Huckabee: Republicans have failed

Presidential contender Mike Huckabee says his party took a beating in the 2006 election because too many of its candidates didn’t act like Republicans.

“We didn’t fight corruption like we should, we didn’t curtail spending, we didn’t resolve problems,” the former Arkansas governor told reporters Friday before a speech to the Midwest Leadership Conference.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney touted his views on health care in a dinner speech Friday night, continuing a theme he had begun earlier in the day while campaigning in Florida.

Except for actor and former Sen. Fred Thompson, who was scheduled as the keynote speaker Saturday night, others in the crowded GOP field were skipping the event.

Huckabee and Romney said that it was too early to judge success or failure in Iraq, remarks that were in part a reaction to Republican Sen. John Warner’s call to begin troop withdrawals before the end of the year. Both said that the top U.S. commander in Iraq, Gen. David Petraeus, should be given time to complete the effort marked by a surge in troop levels.

Romney said it had become popular to be critical of President Bush on the war on terror but added, “Let’s not forget this president has kept us safe the last six years, and that doesn’t just happen.”

Romney and Huckabee each said that the nation should tackle its illegal immigration problem. Huckabee said that should begin with strengthening the nation’s borders, and Romney said the government should go after employers who hire people they know to be illegal immigrants.

Huckabee sprinkled his speech with humor. After the crowd sang happy birthday to him, he said he had indeed turned 52 on Friday. The crowd applauded, but Huckabee said, “You’re supposed to go ‘Ooo and ahh, you don’t look it.'”

Romney’s health care initiatives call for deregulating the health insurance market, capping malpractice claims and making sure everyone was insured. Instead of using federal money to reimburse hospitals for treating people without insurance, he wants the money to be used to help low-income people buy insurance at lower cost.

The conference is billed as a springboard for Republican presidential candidates in the vote-rich Midwest.

Iowa, Illinois and Michigan have caucuses or primaries by Feb. 5, and Ohio is a traditional swing state in general elections. Combined, the 12 states in the conference — which includes Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, the Dakotas, Minnesota and Wisconsin — have 124 electoral votes out of 270 needed to become president.


  1. Jim C

    If he wants to see republican failures all he has to do is look at any time they’ve been in power for any length of time . Every single time they’ve left the country in a shambles and the middle class shrinking . Conservatism is a failed ideology and the trickle down theory is poisonous . Both are simply trogan horses used by would be aristicrats in an attempt to take us back to the days of rule by well born blue bloods . We would be the serfs to be used as worker units and canon fodder at the pleasure of the conservative elite . Just like in the good old medieval days that they so yern for .


    Republicans may fail on a few scams, but they usually win in the long run. They are a mafia that feeds on human weakness. I’ll bet on the liars, panderers, and crooks every time. The termites will keep gouging and chiseling until the house falls down.

    John Hanks, Laramie, Wyoming


    Republicans may fail on a few scams, but they usually win in the long run. They are a mafia that feeds on human weakness. I’ll bet on the liars, panderers, and crooks every time. The termites will keep gouging and chiseling until the house falls down.

    John Hanks, Laramie, Wyoming

  4. JudyB

    “A politician should have three hats. One for throwing into the ring, one for talking through, and one for pulling rabbits out of if elected.”
    Carl Sandberg

  5. Helen Rainier

    Well Huckabee does display at least a basic understanding of some of the reasons that the American people are raging angry, he doesn’t get into the real meat of the subject:

    The defanging of the US Constitution by a bunch of people who hate this country and what it stands for and the neocons who have enabled it.

    Time to face facts, Mr. Huckabee — the Republikons have screwed up royally this time — and it’s going to be along time before they can be “trusted” again — if ever.

  6. SEAL

    Regardless of any sound good speaches this guy makes he still professes to subsribeto the “republican” philosophy which is corporarte control, privatization, and abolition of the middle class. Here is a prime example:

    “Romney’s health care initiatives call for deregulating the health insurance market, capping malpractice claims and making sure everyone was insured. Instead of using federal money to reimburse hospitals for treating people without insurance, he wants the money to be used to help low-income people buy insurance at lower cost.”

    He wants to let the insurance companies set their own prices and standards for care? Protect them, doctors, and hospitals from lawsuits? Instead of giving the payments for medical care to those who provide it, he wants to give the money to the insurance companies to determine who gets paid what? Of course that means they will keep a large share of that money. Why do we need a middle man to take a cut? Wouldn’t that increase the cost? Or would their negotiating the health care payments cause inferior health services and padding of the bills and restrictions as to doctor selction for the patient? I wonder who is donating large sums to his election campaign?

