Ann Coulter, the rabid right-wing Republican bomb thrower who gives blondes an even worse reputation, is up to her skinny keister of trouble because she violated Florida election law by knowingly voting in the wrong precinct — a felony in the Sunshine State. So she’s hired some high-priced and high-placed legal talent.

Reports Jose Lambiet of The Palm Beach Post:

Conservative pundit and best-selling political writer Ann Coulter has hired a white-glove, White House-connected law firm to fight allegations she voted illegally in February’s Town of Palm Beach election.

And the attorney from the Miami-based Kenny Nachwalter firm is no stranger to Palm Beach voting. Marcos Jimenez — who was, along with the more famous Olson, one of the lead attorneys who fought for George W. Bush‘s side in the 2000 presidential election snafu here — was assigned to Coulter.

Jimenez, by the way, also knows a thing or two about criminals. Appointed by Bush as U.S. attorney for the southern district of Florida in 2002, Jimenez was charged with going after terrorists, drug dealers and wayward union bosses.

Jimenez returned to private practice last year.

"Mr. Jimenez asked us to send him all the correspondence we sent Ms. Coulter," deputy dlections chief Charmaine Kelly said.

A poll worker reported to his supervisors that he saw Coulter try to vote in the precinct closest to her Palm Beach home. But when she was told the address on her voter’s registration was elsewhere, Coulter ran out instead of correcting it and ended up voting in a precinct that wasn’t hers. Knowingly voting in the wrong precinct in Florida is a felony.

No confirmation yet on the rumor that party girl Coulter plans to throw herself on the mercy of the court.