Anyone who’s lived and worked in Washington knows the summers are brutal (many foreign embassies give their employees "hazard pay" for serving in the D.C. region). But Atlantic Monthly magazine, which just moved into new digs in D.C. says that’s no excuse to dress appropriately.

According to a memo sent to the staff:

As summertime approaches, we wanted to remind staff of our dress code as stated in our Personnel Policy Handbook:

"Atlantic Media Company currently maintains a "business casual" dress code. Employee dress and personal appearance should be in keeping with standards of good business taste, and should be consistent with the requirements of an individual employee’s work day. Employees are expected to use their best judgment in choosing business clothing that displays a neat and professional image."

Our policy is intentionally vague and does not specifically exclude certain articles of clothing or types of shoes, but we ask that you consider the spirit of the policy and keep in mind that we work in a professional environment. For example: flip-flops, crop tops, tank tops, spaghetti-strap tops, and shorts (to name a few) are not appropriate.

Journalists have never been known for their fashion sense. Guess that fact escaped the suits at the Atlantic.