Timing is bloody everything

It should have been a time for rejoicing. The man who sought and thrived on divisive politics came to an early end, with rumors of Abramof indictments and worse swinging over his head like a pendulum from Edgar Allan Poe. As much as we would like to celebrate the resignation of Karl Rove, now is not the time.

Instead, we are in the middle of an orchestrated attack on American sensibilities. Pro-surge articles and editorials were synchronized in two of the four daily papers I got today. I expect the other two, Chicago’s Trib and Suntimes, to follow suit shortly. They all beat to the same drummer, they all sing in the same key. We are winning.

The Administration has sent a shadow army of congressmen, senators, journalists, political scientists and bloviating talking heads. Each of them, such as O’Hanlon, has been spoon fed just what Bush and Gen. Petraeus want them to see: hand-picked, well-practiced, well-spoken, gung-ho, military folks who uniformly recited their lines perfectly. “The surge is working. All we need is a little more time. AND the support from loyal Americans and Congress. Congress is the only thing that can stop us from complete victory now.”

Not one of these witlesses is permitted to travel off the reservation, except in a highly orchestrated trip to several US bases, where the dog, pony, camel, cow and asp show is repeated for each new crew of susceptible, simple-minded, stooges, stenographers, suckers, and syncophants.

This orchestrated event has cost the US taxpayer unknown millions, and the actual number of hand-held and fooled witnesses remains unknown. I saw one estimate that more than 600 individuals, including the specially selected congresscritters (Mike Pence for example) and journalists, have received a nice junket to the Green Zone in just the last four weeks. Each of them are scheduled to appear on CNN, Faux, MSNBC, C-Span, Rush, Sean, Anne, Michelle and other compliant loudspeakers of the new and improved White House policy. I don’t blame the news stations – they have their licenses to protect. As for the parade of talking heads who already are talking up the surge, with more promised in the near future, they have no credibility on any issue.

All of this preparation for turning congress back into a paper tiger, went for naught today. Yesterday, we lost five US troops. The day before, four died in vain. Today, nine young men and women lost their lives. Worse yet, close to 200 Iraqis died in an orchestrated series of truck bombs, destroyed a large residential area.
A moderate Shia pol was assasinated, and moderate Sunni’s guards were killed.

Considering that al-Maliki just got through praising Iran’s efforts at nation building in IRAQ, it is highly unlikely that the Shia deaths were caused by Iran, itself a mostly Shia state.

Was it Al Qaida? Perhaps, but AQ in Iraq are mainly homegrown, with extremely few outsiders coming in to fight. (The US Government refuses to count Saudi Sunnis and Wahabiists as a threat, even though foreign reporters repeatedly state that Saudi efforts at fomenting violence are intended to keep Iran off balance. Say, how many Iraqis hijacked those planes, anyway?)

In summary, the reality on the ground is far worse than the White House would like you to know. US deaths are reaching all time highs, with 4 dead per day, each day, this month alone. Iraqi dead aren’t counted, for domestic political reasons. Insurgents have always taken most of July off (and this year was no exception) while this August is becoming one of the worst ever.

This is what you will hear from our feckless leader and the hundreds of stenographic reporters, pols and “experts” in the days to come:

* The surge is working
* Basra is a great success story
* We see real progress throughout Iraq
* If we stop now, we guarantee defeat. If we continue, we will win
* Only Congress can stop us from achieving a very reachable victory
* The American people don’t want defeat. We are winners, we support winners, and our troops are the real winners
* If you could see the intel I saw, you would realize that this is going our way
* There are growing pains politically, but 17 millions voted, and their parliament passed 66 serious bills, along with a constitution – now that is victory!
* Progress is obvious everywhere you look.

The sad part is it is all bullshit. Today proved, in a graphic, deadly, bloody way, that a political solution – the original goal of this surge – is a non-starter. The whole political system has collapsed, with Sunni pols refusing to attend, with Shia demanding more power over Kurdish oil lands, and retribution against Sunnis, and with Kurds repeatedly attacking inside Turkey, trying to egg on an invasion from the north.

