Fred Thompson’s powerful wife

Harry S. Truman once said that behind every successful man is “a proud wife and surprised mother in law.”

Presidential candidate in waiting Fred Thompson’s wife is young, pretty and smart and she is alongside her man, not behind him, thank you very much.

Fred Thompson's powerful wife

Man About Town: As a celebrity bachelor during his time in D.C., Thompson had been romantically linked with (left to right) country singer Lorrie Morgan, socialite Georgette Mosbacher, GOP pollster Kellyanne Conway and political columnist Margaret Carlson. But wife Jeri Thompson (far right) is his closest adviser, permitted to hire and fire staff.She wields tremendous influence over her husband’s would-be presidential campaign. But who is Jeri Thompson—and why won’t the campaign discuss her?

[MSNBC Political News]


  1. kanawah

    Just what we need.

    A ventriloquist dummy, dysfunctional actor joining the fray.

    Lord help us, ’cause neither side has anyone worth while running.

  2. allan hirsh

    mr. hirsh
    If the Thompsons lose, they have other options. He can appear on TV; she can be interviewed by Barbara Walters. Ellen Goodman can take up space writing about the new significance of a First Lady. Maybe Hugh Hefner if the would-be first lady wouldn’t mind sharing her class. But let’s see:Thompson’s the presumed candidate. Not a bad actor although limited to character parts, average politician, will fight for the right (to get Bush’s 30%)but he’s not the glamour queen. On looks, Romney has him beat even if Thompson’s wife has Romney’s wife beat due to age, number of children. Many of us have powerful wives. More power to them! I’m thinking of writing my name in for local county Board of ed.; it’s been a while since my wife published anything, but name recognition can only help a write-in.

  3. CheckerboardStrangler

    Is there any point to even bothering to ask if Fred Thompson intends to run the country?
    Like former RNC communications director Cliff May, I’m going to “go with my gut on this one”.

    My gut tells me that Thompson is another shill for the SPP/NAU/NWO elite who see America as a fat calf for the butchering, to be sold off in its component parts to the highest priority creditor.

    Thompson will continue the phony war on terror currently modeled after the war on drugs and sign anything and everything that dissolves what’s left of the Constitution and…he will look, act and swagger in a “prezzyden-shul” manner when doing it…y’all.

  4. JoyfulC

    Sigh! What’s the world coming to when we have no problem with divorced heterosexuals, but can’t stomach married gays?

    Maybe he’s tight lipped about her because he’s not sure she’s a keeper yet. (Or vice versa.)

  5. curtis41

    Mr. Conservative

    Fred Thompson is not yet an official candidate. Virtually ALL of the spouses are playing a greater role in the candidacy and Presidency today. Most comments have been about a trophy wife. Why should Fred Thompson subject her to that any more or longer than he has to? Jeri is clearly involved in his “test of the waters”. Just because a question is asked, it does not mean that the candidate has to answer it, he CAN decide to take that on a little later. I THINK this is still America and has not yet gone socialist on me.