George W. Bush’s killer elite

Erik Prince looks like the all-American boy but don’t let the good looks fool you.

The trim, articulate 38-year-old served in the Navy SEALs, an elite commando unit. Ten years ago, Prince decided the particular set of skills used by himself and others could be put to more lucrative use on the private market, so he started Blackwater USA, a firm of mercenaries for hire, killers for profit who have profited extremely well in President George W. Bush’s illegal and immoral war in Iraq.

Blackwater operates in Iraq as trained assassins beyond the rules of war, killing at random while raking in huge fees from the U.S. government. They got the “no-bid” contract through strong political connections with the Bush administration: Prince’s sister-in-law is Betsy DeVos, a fact cat Bush fund-raiser, former Michigan Republican Party chairwoman and wife of the party’s 2006 nominee for governor.

But despite the corporate facade, Blackwater is just another gang of mercenaries, killers for hire, ready to spread death and mayhem in any place where money can be made. The government even hired them to provide “security” in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and, from all reports, the Blackwater operatives generated more terror than the storm.

Now Blackwater is under public scrutiny for killing Iraqi civilians without provocation and shooting first and trying to cover it up later. So Prince brought his all-American charm to Capitol Hill Tuesday to try and explain away the excesses of his gang of thugs.

“Based on everything we currently know, the Blackwater team acted appropriately while operating in a very complex war zone on Sept. 16,” Prince gave a Congressional committee as an excuse for killing at least 17 Iraqi civilians in a public square.

Complex war zone? Witnesses to the massacre on Sept. 16 say there was nothing complex about the way Blackwater’s killers opened fire on unarmed civilians. A bunch of gun-toting, trigger-happy thugs simply killed at will. Nothing complex. Just trained murderers going about their daily business.

A Congressional report says Blackwater USA has been involved in nearly 200 shootings in Iraq since 2005. The private army of mercenaries, the report says is “dangerously out of control.”

The report continues:

Blackwater has covered up fatal shootings involving its staff, is the first to shoot in most incidents, and has joined in US military tactical operations.

The Mafia had a name for such an operation: He called it “Murder, Inc.”

Prince, of course, has still more explanation for all this:

We have 1,000 guys out in the field, People make mistakes; they do stupid things sometimes.

The real stupidity lies with the Bush Administration for allowing a politically-connected gang of murderers for hire to operate carte blanche in the Iraq war but it’s not the first or the last stupid thing Bush will do when it comes to Iraq.

The Iraq government says it’s had enough of Blackwater and its killers and wants the company out of the country. The U.S. is resisting.

Prince, like the mercenary he is, knows that if he can’t get rich in Iraq he can always kill for profit elsewhere.

“If the government doesn’t want us to do this, we’ll go do something else,” Prince told the Congressional hearing Tuesday.

Sadly, Prince is right. There’s always work for professional killers and money is the only oath of loyalty for a gang of mercenaries like Blackwater USA.


  1. CheckerboardStrangler

    Just watch and wait for the tipping points is all I can say. The moral majority (which is neither) and the extreme neocon wing both feel slighted and maligned.
    There are plenty who feel it is their justified and God given duty and right to pump their personal fortunes into some dangerous harebrained scheme like this.
    Worse yet, there are plenty whose ill-got gains amount in the tens of billions who feel that they are duty bound to “take back Amurrika fer Gawd” or some such twattle.
    These people see themselves as mini-Messiahs, doing Gawd’s work and making a profit at it, delivering the gubmint into the hands of protectors.
    We’ve all watched the test programs in action, Katrina, the L.A. riots, the DC sniper, and we’ve seen the execution of mass propaganda in the wake of the attacks of September 11th.
    Just remember that it only takes a well oiled plan, in the hands of a small group of determined and wealthy jackasses with Messiah complexes, to deliver the final blow.
    I fully and seriously believe that the Erik Prince’s of this world see themselves mounted atop a bronze steed in some public square.

    There’s an old saw about how to tell if the statue depicts whether or not the general died in peacetime or in battle but there’s no set way to sculpt a maniacal private merc stuffing our own heads up our asses while a compliant public looks on in ignorance.

  2. ekaton

    “Worse yet, there are plenty whose ill-got gains amount in the tens of billions who feel that they are duty bound to “take back Amurrika fer Gawd” or some such twattle.”

    You have GOT to look for a rerun or a net vid of a Bill Moyers replay. Heck I’ll look for it and post a URL below.

    It is truly frightening.

    Honestly, by comparison it matches in tenor ANY radical sect of Islam. I believe they would be capable of hiring large numbers of Blackwater operatives for ‘security’.

    And under George Bush’s chickenhawk neoconservative capitalist regime, these would truly be troops blessed by God to swarm over the land with the God given right to arrest, charge, try and convict on the spot. And send a bill for the bullet to your estate.