If you really want to understand what is happening to our troops in Iraq, in addition to spending more than $22,000 on every living Iraqi to date, I will paraphrase what I read earlier at another site. Think of China invading your city, suburb, town, or village and telling you how to act, how to drive, when to shop and to do with with no electricity, medicine, health care, schools, government, security, or water. Add hundreds of thousands of weapons to the mix, placed in your hands, loaded and ready to shoot, and think how you would react to the invading, occupying forces.

When Harry Reid said Iraq was lost, he spoke the truth. How many more US soldiers will die before Bush admits the obvious? How many more Iraqi moms and dads will die in their children’s arms (and vice versa) before our congress gains enough of a spine to call a halt to this mess? Whenever it happens, it won’t be soon enough.


  1. Abdul of the Kyber Pass

    You will never get the word out. There is a great conspiracy to keep the truth away from the American people. Only Democratic Underground and the residents of Capitol Hill Blue know the truth. Why or why, Great Non-existent Superior Entity, is this happening? This is more obvious than the Roswell Cover-up. This is worse than the 150 mpg carburetor that the evil oil companies wouldn’t allow on the market in the 1970s. This is worse than all the UN tanks and troops hiding out in the Rocky Mountains ready to take control of America. (Ooops. Sorry. Wrong group of conspiracy geeks.)

    Here we sit, unschooled in all matters pertaining to the military, southwest Asian cultures, macro economics, history BCE, micro economics, and American history. Yet we can see exactly what needs to be done. But even Sen. Clinton, practically the smartest woman in the world (after Oprah), can’t….won’t….isn’t stopping this ignorant mad man heck bent on:

    Please choose one answer, or two if you need to.

    A. world domination
    B. establishing a Christian sectarian government in the US
    C. listening not only into my cell calls but my very thoughts
    D. trampling the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and my Bottled-Water-of-the-Month-Club Membership
    E. All of the above.

    If only John Kerry hadn’t been so dull, we would’ve won. We need to get Sen. Kerry to brush off his plans to end the war in Iraq, to turn our booming economy around, to end hunger in the fattest country on earth. Sen. Kerry, have you seen those plans you touted? Has ANYONE seen those plans?

    Sen. Obama will save us. Sure, he has less managerial experience than your average Dairy Queen night manager, but he looks so good. He sounds so good. He doesn’t have any substance, like that evil Ronald Reagan. But at least he looks better on camera than…..

    Joe Biden! Just one question, Sen. Biden. Have you stopped plagiarizing the speeches of other politicians. Never mind. We can count on……..drumroll please…..

    Dennis Kusinich! He promises to do for America what he did for Cleveland.

    Who will save us?

    Hey, does anyone have Rosie’s number?

  2. Helen Rainier


    Wait just a goldarned minute. The Bushies have said the Saudis are our allies — our BFF, so to speak.

    I mean — it’s not like OBL was from a wealthy Saudi family — oops!I forgot! OBL IS from a wealthy Saudi family — oh yeah,and most of the 9-11 “highjackers” were from SA, too. At least in the World According to Bush they were.

    SIGH — SSDD!

  3. JerZGirl

    Bush will never admit to being wrong – NEVER. He has an agenda and either refuses to believe the obvious or knows it, but is heartless enough to prefer killing our military to admitting defeat. Regardless of the words out of his mouth, his actions have had evil results. Whether or not he IS evil is for God to decide.

    Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit.

    Wisdom is knowing not to put it in fruit salad.

  4. JudyB

    I will not drink Bush & Company’s kool aid!

    We are not winning the Iraq oil war, and Karl is not quitting to spend more time with his wife & son.

    Any time you read a headline “The Surge Is Working” followed by “4 Car Bombs Kills at least 175” and still another smaller one that reads “18 US Troops Die in past 3 days”
    As for Rove’ reason for quitting, thats laughable considering rumors of probable indictments hanging over his head, and the fact that this man has never been “caught” telling the truth!

    “A man who does not think for himself,
    does not think at all.”

  5. Rob Kezelis

    Oh boy. Today’s LA Times reports that the General will not be writing the frequently cited report due out in September.

    The White House will write it for him.
    I hope the Democrats that were waiting on his insight think again about defunding this disaster.

  6. rjf7r

    The problem is that Congress won’t be able to de-fund this disaster, because of Bush’s veto. Rather Congress must refuse to FUND it. They had that in their hands a few months ago, and didn’t do it.