Democrats get butts kicked…again

The Senate Thursday crushed a latest, and largely symbolic attempt by anti-war Democrats to cut off funding for most Iraqi combat operations by next June.

Only 28 Senators, all Democrats, including presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama backed the measure, which fell 32 votes short of the 60 vote supermajority it needed to pass.

The bill, co-sponsored by Senate Majority leader Harry Reid and Senator Russ Feingold, would have allowed funding only for a strictly limited US mission, based on training Iraqi forces and targeted counter-terrorism operations.

Before the vote, Reid bemoaned the fact that Democratic attempts to force Bush’s hand on the war had been rebuffed again and again.

“There is nothing the Democratic majority can do to force our Republican colleagues to vote the responsible way,” he said.

But 20 Democrats also voted against the Reid/Feingold bill, reflecting the fact that many Senators are wary of being seen to cut off vital funding for US troops on a foreign battlefield.

On Wednesday, the Democrats were left reeling from a much more significant defeat in the Senate — the failure of an attempt to dictate rest periods for troops equalled the time they spend on combat tours.

The measure, which would have limited the number of troops available for deployment in Iraq, fell three votes short of the 60 vote supermajority, and was seen as the Democrats best chance to pass an anti-war bill this year.

The defeat was the latest in a string of reversals for Democrats, who grabbed control of Congress last year on a tide of anti-war feeling, but have failed to thwart President George W. Bush’s powers to set war policy.

Also on Thursday, the Senate voted by a tally of 72 to 25 on a bill which effectively condemned an advertisement in the New York Times last week by liberal anti-war group MoveOn.Org, criticizing Iraq war commander General David Petraeus.

The ad, reading “General Petraeus of General Betray US” gave Republicans ammunition to attack Democrats during the general’s testimony before Congress on the ‘surge’ troop escalation strategy last week.

Clinton voted against the amendment to a defense policy bill — Obama did not cast a vote.


  1. Those who monitor Fox news should take note of how they trat Hillary from this point forward. I can’t stand to watch the crap on Fox, myself, and my wife doesn’t like me getting upset and yelling at the TV. She worries about my health.

  2. With Pillary taking bribes from Murdock It means Pillary is Green to Go for maintaing permanent U.S. occupation in Iraq. Hillary is now Elsa the She-Wolf of the Neo-Cons.

  3. Ruppert Murdock, owner of Fox and now the Wall Street Journal, has come out for Hillary Clinton and is donating to her campaign. What does that tell you?

    Several other prominant corporate republican backers have come out for her, also. A few are supporting Obama and other democrats. These are companies that have always supported the repugnants. Looks like, regardless of any ideology, what really matters is being on the winning team.

  4. Democrats Never Met A Non-Binding Piece of Legislation
    They Did Not Like.

    Please Give To The Foundation To Transplant Political
    Spines Into Spineless Democratic Jellyfish.

    “If They Only Had A Spine”

    But Until then, Please Nominate Arnold Ziffel For President! (Dah Dah -Da da da -DAHH -DAHH!!!)


  5. I have never despised the Democrats more then I have now. The Democrats have been assimilated by the Neo-Con Borg Machine. They’re just doing their little symbolic
    protest dance to up their own political ante as
    ‘bravely’ fighting the Republikaners to up its chances of taking the White House and gaining more seats in both houses, but to do this, our troops must be their sacrificial lambs.

    As Seal has so rightly stated, if Hillary wins the center seat, she’s not going to restore habeas corpus or FISA oversight. The Democrats have no problem surrendering the constitution to the Neo-Cons just to get their pink assess into the White House & increase its numbers in both houses.

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely and Hillary’s no different, nor are the other Democrats going along with this game.

    The Democrats are such f*cking sheep, they always play this,’Let the Republicans hang themselves with its support of the war’, and doing this necesitates letting our troops to be snuffed just for the Democrats political expediency to win big in the 2008 presidential elections.

    The Democrats are Cattle Ranchers, herding our troops to the slaughter chutes for Democratic machinations to gain power.

    Message to the Democrats & Republicans in both houses: you are scum! But like president Bush, it seems you have no problems sleeping at night.

  6. I don’t get cable TV anymore because of the highway robbery rates charged for it, but I certainly haven’t forgotten the top propaganda news agency of Neo-Cons and how much I despise it.

  7. If I were a weak, spineless Democrat, I would think twice before cutting off the quagmire funding which finances TBIs, KIAs, and PTSD! The last thing I want to tell my constituents is that I am not for a lethal war. I want to be able to smile in front of them with a big American flag on my lapel and say that I support the troops getting IED-ed everyday. Mainly, I want to get re-elected and I just assume everybody else wants this war to continue forever because, like me, they are heartless cowards.

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