I’m a businessman.
Want more jobs? Treat our workers
as if they’re Chinese!

From The Huffington Post


  1. The saddest part is Americans have been duped and scammed into competing in the “global” economy.

    Exactly “who” does this new “global” economy benefit?

    Has it benefited American workers?

    The answer is obvious.

    We all know who it has benefited … the “globalists.”

    This country has been destroyed (from within) by people who have no concern for America’s future, those who sold out their “constituents” and were (more than likely) “compensated” by international “globalist” bankers.

    The Republicans do not have a plan, not unless their plan is to repeal ALL trade agreements which have hurt this nation’s manufacturing business and left millions of US workers unemployed.

    China makes it cheap.
    The US made it to last (in most instances).

    Planned obsolescence benefits the “globalist” and their insatiable greed.

    Who suffers? The consumer, by having to spend more on a consistent basis, while receiving less in terms of quality.

    Every single incumbent who voted for these America-destroying “trade agreements” Americans didn’t want should be removed from their seats next month and replaced with someone who will actually “represent” Americans in the future.

    Is this such a bad idea?

    Wasn’t it the Neocon’s who said “you’re either for us or against us?”

    Maybe the American worker should take up their slogan?

  2. The entire article at Huffpo: ” I’m a businessman. Want more jobs? Treat our workers as if they’re Chinese!”

    What… and take away their food stamps and 99 weeks of unemployment “compensation” ?

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