Full spin cycle

Get ready. The White House spin machine is spooling up and the rhetoric is spilling out like diarrhea.

Bush is claiming “encouraging signs of progress” in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This, of course, comes from the same folks who claimed “Mission Accomplished” four years ago and said Iraqis would welcome American troops as “liberators.”

Spin. Just another word for lies.

Bush: 'Encouraging news' in Iraq, AfghanistanRead full story for latest details.

[CNN Political News]


  1. gene

    I just wonder if their is anyone out their in dream land USA that actually believes anything coming out of Bush’s mouth. I know many are still “kissing his ass” because they want to keep their jobs but their just has to be limit on stupidity.

    I said earlier that I feel like I am living in a foreign country where the IQ of the general public is a minus 50. That probably equals an individual who is brain dead and in a coma.

    I guess theirs not much we can do to shut that puke hole in the center of Bush’s face.

  2. acf

    I believe nothing they say, and just because he states something, or makes some kind of argument, does not give the MSM the right to write it up that he ‘made his case’ as if he did a good job, or successfully presented his reasons in a way to convince people.

  3. Jeffrey B.

    Regurgitated diarrhea? It’s not so funny and it’s really kind of runny….. but the B.S. never seems to end.

    The most encouragement that any of us can receive – is that we’re one day closer to the end of the Bush-it insanity.

    It’s as if we were reliving the screw-ball comedy of the 1930’s. In the final scene of the film, My Man Godfrey, Carole Lombard’s character – just moments after she suckers William Powell into marriage (even though he really hasn’t agreed yet) are standing before the mayor (who is about to perform the ceremony), when she states, “It’ll be over in a minute.”

    How much longer do we have to wait?

  4. JoyfulC

    What would anyone have expected the administration to do differently? Look at the investment in the embassy the US is building in Iraq, and the permanent bases being built around the country. This isn’t just a Republican thing — it crosses both parties. Neither has any intention of leaving Iraq — their corporate bosses won’t let them. The real future challenge for American politicians Is to try to spin this thing in some way as to make it palatable to Americans. Make some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show, because we’re about to see some real drama.

  5. geyser

    Why are they making us wait until September, when we all know what will be said? what will be the only surprise is the excuse to keep our troops in Iraq, even when we are making accomplishments.How will they spin that, to keep the 30% that still backs GWB fat, dumb, and happy? Actually, it won’t take much, that group believes anything he says, while cheney swears to it.
    Let’s face reality and the facts, we will be in Iraq for a very long time. Don’t look for a change in policy if a Democrat takes the White House.
    There is one way and only one way to see a change, A Nation wide revolt. Everything stops for as long as it will take. Alas, that will not happen. We Americans have become to complacent, apathy is are motto.Nobody wants to “Rock the Boat” We are so stuck in a Rut, it would take events of Biblical perportions to wake us up.

    Taking One Day at a Time