A Campaign for Our America Update

    The Campaign for Our America, a grassroots political organization that hopes to bring real reform to our legisaltive, political and electoral system, is headed into its next phase after six months of organizing.

    A report, to date, to readers of Capitol Hill Blue:


    Grassroots Organization: We have achieved grassroots organization recognition in 31 states thus far and expect to qualify in all 50 states and the District of Columbia by year’s end. Qualifying as a grassroots organization is time consuming and often difficult because each state has its own rules. Some require evidence of a donor base from that state, others have extensive licensing requirements and still others require only registration.

    We continue to work on a state-by-state basis to be a true nationwide organization by year’s end.

    Campaign Finance Reform: We submitted background papers and talking points to Congress during their recent consideration, and passage, of ethics legislation aimed at reducing the influence of lobbyists. Unfortunately, both the House and Senate backed off key components of legislation advocated by us and other reform groups and we will have to work on getting new legislation through next year’s session. We will continue to develop new proposals for campaign, electoral and legislative reform.

    Ballot Challenges: We have assembled a team of campaign lawyers who will file challenges in any state that seeks to keep third party or independent candidates off the ballot or that institutes regulations designed to inhibit challenges to the traditional two-party system.

    Media Monitoring: We have set up a media monitoring system through out data center in Blacksburg, Virginia, to capture news broadcasts from major networks and cable news channels and monitor radio talk shows. In addition we are building a database of print coverage and using a detailed search technique to spot bias in news coverage. Our goal is to identify news outlets that seek to stifle free and open debate.

    Web Site: We will launch a revamped and redesigned web site on September 1 that will outline our programs and invite citizen response. Our goal is to foster open and honest debate on the need for reform.

    Citizens Journalist Network: We are assembling a team of Citizen Journalists to spread our messages through blogs and community web sites.


    Each of these programs costs money and, frankly, our fundraising has not gone as well as we had hoped.

    We have 181 contributors who have given $7.535.50 — about 30 percent of our goal of $25,000 from 1,000 contributors. Operating expenses to date have been paid mostly through ad revenue from Capitol Hill Blue and from the personal resources of founder Doug Thompson.

    Every cent we collect in ads from our political news web site goes to this worthy cause it also may not be enough to continue our operation.

    So we are launching a new fundraising effort here on Capitol Hill Blue. We will not let this campaign die. Most reform groups have a philosophical or political agenda that is too often partisan. Ours is not. We went to reform the system, not advance the beliefs of any particular party. We feel the system is broken and in dire need of repair.

    Capitol Hill Blue readers can help bring real reform to the legislative and political system and click on the button below to contribute today to The Campaign for Our America (if you wish to contribute by check, click here for the address).

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