Now let’s see if we have this straight. Katie Couric, the princess of perkiness, the diva of dilettantes, the concubine of cuteness, claims she will put an end to the "pretentious era" when she takes over anchoring the CBS Evening News?

Reports Kimberly Nordyke in The Hollywood Reporter:

Katie Couric hopes to bring a "humanistic, more accessible" approach to her job when she takes over as anchor and managing editor at "CBS Evening News" in September, Couric said Thursday during the CBS affiliates meeting at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Speaking during a lunch Q&A session with "60 Minutes" correspondent Lesley Stahl, Couric predicted that the "pretentious era" of the evening-news anchor is going to be a thing of the past. "The audience is more sophisticated than we give them credit for — they don’t want a mechanical Ted Baxter," said Couric, whose last day as co-anchor of NBC’s "Today" was Wednesday. "I’m a serious, caring, compassionate person. I hope that comes out. … People want a multidimensional (news anchor) and not someone they can put in a box."

That does it. We need more coffee.