Another black eye for Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney may claim to be a strait-laced Mormon who doesn’t get down and dirty in politics but that doesn’t stop him from surrounding himself with political tricksters.

First it was the longtime aide who posed a cop and pulled over a reporter following the candidate’s caravan. Then it was Larry Craig and his “wide stance” problem in the airport bathroom.

Now it’s a top adviser putting together an anti-Fred Thompson web site.

Writes Michael D. Shear in The Washington Post:

A top adviser to former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney appears to be behind the launch of a new Web site attacking GOP presidential rival Fred D. Thompson during his first week on the trail.

The site,, painted an unflattering picture of Thompson, dubbing the former TV star and senator Fancy Fred, Five O’clock Fred, Flip-Flop Fred, McCain Fred, Moron Fred, Playboy Fred, Pro-Choice Fred, Son-of-a-Fred and Trial Lawyer Fred. Shortly after a Washington Post reporter made inquiries about the site to the Romney campaign, it was taken down.

Before it vanished, the front page of the Web site featured a picture of Thompson depicted in a frilly outfit more befitting a Gilbert and Sullivan production than a presidential candidate.

Under the heading “Playboy Fred,” the site asked the provocative question: “Once a Pro-Choice Skirt Chaser, Now Standard Bearer of the Religious Right?”

Nowhere on the site was any indication of who was responsible for it. But a series of inquiries led to “Under the Power Lines,” the Web site of the political consulting firm of J. Warren Tompkins, Romney’s lead consultant in South Carolina. Tompkins did not return phone calls seeking comment.


  1. denroth

    Slick Mitt Romney is a total slime-bag! What does he stand for today? You can bet it’s different than what he stood for a year or 2 or 3 or 10 years ago. He changes his positions on issues more often than Rudy changes wives. The Repugs are really scraping the bottom of the barrel this time out!

  2. kanawah

    I agree with “denroth”, Romney is a slime bag, but I also agree with what was posted about “Freddy boy”.

    The now defunct web page left out one item. Fred is “another dysfunctional actor”. We had one, we do not need another.

  3. Steve Horn

    Oh no – not dirty tricks – I’m SHOCKED – a politician would actually revert to trying to rip down a political foe rather than build up his/her own image? The horror, the horror!

    Next thing you know, some soon to be out of office president will ponder how much he’ll be able to make on the speaking circut …. or you’ll tell me that the tooth fairy really doesn’t exist and it was my parents who placed those nickles under my pillow when I was a little kid, or the Easter Bunny really doesn’t crap foil wrapped chocolate eggs …

  4. Donnat

    Mitt’s just taking a page from the Bush/Rove playbook – Bush stands in front saying “someone did it, but it wasn’t me, I don’t do that kind of thing” while Karl gives the marching orders for dirty tricks.

    It worked for them, I’m sure Mitt knows it’ll work for him.

  5. hthalljr

    Please be civil, and please don’t jump to conclusions before waiting for all the facts. The Romney campaign told CBN’s David Brody:

    “The site was not affiliated with our campaign, but we did make it clear that we did not approve of the site, strongly disavowed it and made sure that it had absolutely no connection to our campaign whatsoever. We took immediate action once we were alerted to it.”

    As of Tuesday 9/11/2007 at 1:30 PM MDT, the attack site is down.

    Anyone using to attack the character of any candidate should re-read the conditions agreed to when seeking permission to post.

    “Capitol Hill Blue welcomes comments on selected stories and columns or we invite you to discuss stories and other issues in our popular ReaderRant discussion forum. We do not allow our comments section to become propaganda platforms for candidates, causes or political parties and will remove any attempts at such activity. We believe in civility at Capitol Hill Blue and must insist that commenters avoid attacks on other readers, obscenities or threats. We reserve the right to moderate or remove comments that we feel violate our rules. Posts that contain racism, homophobia, bigotry or Antisemitism will be removed and the posters banned.”

    Tracy Hall Jr

  6. shag11

    He’s a slick slimeball. When he said his sons were serving the country by campaigning for him, he showed his true colors.