Several months ago, the FISA court ruled that Team Bush repeatedly and consistently broke the law (contrary to the legal scribblings and recommendations by Alberto Gonzales and his aides- the folks who put anal in analysis) by engaging in warrantless wiretaps, home invasions, and worse without notifying the FISA court and without valid warrants.

Under the old FISA statute, in the case of a national security threat, wiretaps, spying, break-ins and more can take place AND CAN BE MADE LEGAL 72 HOURS after the fact. All they had to do was convince a FISA judge of the threat, and show that the searches and seizures were reasonable. That was not good enough for Bush.

The idea that a court of law specifically stated that they violated the law (and subjecting both Dick Cheney and George Bush to impeachment under what used to be Article II, section IV of that quaint document known as the Constitution) was the cause of a great deal of worry within the White House. But luckily, they had Karl Rove choreograph a perfect response.

First, the White House repeatedly increased security around Congress, a pointed, yet surprisingly effective scare tactic. Seeing heavily armed guards, “protecting” those spineless congresscritters as they slithered into and out of their comfy confines, has a predictable impact on their psyche. And whatever spinal columns they may have left.

Second, the president called in the GOP and met repeatedly with them, advising them of undisclosed threats that were actively growing.

Third, the head of the Intel Services made his necessary scary oratory pronouncements, and the lapdogs in the MSM picked up on them like a dog on a fresh bone.

Fourth, several military and intel talking heads dutifully came out to scare the public, but more imporantly, the congresscritters in repeated private meetings.

The result was predictable. Through fear, threats, and the unmentioned “club” of bad PR, should another attack take place, the Democrat Party of 2007 proved once and for all that the voters were snookered in 2006. After all that hard work, all that time and effort, all that money, sweat and tears, what did we achieve? We replaced a few of the crooks and criminals from the GOP with some spineless, blue dog, DLC-bootlicking bastards of the Democrat Party. In effect, we replaced one set of bastards with an identical horse of a different color.

Once the President signs this vile piece of legislation, guess what happens:

a) wiretapping at the whim of Alberto Gonzales
b) searches at the whim of Alberto Gonzales
c) seizures at the whim of Alberto Gonzales
d) private e-mail collection and reading
e) website usage and visitation records collection
f) lack of any court oversight
g) no need for any court approval
h) no adult supervision over the actions of Intel, FBI and other law enforcment officers
i) no warnings or notices that your government is spying on you.
j) no limitation on how any and all data gathered from you personally can be used.
k) no legal protections against illegal searches and seizures.
l) no legal protections against your being picked up and held indefinitely without charges.
m) no legal protections and no right to see an attorney once you are picked up.
n) no constitutional rights at all – especially if one US attorney or one intel person claims they thought that you posed a national security risk.
o) no protections on your medical and financial data
p) no recourse to the courts, because they will never release to you what data they have mined.
q) no right to impeach Bush or Cheney, because the laws they broke earlier have been made inconsequential.
r) No more 4th amendment

Remember that christmas carol that warned you that that red-nosed fat man knew whether you were naughty or nice? This will be far worse. The scariest part of this fascist legislation is that it will be incrimental. You won’t see any major changes until it is too late. Step by step, drip, by drip, rip by rip, your privacy, your constitutional rights, your future – gone.

If you want to see the face of today’s America, just look to one American citizen, arrested in America, held illegally in America, tortured in America, held without bond in America, held without right to counsel in America, held in dark rooms with no sunlight for months, held in loud, bright rooms with no furniture, clothing for months, and gagged, strapped to tables and left untreated for any medical or mental condition for months.

That American citizen’s name is Jose Padilla. We don’t know what, if any crime, he committed. We don’t know whether he supported terrorists. We don’t know why the US arrested and tortured this American born, American educated, American citizen. But this much we know. His is the face of the new America. His past, present and future is what each and every one of us face from this day forward. What he suffered is what we can now be subjected to in the days to come.

Makes you feel proud to be American, eh?

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