    But that is the republican philosophy. Have the corporations in control of the people. Always has been and always will be. We should never vote for a republican again and create another political party with the philosophy of running the country according to the Constitution. That would be novel.

    It should be noted that Hillary’s health care plans suck up to the insurance companies, also.

  7. Electric Bill

    Huckabee is right about the failure of the Republicans. They have failed at governing, they have failed in protecting the American people from attack and they have failed terribly at foreign policy. However, they have been marvelously successful at being Republicans. Big business (big energy) and Wall Street love them, Corruption runs rampant in the US and in Iraq, wages are down, decent jobs are few and far between, and American competitiveness in world markets is low. Fear is the watchword of the day. That’s what Republicans do and this crop has been extremely successful at being Republicans.

  8. VietnamVet

    Yeah, and he didn’t mention much about the GOP continuing to support a war of choice, that this GOP President got us into, except an unsubstantiated point that he has kept us safe for some 6 years. He would have done well to have provided some PROOF that this is the case, other than a simple “post hoc ergo proctor hoc fallacy”!

    And talking about contolling spending? What a laugh! The Republicans have NOT controlled spending during any term they have been in office in recent times. Everything they do, those tax reductions, help for big business, diverting monies to programs of THEIR choice, trickle down philosophy, etc, has done nothing but increase the National Debt that we are passing on to our grandchildren and probably their grandchildren. Look at this:

    Note from the chart at this site that the vast amount of red ink representing mostly increases in the National Debt are due to REPUBLICAN administrations, not Democrats. All the GOP has done is mortgage the future of this great nation. And, there does not appear to be an end in sight, as the “decider” is financing this war of choice on credit!

  9. JudyB

    Huckabee could have continued talking for a solid month on what the Republicans COULD, Have SHOULD have but DIDN’T do!

    The closer it gets to the elections the more of these types of things we will hear from Republicans wanting to distance themselves from this administration.

    I’ll bet the lyrics to “Have I Stayed Too Long At The Fair?” or “Someone Left The Cake Out In The Rain” seem all to real to most of them because “the lights of the midway are fading” and they know they will “never have that recipe again” Americans have had enough!

  10. Carl Nemo

    Yo Viet NamVet…

    Re: your commentary

    “except an unsubstantiated point that he (Bush) has kept us safe for some 6 years”….yea right!?

    Great post and I excised a portion of your commentary for the purpose of a “thought experiment”. Don’t people find it somewhat strange that we haven’t had a major subsequent attack on our nations infrastructure during the past six years…?! Most of the incidents that have popped up have a questionable pedigree. For a number of years prior to 9/11, so-called media experts had been predicting terrorist attacks on America, almost as if they were psychologically imprinting the electorate that this must be so; ie., a fait accompli…!

    The World Trade Center was attacked in 1993; ie., a failed attempt, but it did happen. Then it was attacked again?! I find the fact that the same building was attacked twice to be a statistically questionable anomally?! Didn’t our “protectors” learn anything from the first attack or was it the “duty building” of convenience to take out for the purpose of instilling abject fear in “We the Sheeple”…?

    Now things have been quiet for a period of time. My analysis indicates that the fact the same structures were attacked twice with the second attempt being a total success that it was an engineered or an intentionally ignored plot for the purpose of executing a “false flag” operation, the purpose being; ie., turning America into a “fear-based” nation, pre-programmed to respond to politically motiviated stimuli!

    They’ve evidently succeeded and if something major and anomalous happens again people better immediately focus on their wayward government, as being complicit in the process. Sorry folks, but that’s the way I feel and my research indicates we have truly evil mattoids in control of our once great nation. America is in “harms way”. In these “interesting” times “trust no one”…!

    Carl Nemo**==

  11. SEAL

    As I pointed out on another topic the democrats continue to enable and award the advantage to the repugnants when they deserve just the opposite. They (Hillary) stated that if there was another terrorist attack it would help the republicans politically and in the elections. How stupid a statement is that? If they allow us to be attacked AGAIN, doesn’t that make THEM look bad?

    What she should have done was to point out how they botched the intel and the response, allowed 9/11 to happen, froze for 11 minutes after being informed the nation was under attack, and, if another attack occurs on their watch, they certainly aren’t doing a good job of keeping america safe. Put the onus where it belongs > on them. Hopefully, that might derail any plans Bushco has for al Qaeda attacking the justice department or some such place to destroy all those “privilidged” records.

    Hillary and her advisors cannot be this stupid. I have to suspect they deliberately gave the advantage on this subject to the repugnants. Question is > why? The more she talks the more she resembles Bush. Like this statement that defies all logic. The person in charge when disaster strikes is the person responsible. Blame them and make it clear that if it happens again they are double to blame.

    Carl: the world trade center has always been the target of the terrorists. They made that very clear long ago. The first attempt was a typical terrorist style bombing, it was for real, and did cause a hell of of a lot of damage. It was only logical that Bushco retarget the buildings. Of course, people would believe the bad guys came back to finish the job. Plus, I have always wondered if there was something the destruction of the towers would hide?

    The airplane assault was out of character for terrorists. Not that they could not or did not originate such a plan. But the amount of people and coordination involved to make everything come together as planned in all four places at the same time is military in nature and requires a type of constant communication that terrorists have never displayed. Their history is singular simple plans, hiding in dark corners, very basic stuff. It is still that way today, even in the war zone. Load up a bomb and deliver it. Most of the time they are less than totally successfull, not fully reaching the objective.

    Contrary to the propaganda, there is no central control, no master organization for terrorism. If anything were to occur here it would originate here. All they might possibly get would be an idea from overseas. But all materials would be home grown and assembled by a small group of lunatics. That is not to say they could not come up with something major and disasterous. I know I could if I was so inclined. It isn’t that difficult. The fact that they haven’t shows the terrorists lack of knowledge > or their absense. But they don’t need to be here any more or do anything. They already have what they want. Our populace living in fear, our army in Iraq making us look incompetent and weak, and everyone in the muslim world mad at us. Mission accomplished.

    What we must do, now, is make everyone aware that if there is another “terroist” attack, it will show Bushco and the repugnants for the incompetent fucks they are. Either the democrat candidates or the congressional leaders must do that for it to be effective.

  12. Carl Nemo

    Yo SEAL…

    Spot-on supportive commentary…! That’s my underlying point;ie., if this happens again then the American people need to focus “intensely” on their failed government and agencies; ie., it’s leaders and administrators and not the “perps”, the alleged terrorists! Sweaty, angry, arabic terrorists are actually “small-change” compared to the enfranchised, duplicit mattoids that are destroying this nation for financial gain.

    They all got a “Get out of jail card” on 9/11 with their excuses and blathering for not protecting us, regardless of the billions we invest in this level of interdiction and protection!? If they conveniently fail us again; we need to say screw the arab terrorists and get rid of all of the elected and appointed “political terrorists” that are milking “we the people” 24/7/365 and giving us absolutely nothing in return for our tax dollars but a royal screwing and an absolute “police state” to boot…!

    Then from an old Pogo strip, I say…

    “We have met the enemy and he is us”…!

    Nemo **==

  13. SEAL

    Yanno, the thing hardly anyone knows is that the exact words whispered in Bush’s ear in that school house in Texas was > “Mr. President, the nation is under attack!” That was all. They did not tell him planes had flown into the twin towers or anything else. Yet, Bush sat there with the My Pet Goat book upside down in his lap unmoving for 11 minutes.

    In this nuclear age, 11 minutes is the difference between winning and losing. Life and death. Total destruction and survival, at least in part.

    BUSH HAS THE FOOTBALL!!! The gizmo that authorizes nuclear response. Only he can access it as long as he is alive. Many enemy missles only require 11 minutes or less to reach their targets.

    The only excuse for not acting immediately attributed to Bush is > “He did not want to upset the children and continued to read to them.” [From the upside down book?] Even if that is true, it diqualifies him as a “Commander-in-Chief” of the armed forces responsible for protecting this nation. He has his priorities backwards.

    Regardless of whether Bush simply froze in panic, not knowing what to do, or if he was expecting to hear the news of the attack, the public should be screaming for his scalp for not immediately springing into action to defend and protect this nation.

    There are many things that sponsor the conspiracy theories but this is what cements them in many minds. Even an abnormal person or an idiot would want to know what had happened when told the “Nation is under attack.” That would be the immediate thought and the first question. Why didn’t he ask?