We’re not surprised that Republicans plan to return to their extreme right-wing base to try and save their asses in the November mid-term elections. When it comes to support, all the GOP has left are the homophobes, bigots, racists and religious wing-nuts.

Reports Peter Baker in today’s Washington Post:

President Bush plans to wade back into the emotional debate over same-sex marriage for the first time in his second term beginning today with a pair of speeches pressing the Senate to approve a constitutional amendment next week defining marriage as the union of a man and woman.

Bush, whose opposition to marriage between gay partners helped power him to reelection in 2004, has remained largely silent on the issue since, much to the consternation of conservatives who complain he has not exerted leadership. Now, with midterm elections approaching, he is returning to a topic that galvanizes an important part of the Republican base.

The president intends to devote his weekly radio address today to the Federal Marriage Amendment and has invited supporters to the White House on Monday for another speech promoting it, according to aides and activists. The Senate is set to begin debating the amendment Monday and vote Wednesday, but both sides believe sponsors do not have the 67 votes it needs for approval despite Bush’s endorsement.

But that’s not the only place where the GOP plans to try and exert its brand of right-wing extremism.  The hypocritical Republican leadership of Congress, the ones who thins rules should apply only to the other guy, plans a push on most of the rabid conservative agenda, including flag-burning and bans on abortion.

Incredibly, the House plans to vote next week on a Senate bill expanding fines for "indecency" in broadcasting, the still simmering aftermath of singer Janet Jackson’s "wardrobe malfunction" from the Super Bowl telecast two years ago.

We find the concept of a Congress overrun with con-artists, thieves and bribe-takers trying to tell us what is or is not decent both laughable and frightening.