Attorney General Gonzales resigns

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said he would resign Monday, after a scandal-tainted tenure marred by critics’ claims he was incompetent, hid the truth and may be guilty of perjury.

Gonzales, an architect of contentious US “war on terror” legal tactics, was also at the center of a row over firings of federal prosecutors, was the target of a barrage from Democrats and lost the confidence of many top Republicans.

He was the latest confidant to leave President George W. Bush, 17 months before the US leader himself exits the White House after his second term.

“Al Gonzales is a man of integrity, decency and principle, and I have reluctantly accepted his resignation,” Bush said in Waco, Texas after Gonzales’s sudden announcement.

“It’s sad that we live in a time when a talented and honorable person, like Alberto Gonzales, is impeded from doing important work, because his good name was dragged through the mud for political reasons.”

Democrats however went on the attack and vowed to press on with congressional probes into the conduct of the Justice Department and the White House.

“Under this attorney general and this president, the Department of Justice suffered a severe crisis of leadership that allowed our justice system to be corrupted by political influence,” said Democratic Senate Judiciary committee chairman Patrick Leahy.

“No Justice Department should be allowed to become a political arm of the White House, whether occupied by a Republican or a Democrat.”

Senate Majority leader Harry Reid said Gonzales “lacked independence, he lacked judgement.”

Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer added “he seemed to put wriggling away from the truth far above telling the truth … under Alberto Gonzales, the Department of Justice was a sinking ship.”

But Republican Senator John Cornyn defended his fellow Texan.

“It’s a shame to see somebody who’s a good man chewed up and spit out by the hyper-partisan atmosphere in Washington D.C. when he did nothing, the evidence will show, wrong,” Cornyn told MSNBC.

The first Hispanic Attorney General, Gonzales, announced he would step down in a short press conference, but did not mention the partisan battles which led to his departure.

“Yesterday, I met with President Bush and informed him of my decision to conclude my government service as Attorney General of the United States effective as of September 17, 2007,” Gonzales said.

Bush said he had asked US Solicitor General Paul Clement, another top Justice Department official to serve as acting attorney general until a replacement is confirmed by the US Senate.

Several reports said Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff was being lined up as a possible successor to Gonzales, in what is likely to be a bruising confirmation process.

Chertoff could however face a grilling over the botched government response to Hurricane Katrina which flooded much of New Orleans and the US Gulf Coast two years ago.

Gonzales’s departure follows that of other members of Bush’s loyal kitchen cabinet of former Texas officials, after political guru Karl Rove announced his own resignation earlier this month.

While Bush’s opponents savored Gonzales’s scalp, his departure will spare the president from a political headache as he prepares to confront Congress over his Iraq strategy next month.

As White House legal counsel in Bush’s first term, Gonzales played a key role in drafting controversial legal tactics used to deal with terrorism suspects after the September 11 attacks in 2001.

He is closely linked to a warrantless wiretapping program, has been accused of redefining the word “torture” and of arguing that terror suspects held at the US base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba had no rights under the Geneva Convention.

Last month, Democrats demanded a perjury probe on Gonzales, claiming that the White House and Justice Department were mired in legal obstruction similar to that of disgraced ex-president Richard Nixon.

He was also accused by Democrats of firing federal prosecutors for political reasons which has sparked a prolonged standoff between the White House and Congress.


  1. bigfoot14b

    Yet another embarrassment for America as the most disgraceful Presidency in the history of our nation limps along to its merciful and long-overdue end.

    These guys make Nixon and his gang of thugs look like a Cub Scout Den.

  2. WaltervdH

    I am a conservative who deeply believes in the values and principles in The Declaration of Independence, and who swore allegiance to the Constitution of the United States while serving The People for 40 years..

    Gonzales, on the other hand, acts like one of the Nazi’s that my parents fled—-and who had taken oaths of absolute obedience to the person of the Fuhrer, unto death.. Alberto would pass the Mafia test question for hiring lawyers: Question: “What is the law?” Correct answer: “What do you want it to be?”

    Gonzales, like his master, violates his oath of office many times each day, and also like his master, betrays this Republic and what it used to stand for..

    As far as I am concerned, the next administration should sendhim down to Gitmo Bay to be questioned, using the methods that he himself approved..

  3. mojibyrd

    Two american haters gone (Rove/Gonzales) and countless more of Bush’s idiotic administration to go…keep up the pressure and let’s get rid of the top two (Bush and his master Cheney) and bring America back to the great country it once was.

    Impeach Bush and send Cheney packing to Dubai early or better yet ship them both off to HELL with no fire hose.

  4. adb8917

    Caine’s comment is the most chilling: A recess appointment of a sitting cabinet officer? The idea should be unthinkable, even to this tone deaf administration; and anybody who would accept such a role this late in Dubya’s political life would have to have a political deathwish. I’ll grant you there are a lot of Bob Jones’ U law degress out there, but I doubt that even the GOP’s congressional lapdogs could go along with that.

    But in the interest of whimsy and nihilism, who do you think Fearless Leader could shanghai?


  5. Steve Horn

    So here we are, Democrats control congress, members of the GOP are jumping off the USS Bush like rats fleeing a burning ship, Rove and Gonzales are gone and nothing changes.

    No articles of impeachment, no mass calls for Bush to step down, no criminal charges brought.

    Define and describe for me, if you will, a better example of “high crimes and misdemeanors” that that set forth by this bunch. If you cannot (and I suspect that will be the case) explain to me why nothing is being done to rid this great nation of it’s ultimate menace – the Bush administration …

    Why does congress continue to do what’s required to save the Republic??



  6. gene

    I new it would get worse and this idiot we call president has to much time left and he will create a literal hell before anyone can stop him. Our only hope was congress and now we find that they are whoring with Bush and Cheney.

    I hate to imagine what this psycho is going to dream up next. think God I just had a dam good stiff drink…burp!!

  7. Caine

    Steve said:
    “Why does congress continue to do what’s required to save the Republic??”

    What makes you think they care about saving this Republic? I believe they are already doing what it is they are most interested in: lining their pockets! It’s the only reason I can figure why they just sit there and watch it, and allow it to continue, like they were spectators.

  8. Unicorn


    Another of Dubya’s rotten supports has disintegrated. Maybe this is the beginning of the fall of his whole house of cards. (Let us pray . . .he doesn’t make another ‘interim’ appointment.)

  9. Helen Rainier


    In all fairness to you, as a Republican, to all true Republicans and to all true conservatives, please don’t refer to the Bush Mob as “conservatives.”

    It is easy for just about all of us to discern — no matter what political label, if any, we may choose — that these criminals are NOT true conservatives.

    Call them by what they really are: amoral, mindless, self-absorbed fascist criminals. That is what they are. They have done nothing that indicates a sense of duty, loyalty or patriotism for the love of this country, nor a sense of duty to what they have inherited from far, far better people — people who believed in principles, truth, justice, and the rule of law.

    I know I’ve taken you to “task” before for stating the the American people elected Bush twice, but conversely, I believe you err in referring to the Bush Mob as conservatives when they clearly aren’t.

  10. Unicorn


    Another of Dubya’s rotten supports has disintegrated. Maybe this is the beginning of the fall of his whole house of cards. Let us pray he does not make another interim appointment.

  11. Helen Rainier


    I agree that these bastards should be impeached — particularly if we use the “Clinton Standard” by which the Republcians adjudged Clinton to Bush. This is what the Republicans are trying to prevent. They unloosed the genie when they used one standard to adjudge President Clinton, and now, when We, the People, are using that same standard and applying to Bush, they cry foul.

    Let’s face it — the Democratic party simply doesn’t have the support it would need in the Senate (don’t know about the House) to sustain an impeachment — and if anyone is truly deserving of it, the Bush Mob certainly is.

    It is the Republicans in the Congress who are truly standing in the way of doing anything beneficial for this country and in accordance with the wishes and the desires of We, the People. If anyone is to held responsible, it must be the Republicans and the Democrats who keep wanting to make excuses for Bush’s Mob.

    I almost puked today when I listened to the goofball Sen. Cornyn whine about how sad it is that Gonzo resigned. I almost puked when Bush proclaimed Gonzo a man of integrity who has been a good public servant.

    These fascists are so amoral, so obscene, and so perverted that it’s hard to comprehend that they have been struck down yet by Instant Karma. They are truly fascists, IMHO — and they need to be called on their treasonous and traitorous actions.

  12. bryan mcclellan

    Once in country they have to make them PFC’s dangit.Lots of tar and hold the feathers.

  13. JudyB

    The reality of “The Decider’n Chief” (Bush/Cheney) still having 17 months to continue their dastardly mayhem, really scares me (and not with the type of fear they’d like me to have) and the mention of a Ken Starr type in being Attorney General gives me the chills!

    I am delighted to know these rats are leaving the White House environs, but, I am not celebrating…because Georgie nor any of his posse will ever be duly punished or incarcerated as they should be.

    As long as GWB is still President there will never be a reason for anyone to feel content or secure.

  14. bryan mcclellan

    Smirk to Dich, get the plunger ,this is the biggest one yet and he won’t go down,wait,hold on,there he goes, counter clockwise like I told him,wave bye bye to gonzo uncle Dich ,we’re on the toilets rim so get those tickets to Paraguay handy and one o them ZZ-Top fake beards,I just love foolin folks, Heh Heh Heh..

  15. scandals

    Are there any relevant facts associated with this article or with any of the comments?
    Here are some of the words/phrases used in this article. These are words that folks use when they can’t really use any facts.
    -may be guilty of
    -severe crisis of leadership
    -lacked independence, he lacked judgement
    -wriggling away from the truth far above telling the truth
    Some of us still know political spin when we see it.

  16. mary cali

    One down two to go. In no way should Gonzales be absolved of any wrong doing he may have committed while AG. Congress needs to continue looking into the firing of the prosecutors and determine if there was political motivation there. I heard that far more D politicians were prosecuted for violations by Justice than were Rs. Then there is a case of the prosecution of a D governor ( I forget the name and which state) that looks very suspicious. These matters still need further investigation.

  17. gene

    I’VE GOT THE ANSWER AS TO WHY CONGRESS HAS ALLOWED THIS IDIOT TO CONTINUE. It came to me after 3 good stiff drinks….burp, burp, burp…excuse me.

    We’ve been take over by f**king aliens!!

  18. Sandra Price

    Helen, I apologize. You are correct! There is nothing conservative about Bush! I’m not even convinced the man is intelligent enough to realize what Gonzales really is! To Bush, Gonzales is smart, articulate, honest and a perfect Attorney General. He just spoke to his people that poor old Gonzales got a bum deal. How totally dumb can Bush be? He wanted a lap dog and he got a dumb one. Will this ever end?

  19. SEAL

    Clinton was impeached for lying. He denied the affair with Monica and later admitted it. If that, lying, is the standard for impeachment it should be no problem to impeach Bush. He has never told the truth.

  20. bryan mcclellan

    Lets give Jose Padilla 5 minutes alone with gonzo and see if he can extract the truth.His resignation is all Congress needs to justify an indictment for crimes against the American people,the Constitution,and the detainees at Gitmo.It in itself (resignation)is an admission of guilt and a ploy to avoid prosecution by removing himself from center stage.They had better not give gonzo,rove,etc. a free pass just because they are slinking out of town.I want to see a real Justice department for a change,not an extension of the smirko neocon repulsivecan cabal. PMFOT’s

  21. Doreen

    Wow, I was looking forward to reading all the comments regarding our criminal AGs resignation. As was stated earlier, there are 2 left. Now let’s see what we can do about removing them from office!!!

    Now as far as Chertoff becoming the new AG, that’s just absurb. Let’s try and look at this Homeland Security Czar’s record:
    Port Security:
    Toxic, poison imports coming into the country.
    Open borders
    1% of imports being checked
    >1% of food imports being checked
    Billions upon billions of taxpayer dollars for what? Someone please tell me who/what this secret gov org is all about???????

