Rumsfeld resigned before 2006 election

Donald Rumsfeld, architect of the unpopular Iraq war, resigned as defense secretary before last year’s November election but his decision was not announced until after the voting, according to his resignation letter obtained by Reuters on Wednesday.

The letter was dated November 6, the day before voters, angered by Iraq, went to the polls and swept Republicans from power in Congress. According to a stamp on the letter, President George W. Bush saw it on election day.

Bush, however, did not announce that Rumsfeld would leave until the day after the election.

That infuriated some Republicans, who said their party might have kept more seats in Congress and perhaps kept control of the Senate if Rumsfeld had left before the election.

Rumsfeld did not mention the Iraq war in his four-paragraph resignation letter.

Instead, the man who had become the focal point for critics of the Bush administration’s management of the war praised the president for his leadership.

“I leave with great respect for you and for the leadership you have provided during a most challenging time for our country. The focus, determination and perseverance you have so consistently provided have been needed and are impressive,” Rumsfeld told Bush.

“It is time to conclude my service. As I do, I want you to know that you have my continuing and heartfelt support as you enter the final two years of your presidency,” Rumsfeld wrote.

Rumsfeld also praised U.S. troops for their dedication, professionalism, courage and sacrifice.


  1. bryan mcclellan

    Please don’t run them off to heck just yet,these might be prime examples of what we need to look out for. Record this History so thine children may prosper.

  2. Sandra Price

    Excuse me, but changing the date on his dismissal is the only truth to this story. Nobody in the GOP can tell the truth and can only speak in terms of … can I say it?….bullshit comes to mind.

  3. SEAL

    Some “official” at the pentagon who just happened to have [swiped?] a copy of Rumsfeld’s private mail to the President of the US [security clearance for that does not exist] picks this exact moment to be nice and reveal it to his frustrated buddy in the press who had exhausted all legal means? Riiiiiiight! Funny how easily E-Mails can be created or altered at any time by anyone. The article failed to mention whether the “copy” bore Rumsfeld’s signature. Why did someone want to keep a secret copy and why reveal it now and why are the letter’s dates significant at this particualar time?

    These people have always operated this way. Leaking information from “anonymous official” sorces at special moments to accomplish something nefarious. So, now I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    The only thing I can speculate is that Bush is trying to convince the repugnants that he did not go public earlier because he did not know for sure that Rumsfled was resigning until election day and get back in their good graces. They were really pissed at him for not releasing that information earlier. But there must be more to it than that to bring it up at this late date. Perhaps he needs their assured loyalty for something big he has cooked up. For some reason I just don’t trust this guy.

  4. adamrussell

    How does it matter whether it was before or after? Either way, it was for the same reason.

  5. gene

    Rumy I have one thing to say to your super sorry ass. Go F**k yourself as you have this country. Your ticket to hell is awaiting you along with Mr. General Casy, another (Bush suck ass) idiot.

  6. gene

    Ok bryan, as you wish. Let the slime hang aroung awhile longer, as though it would go away. In order to have history you must first have a future. Between these political criminals and the current unfolding collapse of a global financial scam, ie. (450 trillions dollars worth of derivates floating in outer space)..equals assests that never exsisted and (only fools) invested in this fabricated worthless crap and have lost!!!

    Things will change shortly for this planet but it WANT be of this world. Their is the natural and their is also the super-natural.