Bush claims history will exonerate him

President George W. Bush claims history will prove him right on the Iraq war. The test of time, he says, will show the war as necessary in his so-called war on terrorism.

Bush evens uses Vietnam as a comparison, saying we were proven right there as well. That, some would argue, is rewriting history in real time.

And historians say what history will prove about Iraq is what most Americans now believe: That Bush’s failed war will go down as the biggest foreign policy screw up in modern times is not all time.

For Bush to believe otherwise is the height of delusion by a delusional President.

Reports The Associated Press:

President Bush wants a nation running short on patience with the Iraq war to take a long view, comparing it to U.S. involvements in Asia that lost popular backing but eventually proved their worth and led to lasting peace.

“The ideals and interests that led America to help the Japanese turn defeat into democracy are the same that lead us to remain engaged in Afghanistan and Iraq,” Bush said in advance excerpts of a Wednesday speech to the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

“The defense strategy that refused to hand the South Koreans over to a totalitarian neighbor helped raise up an Asian Tiger that is a model for developing countries across the world, including the Middle East,” Bush said.

Bush often uses historical comparisons in urging patience on Iraq, but White House aides hope a specific focus on Asia will get skeptics to rethink their positions on Iraq and get beyond the daily, violent setbacks there.

Bush even cites Vietnam as a cautionary tale for those urging troop withdrawals today.

“Three decades later, there is a legitimate debate about how we got into the Vietnam War and how we left,” Bush said. “Whatever your position in that debate, one unmistakable legacy of Vietnam is that the price of America’s withdrawal was paid by millions of innocent citizens whose agonies would add to our vocabulary new terms like ‘boat people,’ ‘re-education camps’ and ‘killing fields.'”

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., quickly dismissed Bush’s position.

“President Bush’s attempt to compare the war in Iraq to past military conflicts in East Asia ignores the fundamental difference between the two,” he said. “Our nation was misled by the Bush administration in an effort to gain support for the invasion of Iraq under false pretenses, leading to one of the worst foreign policy blunders in our history.”

Bush’s speech at the VFW is the first in a planned two-punch combo.

After comparing the current war against extremists with the militarists of Japan and the communists in Korea and Vietnam in Wednesday’s speech, he plans to discuss the war in Iraq in the context of its implications for the broader Middle East in a speech next Tuesday at the annual American Legion convention in Reno, Nev.

In the aftermath of Japan’s surrender, many thought it was naive to help the Japanese transform themselves into a democracy, Bush will tell the VFW conventioneers. He said critics also complained when America intervened to save South Korea from communist invasion. And in Vietnam, Bush said, people argued that the real problem was the U.S. presence there, “and that if we would just withdraw, the killing would end.”

“The advance of freedom in these lands should give us confidence that the hard work we are doing in the Middle East can have the same results we have seen in Asia — if we show the same perseverance and sense of purpose,” Bush said.

The president’s address at the convention was preceded by a two-day parade of presidential hopefuls and Gen. David Petraeus, the top U.S. commander in Iraq, who addressed the group Monday.

Petraeus and Ryan Crocker, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, are to report to Congress before Sept. 15 about the impact of the troop buildup that Bush ordered in January. Their report will provide the basis for Bush’s decisions about the way forward in Iraq.

Meanwhile, Bush has notably tempered his view of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

When they met in Jordan last November, the president called al-Maliki “the right guy for Iraq.” Now, he continually prods al-Maliki to do more to forge political reconciliation before the temporary military buildup ends.

“I think there’s a certain level of frustration with the leadership in general, inability to work — come together to get, for example, an oil revenue law passed or provincial elections,” Bush said in Canada on Tuesday.

Crocker echoed Bush’s frustration with the lack of action by al-Maliki’s government.

“Progress on national level issues has been extremely disappointing and frustrating to all concerned — to us, to Iraqis, to the Iraqi leadership itself,” Crocker said.


  1. Citroyen

    Your commentary states, “… Bush’s failed war will go down as the biggest foreign policy screw up in modern times if not all time”.

    I don’t think this adventure qualifies as “foreign policy” in any way.

    This was simply a small group of American politicians in a position of great power who used this power to enrich themselves and advance a vindictive agenda.

    I also have found myself wondering whether, if asked, any of the “frontrunners” would openly disagree with Bush, and if they did, whether they would do so unequivocally.

  2. bryan mcclellan

    His wish to be exonerated only multiplies and is an admittance of his guilt.What a MORON……

  3. www.nazilieskill.us

    Most historians are as corrupt as the people they write about. Real history is always a rap sheet.

    John Hanks, Laramie, Wyoming

  4. acf

    “President Bush wants a nation running short on patience with the Iraq war to take a long view…”

    Running short on patience? We ran short on patience a year ago. It is called the 2006 election. Back then, we told Bush, and his supporters in Congress, what we thought of them and his war. We were finished, done, period. The only thing holding us up now is a President who believes he is above the law, and not beholden to any voters, and a Congress that refuses to take the tough steps, and shut him down.

  5. SEAL

    “Bush’s failed war will go down as the biggest foreign policy screw up in modern times if not all time”.

    Why don’t they call it what it is….a war crime. Everything about it is illegal.

