A manager searching for a campaign

Sometimes Senator, sometimes actor Fred Thompson may not be an “official” candidate for President but he has already put a political pro on his staff to be manager of a campaign that, technically, does not yet exist.

Bill Lacy, a power player in Washington, signed on this week to run the campaign that is not yet announced.

Sounds like the decision is made.

A Manager Without a CampaignTwo weeks after Fred D. Thompson shook up his political committee, he announced that he had hired a senior-level campaign-manager-in-waiting, William B. Lacy, a former strategist to Bob Dole and aide to President Ronald Reagan. [Washington News]


  1. pupnannie

    We don’t need another actor or preacher in the White House. We need a leader that we know ISN”T acting or preaching. We have had enough of that in the past. It is time to elect someone who can start taking this nation back in the right direction. Fred Thompson does not fill that bill.

  2. kanawah

    We had one dysfunctional actor; we do not need (or want) another.

    From what I have seen and herd of Freddy, he has pandered to many interest groups that are bad for the country. In some cases he was a paid lobbyist.