    And let’s remember Katrina:

    Monday, September 5, 2005; Posted: 2:55 p.m. EDT (18:55 GMT) WASHINGTON (CNN) — Defending the U.S. government’s response to Hurricane Katrina, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff argued Saturday that government planners did not predict such a disaster ever could occur.

    But in fact, government officials, scientists and journalists have warned of such a scenario for years.

    Chertoff, fielding questions from reporters, said government officials did not expect both a powerful hurricane and a breach of levees that would flood the city of New Orleans.

    Just who/what are we in for next. Until Bush and Cheney are removed we can never know just what is lurking around the corner.

    I for one do not trust any. Who will be our next Pres? We are at a crossroads in this country and the accountability of this admistration for the crimes against humanity must move forward for us as a nation to move forward.

    I will not put anything past this New World Order bunch. And we have far to long to go before any changes, that is if we are not under martial law:


  22. geyser

    What can I say that hasn’t been said already? Gonzales was just another bush appointee that was inept at the position given him. He was an embarrassment as the others were. Bush chose his friends to do the job appointed to, knowing he could manipulate them to do his bidding.
    Bush had all the praise for Gonzales after he accepted the resignation. A person accused of perjury, with a bad memory, deserves no praise. He then blamed the Democrats going after Gonzales for political gain. Just what gain did the get? Republicans had started calling for Gonzales’s resignation saying they had lost all confidence in him.

    Taking One Day at a Time

  23. Helen Rainier


    Thanks so much! Because of you, I was able to take a longer nap today!

    Just one of those days where I didn’t feel like doing a damned thing so I just screwed off most of the day! 😉

  24. Helen Rainier


    No need to apologize to me — I just don’t like anyone being too hard on themselves.

    As far as how totally dumb can Bush be? Well, let’s rephrase that to how totally dumb can people be in general? It is truly scary that we have people in Congress, such as Cornyn, who were bemoaning Gonzo’s resignation today.

    For me, as an American and as a veteran, my country comes first — above any and all religious an political labels. When anyone betrays those principles that are enshrined in our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, our Declaration of Independence, and all of its attendant laws, agreements and treaties, they are undermining the integrity of this country and our heritage.

    They need to be called out each and every time they do it and those who condone it need to seen for the slime they are in allowing to happen without a second thought.

  25. SEAL

    I wonder if Bush is smart enough to pardon Cheney, Rove, Gonzo, Certoff, etc. and then resign so Cheney can pardon him before his term expires? They could pull all that off in one day in January 2009 and there would be nothing anyone could do about it.

  26. SEAL

    Another Gay republican?

    This news item today:

    “Sen. Larry Craig of Idaho pleaded guilty this month to misdemeanor disorderly conduct after being arrested at the Minneapolis airport.

    A Hennepin County court docket showed Craig pleading guilty to the disorderly conduct charge Aug. 8, with the court dismissing a charge of gross misdemeanor interference to privacy.

    The court docket said the Republican senator paid $575 in fines and fees. He was put on unsupervised probation for a year. A sentence of 10 days in the county workhouse was stayed.

    Roll Call, a Capitol Hill newspaper, which first reported the case, said on its Web site Monday that Craig was arrested June 11 by a plainclothes officer investigating complaints of lewd conduct in a men’s restroom at the airport.

    Craig said in a statement issued by his office that he was not involved in any inappropriate conduct.
    “At the time of this incident, I complained to the police that they were misconstruing my actions,” he said. “I should have had the advice of counsel in resolving this matter. In hindsight, I should not have pled guilty. I was trying to handle this matter myself quickly and expeditiously.”

    Craig, 62, is married and in his third term in the Senate. He is up for re-election next year. He was a member of the House for 10 years before winning election to the Senate in 1990.”

    The arresting officer said they were side by side in the bathroom stalls and the senator gave him the traditional “looking for gay sex” signal.

