Rove to Bush: Don’t pick Cheney

Recently-departed White House adviser Karl Rove warned George W. Bush ahead of the 2000 election that picking Dick Cheney as his vice president would be a mistake, according to a new book set to hit bookstores Tuesday.

The Washington Post reported Monday that in the book — “Dead Certain: The Presidency of George Bush” — journalist Robert Draper reveals that Bush was intent on picking Cheney as his running mate, despite his warnings against it.

“Selecting Daddy’s top foreign-policy guru ran counter to message. It was worse than a safe pick — it was needy,” Draper quotes Rove as saying.

Once he took office, the president “saw no harm in giving his VP unprecedented run of the place,” Draper wrote.

The revelations about the inner workings of the Bush White House comes with just 18 months remaining in his presidency, and with the US leader widely deemed by the Washington political establishment to be a lame duck.

The book is said to show a Bush administration wracked by internal dissent and infighting, contrary to the popular image of a tightly-run administration which moves in lock-step.

The book by Draper, a longtime Washington correspondent, also reports that Bush took an informal poll of his top advisers in April 2006 on whether to fire defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

During a private dinner at the White House, seven advisers voted to dump Rumsfeld, including Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, incoming chief of staff Joshua Bolten, outgoing chief Andrew Card, and Ed Gillespie, then an outside adviser and now White House counselor.

Bush reportedly raised his hand along with three others who wanted Rumsfeld to stay, joined by Rove and National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley.

Rumsfeld was ousted after the November elections.

According to The Post, Draper wrote that several top Bush advisers told him the president’s vision of postwar Iraq was shaped by a meeting with three Iraqi exiles in the Oval Office several months before the 2003 invasion.

The three exiles assured the US leader that “Iraq would greet American forces with enthusiasm. Ethnic and religious tensions would dissolve with the collapse of Saddam’s regime. And democracy would spring forth with little effort,” Draper wrote.


  1. SEAL

    Well, now I can gloat. Everything stated in this article is exactly what I said was happening when it was happening. I only wish I could take pleasure in being right. But I can’t be proud of knowing we had a president so stupid as to place our nation in the position of committing the war crime of invading a soverign nation based upon the the self seving lies of a group of Saddam hating exiles who’s only intent was to use this country to get even with its leader and make them and their religious sect the rulers of Iraq.

    That is exactly what Bush did.It was a con job all the way and Bush bought it. He wanted to believe the fantasy they fed him. It was they that made them so positive that Saddam had WMD telling him and his people that their sources inside the country had seen them and knew they were there. Bush bought the story because he wanted to believe it. That gave him the justitification. Hot damn and off to war we go. The egotististical little bastad would be the great hero. He believed the lies they fed fed him to the point he actually believed “mission accomplished” when he stood on the deck of the carrier and puffed his chest.

    I wonder how long he clung to that belief before reality set in? Of course, then he had to find people to blame because he could never admit he had made a mistake. Lots of people had be fired to cover for him the past 4 years. And look at the price this nation has paid. Is still paying.

    It is time for congress to stop the paying. Way past time.

  2. acf

    Who says reality has sunk in? This sounds a little like Rove, working outside the web of the White House , is trying to frame the post mortem of the Bush Presidency on his own terms, before it’s done to him. ‘It’s not my fault, I tried to tell him, yadda, yadda, yadda.”

  3. surgethis

    Don’t pick Cheney … what a bunch of bull. Cheney was the king pin behind their criminal enterprise … the Yen to the Carlyle Groups Yang. Cheney had the oil / construction / war machinery. Bush had the Saudi contacts the Bun Ladins and the Talaban.

    The Bush/Cheney White House was installed by the Corporatacracy remember. The Courts and the media families decided this in a partisan split.

    And let’s not forget the Facist Jewish State that wants to dominate the region for “security” reasons and also their secret service the Mossad, the CIA, and the MI5.

    The Bush Crime Family / Saudi Royal Family / Carlyle Group / Cheney / Halliburton / Oil / Condi Rice / Rumsfeld / War Industry …..were installed to go into Iraq and Iran after oil.

    They were installed to start resource wars and to reduce the constitution and our individual rights so the elite could bring about a One World Government which has been in the planning stages for a decade. Key to their success is their ability to spy on anyone who might oppose them and on anyone they wish to destroy..

    Maybe they didn’t all get along in that nasty propaganda sweat box we used to revere as the White House. That’s to be expected from a bunch of evil bastards intent on subverting the constitution and lying to the American people. Rove is still a filthy pig liar no matter what he wants to believe about himself and his partners in this criminal enterprise.