith

    Whether you are for him or against him, it is candidacies like Ron Paul’s that offer the best hope of eventually breaking the lock the “Republicrats” have on our nation.

    It may not happen this time around, or even next time around. But, eventually, a so-called “third party” candidate WILL emerge that resonates with enough voters to raise the needed capital to get his or her message out, DESPITE the best efforts of the totally corrupt mainstream media to discredit (or ignore) them.

    Clearly, Mr. Paul’s candidacy IS gaining ground, mostly via the Internet…a media outlet that the totally corrupt mainstream media barons (and the US Government’s “Thought Police”) have yet to figure out, let alone control.

    Hopefully, THAT particular “genie” may already be “out of the bottle”.

  2. murph


    I have been a Democrat all of my voting life. But I just sent Ron Paul a hundred bucks and told him I’d fight with him over the Right to Life issue once he’s elected. Why? Because he supports the American freedoms that used to be our birthrights. He also is the one candidate not controlled by the global corporatists. And, to have his popularity increasing despite a virtual blackout of information about him in the lamestream media is just too satisfying to pass up.

  3. SEAL

    Here is an interesting senario. We have the perfect condition for third independent party pres/vice pres candidates this election that would actually have a chance of winning.

    Let’s assume that Hillary wins the democratic nomination which seems likely.

    The problem with a third party is there is never enough money for one to be a serious contender. Well, how about this? We create one out of the democrat base that is fed up with the party.

    An Obama/Edwards ticket declare they will run as independents. They have the money and the organization and the star power and everything else. Now the Democratic party is in very serious trouble. Between the two of them they have more support than Hillary. Congressional candidates would have to choose who to align themselves with. Lots of fun things could happen.

    Just the threat of this would stop Hillary Clinton from being nominated.

  4. bryan mcclellan

    Great idea Seal,is there time between now and 2009?Why not Paul and Kusinich in that scenario?What would a bi-partisan ticket hurt?Personally ,and not because of gender issues I feel Hillybill could do more to advance her cause, and our nations ,by remaining in the Senate to do battle with the Neocons.Same goes for Obama. We need an elder statesman in the Oval who can be respected worldwide, and who holds the law of the land above all else.Kusinich or Paul are the only two I see that fit those parameters.Too bad $$$$$$$$$ rules the day..

  5. Richard Kanegis

    The Republican party is insulting Blacks and Hispanics, and war weary American. Hegal and Warner the antiwar moderates announced they would retire.

    Some think al Qaeda will come to the rescue of the Republican Party. But one of al Qaida’s goals is to convince those is the US that it’s all Israel’s fault. Note Moussaoui’s speeches during his trial as the alleged 9/11 mastermind and the grotesque confession Daniel Pearl was forced to make before he was beheaded.

    Ron Paul, please save this from becoming another one party country to join Cuba and Venelezawalla..

    Bin Laden hates unlicenced sex, democracy, drugs and booze, only when it come to banning booze is his goals unattainable

    Richard Kanegis Ranblings from the Hornets Nest
    Stop hiding from t computer illiterate, every one please, at least, post a voice mailbox!

  6. SEAL

    Bryan: the reason I chose Obama/Edwards as the independent ticket is because they have at least 150 million between them now and the ability, even as independents, to raise a lot more cash for campaigning. Both have a very loyal base totaling about 35% that will stay with them. This makes them serious candidates. Their announcement would immediately turn the election into a three way dead heat. I believe they would win.

    While they may or may not be the best selection for president and vice they certainly are the only ones who could have a chance of pulling it off and winning. A Paul/Kucinich ticket would not have enough money or support to affect the election one way or another. The best they could do would be to increase the repugnants chances.

    I see no sense in launching futile attempts. And we don’t need another Nader effect.

  7. douin

    I agree with both Seal and Bryan McClellan. We need an Independent Party desperately. Neither of the two parties would do anything different no matter what they are saying. Why ? They are all too tied up with Aipac, to not mince words.

    I would like to see a bi-partisan Independent ticket with Ron Paul and Kucinich, but I agree that at this time they would not gain the nomination, since it is a fact that the Presidency will have to be Bought and Paid for, especially this next go-round.

    The next very possible winning scenario would be Obama and Edwards. They have the combined Dollars and the name recognition, as well as the backing of all the people that will vote. Between them, they could draw straws as to which one would head the ticket. Either would be acceptable, I think.

    It is a certainty…we do not need another Nader Spoiler.