    The senator laid his credentials on the cop but he wasn’t impressed and arrested him anyway. One of the gay activist groups has labeled the senator gay and demands he fess up.

  27. Sandra Price

    Seal, this wouldn’t be so bad had the Republcans not run and won on their moral values. I think this is just the opening of the can of worms for the sexual trysts that easily the majority of Republicans and Democrats are guilty.

  28. JerZGirl

    Does anyone else think, like me, that Gonzales was ASKED to resign rather than deciding on his own to do so? Hasn’t Bush’s pattern become obvious? The more lavish praise he has for someone, the faster they depart? I still remember the stunned expression on Rumsfeld’s face as his “resignation” was announced only days after Bush said he would be there ’til the end. And Colin Powell’s resignation was actually a firing (although he wasn’t riddled with scandal like these reprobates). Bush’s praise is the “kiss of death” for anyone working under him or appointed under him. Has anyone noticed he doesn’t praise Cheney (or rarely does, if he does at all)? Unless Cheney’s pacemaker gives out (I’m sorry – I hate thinking like that), I believe we’re stuck with Bush and his puppetmaster until 2009.

  29. erika morgan

    AMEN and I see the real cause of our current situation with these Bushies as being our failure to go after “Nixon and his accomplices”. This is why these guys say with authority that they are indeed above the law.

    I know it will destroy the Republican party and may well destroy the US of A, but these things have already happened, its just that nails are being made for the various coffins, and the final prayers are being formulated.

    The time to be deluded is over, we are in dire need of a “national intervention” where truth is spoken to power in such a way that it can not be denied. Maybe it is time for both the elephants and donkeys to go.

  30. Caine

    I agree Sandy. Only problem is, I think now he can make a recess appointment and bypass Congressional oversight! I hope I am wrong on this but I think he can appoint anyone he pleases now with out confirmation from congress.

  31. JoyfulC

    So what exactly was accomplished here? Gonzales will now fade into anonymity, free of consequences, they’ll bring in someone new, and that guy will have a couple years grace before he’s being called on the carpet.

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    (well, okay … maybe not a “couple” years)

  32. gene

    I agree (JoyfulC) “The more things change, the more they stay the same”…so if that is true we are (as I have said before) in a world of hurt. Bush and Cheney have taken this nation to new levels….low levels that is. Of course throw in this worthless congress of idiots and dead beats and just how low can we go?

    I guess a lot further than we (who know the truth) ever wanted to descend….you think?

  33. Sandra Price

    It is possible that this mess in the Attorney General’s position has pretty much destroyed our three branches of government. I learned that the Executive, Legislative and Judicial where not connected. I think it is time we request that the Attorney General be appointed by the congress with a nod to the Supreme Court. I’ve never seen a President so determined to bring all three branches under the GOP. Of course since 1988, the platform of the GOP has changed making the party not what any of us wanted.

    It is hard for me as I have been a Republican for over 50 years and find nothing acceptable in this latest group of Conservatives. The only balance I can see in our government is within the Congress and I can only hope we can keep it this way.

    I do not want the A.G. elected by the people as they (we) seem to be disinterested in higher political actions. The only way we can survive under the Constitution is for a balance. It also encourages debate which we sorely need.

    Under one Administration we went from John Ashcroft to Alberto Gonzalez. Holy itshay Batman, we must do better than these two.

    Let’s see who else got their law degree from Pat Robertson’s Law college?????

  34. Steve Horn

    My first thought when I read this were it’s about damn time – but I agree that we’re still in danger – my understanding is that Bush can appoint whomever he wants while congress is in recess. Perhaps the House and Senate need to head back to DC before “W” gets to appoint Rove.



  35. JudyB

    ARRIBA ! Another one gone… This resignation should have happened months ago, and finally did. Gonzales was one of many of the “Decider’n Chiefs” inept, lying enablers, put in a position to serve him no matter the cost to our nation.
    Do I think any of the Bush’ henchemen will go unpardoned for their grievious offences? In a word…NO!

  36. MomCat

    Rove??? Oh, HORRORS!

