The marauding pack of jackals known as the rabid right wing of the Republican Party is pissed over not getting what it wants and is threatening to leave the GOP to back a third party candidate.

Good. Let them go. It’s time the rabid right returned to the political stone age where they belong.

If Republicans want to have any shot at remaining a viable political force in this nation they need to shed themselves of these political Neanderthals and pay more attention to the realities of modern day America.

Let the hypocritical right go the way of the Druids.

History will recognize George W. Bush as the primary force that destroyed the Republican Party but the destruction started long before he got to town. Religious conservatives with their holier-than-thou agenda and blatant hypocrisy began dismantling the Grand Old Party more than 20 years earlier.

When I arrived in Washington in 1981, the Bible-thumpers were already in charge, flexing their political muscle and raising hell about Godlessness, lawlessness and senselessness. The right wing knew so much about all three because they practiced it often.

Shortly after I arrived, Congressman Jon Hinson, a right-wing demagogue from Mississippi, got caught sucking off a Library of Congress employee in the men’s room of the Cannon House Office Building. Terry Dolan, leader of the National Conservative Political Action Committee, condemned homosexuality by day and cruised the gay bars on Pennsylvania Avenue by night,. He would later die of AIDs.

Ronald Regan, the patron saint of the rabid right, would invoke God’s name at the frequent “prayer breakfasts” and then call it up more often in staff meetings where “Goddamn” was his favorite swear word.

Religious nutcases like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson would call natural disasters “God’s will” because, they said, Godlessness rules the world. Yet both would later embrace George W. Bush’s Iraq war, based on the dual sins of “bearing false witness” and killing fellow human beings.

The rabid right would condemn abortion as the taking of life but would praise those who bombed abortion clinics and took lives.

In what may have been their final hurrah, they took credit for electing George W. Bush, a despot who will be remembered as deservedly the worst President in American history.

Now they find the Republican Presidential field filled with candidates who no longer listen to them because those contenders know that bowing to the lockstep right-wing agenda is a political death sentence.

So they want to pick up their toys and play in another playground.

As my granddaddy used to say, “Go with our blessing and don’t let the door hit you where the Good Lord split you.”

Let the religious right take their long-overdue hike and pray that they never, ever, gain control of another political party. They’ve done far too much damage already.


  1. Right on, Doug!!

    If the religious right is serious about finding a new home for their hypocrisy, I understand the Taliban has a few ‘new job openings’ in Afghanistan as of late…

    Charlie Couser

  2. A loud and resounding AMEN!!!

    On an extremely minor note: As a Pagan, I should advise you that the Druids are alive and well.

    “Let the rabid right go the way of the Neanderthal!!!!”

    Warm hugs to my favorite pundit!


  3. This is all great but what about all those lifetime appointed judges that have been installed over the past 20 years? How do we get rid of them?

  4. Well, I started with Ike, then Nixon, Ford and Reagan. I found no full fledged bigots and racists until Bush 41 and 43. A lot of us were strong Republicans until the Religious Right took over the party.

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