    ” It can’t happen here. ”


    — Kent Shaw

  3. ekaton

    BILL MOYERS JOURNAL reports on the politically powerful group Christians United for Israel, whose leader, Pastor John Hagee, advocates for a preemptive strike against Iran.

    BILL MOYERS JOURNAL talks with Rabbi Michael Lerner, editor of TIKKUN, a Jewish journal of politics, culture, and spirituality, and Dr. Timothy P. Weber, author of ON THE ROAD TO ARMAGEDDON: HOW EVANGELICALS BECAME ISRAEL’S BEST FRIEND.

    In today’s world … what …

    — Kent Shaw

  4. Sandra Price

    Thank you gentlemen, I got it and am stunned! It explains exactly what is wrong in our government but I don’t know how to fix it. The Evangelical Christians and Jews have become a war machine with Blackwater as their army. What do we do now? Get Hillary elected to stamp out these two-tiered Evangelicals? Or will she join in and support them? If this continues, America won’t be worth 25 cents.

    What is Hagee doing, what does he want, Armageddon? Getting all the Jews back to Israel so the bible will be proven true and the world can simply dissolve and everyone goes to heaven?

    What bugs me is that these unAmerican maniacs are getting tax breaks legally. The rest of us have to cover the cost of Blackwater plus the lack of taxes from these groups. Why can’t America see through this idiocy? Could it be that Hagee is using the American Jews to return them to Israel so they can all die in the arms of Jesus? Not even SNL could invision this crap.

    Somebody needs to write this up. I can’t do it as I’m no longer writing for CHB. I can’t even read the forum. I’ve been bad and understand why.

    What I will do is sit down tomorrow and review the videos and google the organization led by Hagee and put it out on my other sites. Sam Harris will allow my commentaries and he has a great membership of readers. I will also contact Edward Kabash in Los Angeles who made a stunning presentation at the Atheist Alliance International in D.C. last week. I attended and was impressed. I have Jeff’s email and will send a copy of my stuff to him for evaluation. thank you guys, you are great and an asset to CHB.

  5. Sandra Price

    My God, Jeff, you scare me to death! I do remember Ventura’s comments and often thought about Prince and his Christian contacts to force what Bush did not produce in his years in the White House. I remember clearly when Robertson and Falwell threatend to pull their support for Bush in 2004 because he did not ban abortions or same sex marriages.

    There are enough Social Conservatives to back up Prince as their sites and forums are filled with glorious tales of Blackwater. There is no convincing these people that Blackwater is working outside of the law; they don’t care as all they want is a ban on abortions and same sex marriages. These people will not look for the truth of their actions and want only their prohibitions anyway they can get them.

    I’m taking a terrible beating on several sites when I brought up what I read in Scahill’s book. I am now a chronic liar on these sites as these are new voters brought in by their ministers to back Bush on everything. It scares the hell out of me as my voice is again shut out. Even at CHB, it is easier to ban me than to understand my words. I’m quite used to it. I never want to be known as a quitter and I will expose the illegal actions found in the Bush Administration until my brain shuts down.

  6. ekaton


    I for one would NEVER want to see you banned on CHB. You always present your viewpoints rationally and without rancor or hostility of any kind.

    I’m totally with you and CheckerboardStr on this one. I hadn’t considered the idea of a thousand snipers spread out through the US. These people are nuts. They are capable of something as horrendous as this.

    “I am now a chronic liar on these sites as these are new voters brought in by their ministers to back Bush on everything.”

    If you caught Bill Moyers Journal on PBS last night you are truly frightened. It was all about Hagee and his Christians United For Israel movement, CUFI. It is truly mass hysteria. That was the first half. The second half was Moyers interviewing the rabbi who edits Tikkun and some other Christian scholar. I wish I could remember their names. The interview provided a counterpoint look at CUFI by a couple of SANE theologians.

    Everyone should try and catch it if they rebroadcast it. It will probably turn up on YouTube as well.


    — Kent Shaw

  7. Jenifer D.

    Well put, Doug! I spent the better part of my morning watching YouTube videos on Blackwater; How can something like this be allowed to go on? How can anybody send in two armed elements to the same combat zone, and yet have UCMJ, Geneva Conventions, and the Code of Conduct apply to one while the other is not subject to ANY restrictions? It’s morally and ethically wrong. How do the powers that be sleep at night while all this is going on?

    Here’s a nice title for a book: “Sold Their Souls for War Profits”. I hope that title isn’t taken.

  8. JerZGirl

    I’d like to know how Republican “bearers of the moral fiber of America” can justify having such an organization linked to their party. Are they even able to use Christian apologetics to explain why Blackwater and other organizations like them are acceptable to those who profess to accept Jesus who Himself chose love over war? I fail to understand how those who try to claim the US as a Christian nation can stand behind cold-blooded murder. Is it any wonder why Christianity turns so many off when such examples of Christian witness claim to represent it? Just a few thoughts that cross my mind every time I read about these controversies and atrocities.

    Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit.

    Wisdom is knowing not to put it in fruit salad.

  9. Sandra Price

    JerzyGirl. It is simple to explain how our government has allowed this Murder, Inc. to continue. They kill in the name of Jesus Christ. All of this nonsense out of the Bush Administration is done in the name of J.C. therefore justified by the members of the Religious Right. If you were around here prior to the 2000 election you would have read my words of warning about putting a born-again Christian in the white house. I was banned…..

    The frustration of seeing all my warnings bloom in fact has been devastating and I often wonder if I had chosen another form of warnings I might have been read. I have the advantage as I have read copiously on the history of religion and the wars that resulted. I knew very well we would be back in Iraq to destroy Islam.

    The money spent on Blackwater should have been spent on our own soldiers in safer equipment and stronger forces, but I think we all know Bush never intended to win this war as it was a preamble to hit Iran. He could not have done it without the Christian Coalition and we know now that there are no moral standards to be found in this group.

  10. Helen Rainier


    Thanks for the additional info — it was all info that I was NOT aware of. Is it also your understanding that DHS is the agency that let all the contracts with private mil contractors?

    Do you have any links that go into further depth on these contracts — which agency let the contract, what the services are that are to be provided?

    Another thing that is confusing to me is that according to State Blackwater is providing security details, yet I’ve also read that they’re assisting with “military operations.”

    I’m curious that if this is the case, who exactly is giving the mil contractors their military missions — State or Defense? This is very muddy, IMHO.

    Thanks, SEAL.

  11. Capo1947

    Just a heads up! Murder Inc. was a New York thing which came after the Capone era. Nothing to do with Al Capone.

  12. SEAL

    Murder, Inc was the name invented by the press, It was Myer Lansky, Bugsy Siegal, Lucky Luciano, and I forget.

    I don’t think this is a good analogy. Murder, Inc. was contract killing – planned – specific targets. Blackwater killings are not planned, they are random, and occur due to a perceived immediate lethal threat to the killer or his charge. Those are two totally different things.

    Blackwater mercs are just trigger happy goons with a free pass. What did Iraq think was going to happen when they gave them immunity? But that is consistant with everything else the Iraq government has done. Under the control of George W. Bush, of course. Al Maliki acts like a clone.

  13. Helen Rainier


    I might be misterpreting your comment that follows: What did Iraq think was going to happen when they gave them immunity?

    I understand that the immunity was given to Blackwater (and presumably other contractors — that would be interesting to find out) was done by L. Paul Bremer — the Brownie of Iraq before he left the CPA. The Iraqi government did not do it — unless this is another thing we haven’t been told as of yet.

    He’s another one of the political whores who Bush gave a “Medal of Freedom” to.

  14. SEAL

    Certainly, Bremer was resposible for what was established at that time but the Iraqi government had to sign off and agree to it. Obviously they did not think it through or maybe they did not understand/expect that private para-military security would be turned loose in their country under the immunity they were giving. The term used was “contractors” and it would be fair to assume that the Iraqis were thinking of reconstruction contractors.

    However, my point is that the Iraqis should have expected that any immunity given would come back to haunt them. It was a very bad idea no matter who the contractors would be. Ergo my comment – what were they thinking?

  15. JerZGirl

    Thanks, Sandy. Modern day crusades, I guess. Their Bibles apparently do not contain the same New Testament as mine – or they simply don’t read it.

    Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit.

    Wisdom is knowing not to put it in fruit salad.

  16. CheckerboardStrangler

    They CAN and WILL do something else.
    Prince will set up meetings between his company and ALL currently operating “security” companies, plus his well connected friends at BushCo and the government will cease to matter.
    Within 72 hours of the meeting a plan will be hatched to take over the United States Government, for the good of the country, of course.

    It’s not a question of if, but when.
    Timing is crucial, of course.
    Perhaps on the eve of the Hillary Inauguration?

    If you doubt this, remember that Jesse Ventura made some very good points when he said that ten well trained men of his choosing could paralyze the entire United States from coast to coast using nothing more than an advanced version of the tactics employed by the “DC Sniper” (who apparently never heard of DC’s prohibition on guns by the way).

    Imagine what a tactical force of over a thousand well trained mercs could do. We are not talking about an armed conflict, we’re talking about a precisely applied chokehold on the nation’s security apparatus combined with an equally strong chokehold on the psyche of the average American Joe and his soccer mom wife.

    In a series of calculated and practiced scenarios Prince and his men (after wreaking havoc from the shadows) would ride in on white steeds as superheroes.