    Of course, there are dozens of toadies whose lips are glued to W’s ass, just waiting for their chance to screw over the Constitution, in the name of Christianity. IMPEACH CHENEY AND DUMBYA NOW! What’s the holdup? It took only two months for JerkOff Starr to get Clinton impeached. Has anyone ever pressed Pelosi for the reason why impeachment is off the table? If so, I’ve never heard it.

  37. Wayne K Dolik

    Hooray! Gone-zales is gone. I didn’t like what he did in neither the Whitehouse nor the DOJ. If he had stayed in the DOJ he and it would have gone down in history as a corrupt institution and A.G. It is better that he to leaves before his tenure is up.

    There were to many manipulations under this leadership. 1. The “States Secrets” use turned the DOJ into a moray of complete corruption, and made our Federal Judges useless. 2. The early abandonment of the Geneva Convention while in the Whitehouse was egregious. 3. The use of torture on American Citizens was unacceptable especially while people were incarcerated pre-trial. (If they ever get one.) 4. And, the acceptance of endless spying by the DOJ has been simply unbelievable!

    It just could not get any worse. Goodriddens. Bad lawyers make bad law.

  38. Steve Horn

    Wayne wrote: “It just could not get any worse.” – sorry but I disagree. At a superficial level I can imagine a Ken Starr type being seated as AG – and I’m sure the NEOCONS will, if pressed, be able to come up with someone worse. Sorry, but saying “it could not get any worse” is like saying “watch this” – you just know a disaster is headed your way.

    Remember – Congress is not in session – the new AG could be named by Bush and in his office before Pelousy and her fellow do nothing cocktail party liberals can make it back to DC.



  39. scandals

    “The use of torture on American Citizens”
    What American Citizens are you talking about?
    Please provide more facts and less spin.

  40. SEAL

    SEAL says: I’m not celebrating. Bush has 17 months left and all of his enablers have jumped ship. He no longer has any friends. Certoff is the only loyalist left. Bush has never had to face rejection during his presidency. He will, now. How will he handle it? In years gone by he would quit. But that was before he replaced cocaine with the narcotic of legal murder power as governor (152) and then as president (at least a million).

    Bush is not creative, he has no ability to come up with ways to make what he wants happen. His only “talent” has been his refusal to negotiate. But it takes others working behind the scenes for him to be able to get away with that. They are gone and he will never find anyone dishonest and loyal enough to replace Rove and Gonzales. Those two were willing to defy the constitution. Gozales was rewriting it. They know the jig is up. They are hoping that, by leaving now, Bush will take all the heat for what they have done. Most important, they don’t want to be the enablers when Bush has his tantrum. As with all others, the bottom line is – ME!

  41. LurkingFromTheLeft

    As usual Helen,

    …damn fine ideas –

    …do we really have to choose? –

    …after all, there really isn’t just one person in the Dumbass The President Costume –

    …maybe a trio of Nutcase AG’s would work? –


  42. Helen Rainier


    I have a GREAT idea — we could one more of the Bushie Flacks and have rotating AGs. They could draw straws and rotate a week at a time serving as AG of the week.

    Why not? That might be humourous and full of s*its and giggles for a while. 😉

  43. LurkingFromTheLeft

    Again –

    …great idea – after all teaming is such an IN concept upon business types these days –

    …even if it is inefficient –

    …trust me – been there, done that, and glad I’m gone from it too! –

    …BTW – they have to split the salary three ways and then try to survive on it – almost their own minimum wage –


  44. SEAL

    I agree with you, Jerzgirl. Remember how mad Cheney was at Bush when Rummy “resigned?” Rumsfeld and Cheney have been joined at the hip for 35 years. Bush and Cheney detest each other but the need each other.

    You’re right about the pattern. The more Bush supports someone under fire the more you can be assured they will not be around much longer. Notice how much support he is giving Maliki? But I think the truth slipped out with his “disappointed” comment about him. I don’t expect Maliki to survive much longer. He can’t survive with out Bush backing.