  6. LurkingFromTheLeft

    I have to wonder…

    …how much wine he had to drink to come up with THAT one? –


  7. VietnamVet

    Yeah, but you can bet your ass he won’t mention that Vietnam was a trumped up war just like THIS one is! It was the Tokin Gulf fiasco for Nam and those non-existent WMDs for Iraq. Than we should remember that old BS that was used to NOT leave Vietnam: “We’re fighting them over there so we don’t have to fight them here!” And, “If Vietnam falls, so goes the rest of SE Asia.” Both turned out to be nothing but fabricated rationale for staying there and costing this nation over 56,000 of our troops. Yes, we left Vietnam and not a single one followed us home; and, the rest of SE Asia did not fall like so many dominos. The same BS is being used by THIS administration to justify THEIR trumped up war! Just today, at least 14 more of our troops will be coming home in caskets! How many more will it take to get the peope up in arms in a manner that got us out of Vietnam?

  8. LurkingFromTheLeft

    Just today, at least 14 more of our troops will be coming home in caskets!

    …and sadly, we won’t get to see them –

    …after all, if we don’t see them, they didn’t really give their lives for this neocon crusade –


  9. custodes

    He may be right…plenty of people think Lincoln was the great president that “held the union together”.

  10. Steve Horn

    “Bush evens uses Vietnam as a comparison, saying we were proven right there as well.”

    Our involvement in Vietnam was proven correct? When? By whom?

    Perhaps if Bush had served in Vietnam when he was called I’d have some respect for his opinion. Personally I think that the only positive to come out of the Bush years is for the late Richard Nixon – Bush has managed to replace him as the worst president of the post WW2 era.

  11. Sonorous Pest

    Bush forgot to mention that during WWII FDR had a 730 page plan drafted for the defeat of Japan. Bush has nothing planned for Iraq.

    If Bush wants a legacy he has one. He is the worst president this country has every had, he like Lincoln had trashed the constitution to acheive their goals, I had, in my opinion, concidered Lincoln the worst president, until Bush came along. That opinion is based on how each treated the Constitution. Based on that, I placed Lincoln last in the list of presidents, Bush has just replaced Lincoln in the cellar. Thats my story and I’m sticking to it.

  12. mary cali

    I agree that Nixon gains by Bush replacing him as worst president, although I think Bush will be rated worst president ever not just since WW 11. He makes Nixon, who did have some accomplishments, look better and better. I know that Nixon would not have been stupid enough to start this mess in Iraq.

    It is pathetic that the righties compare Bush to Truman and Lincoln. I can understand why Bush needs to cling to that. He will be in the state of denial and delusion until his end.

  13. RSW

    I suppose those “ideals and interests” hold true. I’m sure that if Prescott Bush were alive today, he would bless this engagement, too. The Bush family has been in the arms and war business a very long time, beginning with WW I and all the way down to the present. The exploits of Prescott Bush may be found elsewhere, particularly with the Thyssen family interests in Germany and the arming of Adolf Hitler prior to and during WW II. G.H.W. Bush’s Carlyle holdings are working very hard to maintain this war status quo today. Is it any wonder G.W. Bush’s rhetoric is what it is.

    I suppose that this is yet another of his “safe” speeches. Both the VFW and the American Legion exist to promote the creation of more veterans. Veterans can only be obtained from wars fought. Neither organization can exist without them. Neither organization cares about the common American public. And the arms to fight the wars must come from somewhere.

    It’s interesting to note how the Federal Government wants to take it both ways with the Vietnam War comparisons. Bush says that we should not repeat the mistakes made there, including the millions of innocents killed, the boat people, re-education camps, the killing fields. Yet we are not to make comparisons with Vietnam vis-a-vis Iraq (or Afghanistan).

    So, let’s see. Re-education camps? How about Abu Ghraib? Millions of innocents killed? Depending on who you choose to believe, the range goes from 150,000 to just over 1,000,000, and more are added with each passing day. Boat people? Refugees, right? No refugees from Iraq are there? And this doesn’t even touch on arms sales.

    Perhaps the point that needs to be made is this: We are all products of our environment, and see truth through that portal. Given the Bush family’s surroundings, is it any wonder what comes from those lips, not to mention those who surround this scumbag family. Until we return to making plow shares, nothing will change much.

    But enough! I don’t need to worry my pretty little mind over such things, do I.


  14. JudyB

    Bush Also :

    Claimed…Iraq acted with Al-Quiada and was responsible for 9/11

    Claimed…Spying on & wire tapping of American citizens necessary for security of our nation

    Claimed…That providing the records the justice department, congress and special comittees have requested “would jeopardize National Security”.

    Claimed..”Mission Accomplished” May 1 2003
    (This, after landing a jet fighter aboard the USS Lincoln wearing jet fighter costume..when only 219 military had been killed in Iraq & Afghanastan..its now Aug. 22,2007 with more than 4,000 dead & more than 50,000 severely injured and NO end in sight!)

    I give up! There have been so many false claims (Lies) by the “Decider ‘N Chief” there is not time or room to list them all…So my advice to all would be…NEVER NEVER NEVER believe anything “The Decider N Chief” says, he has proven himself to be a habitual liar, and a delusional moron.

    Do I believe his claim that history will exonerate him ???..Oh hell yes sure I do! However, its only fair that to tell you that I also believe that there is a Santa Claus, Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy!