Few things anger us more than a wannabe who lies about serving in combat for his country.

Writes Dave Zweifel, editor of The Capitol Times in Madison, Wis:

We’ve been snookered.

The front-page story on Memorial Day about the Marine veteran who claimed he served seven years on active duty, was seriously injured in Bosnia and now can’t get a job in Madison was fabricated by the veteran. Jeremy Cofer, 31, actually served less than two years on active duty and was never sent overseas, where he claimed he saw his best friend die in Bosnia.

When confronted with suspicions about the story Wednesday, Cofer authorized the release of his military records, where his lies became painfully apparent. He had told the same story in great detail to several people, one of whom contacted The Capital Times and urged us to do a story over the Memorial Day weekend.

It’s not the first time the press was snookered by a wannabe. Sadly, it probably will not be the last.