Secret court outlawed Bush’s spy program

A U.S. intelligence court earlier this year secretly struck down a key element of President George W. Bush’s warrantless spying program, The Washington Post reported in its Friday edition.

The decision is one reason Congress is trying to give legal authorization to the spying program in fevered negotiations with the Bush administration this week, the Post reported.

The intelligence-court judge, who remains anonymous, concluded that the government had overstepped its authority by monitoring overseas communications that pass through the United States, the Post said, citing anonymous government and congressional sources.

The Bush administration expanded its surveillance efforts after the September 11, 2001, hijacking attacks, without court oversight. The court was allowed to review the program in January.

The surveillance court judge’s ruling has prevented the National Security Agency from monitoring foreign telephone calls and e-mails that travel through the United States, the Post reported.

House Minority Leader John Boehner, an Ohio Republican, mentioned the court setback on Fox News on Tuesday, drawing a rebuke from House Democratic Caucus Chairman Rahm Emmanuel.

A Boehner spokesman said he did not reveal classified information.

The Democratic-led Congress hopes to reach a deal with the White House in the next few days that would expand the government’s power to eavesdrop on telephone calls and e-mail from abroad.

The effort would modernize the 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which requires court approval to monitor communications with people inside the United States.

The White House wants to bypass the court when spying on overseas foreigners, whether they are communicating with a U.S. citizen or not. Democrats object.


  1. OldFart

    Whats next?

    The Star Chamber…
    Night Watch…
    American version of KGB…
    American version of Gestapo…

  2. Carl Nemo

    What really should cause a “heads-up” for we the people is this ever-so-eager Congress wanting to accommodate this over-reaching, never-ending surveillance nonsense of “we the people” and not offshore terrorists; ie., the “badguys” all the while failing in Iraq and Afghanistan, but they want more surveillance power over us; ie., “we the people…!

    Our Congressmen and Senators have morphed into apparatchiks; ie., a “politburo” that seems to be ever-so-eager to support all these surveillance schemes/scams.

    In these times…”trust no one”…!

    I’ll provide the duty links for folks can contact their duly elected “disappointments”. It’s time you called and simply stated; if you offer anymore support for these mindless surveillance schemes… “you be gone” plain and simple! I’ll vote for anyone before I vote to send you back to Congress or the Senate. As they say, “just do it”! Feel well about yourselves that you’ve fired your thoughtshot across the bow of dreadnaught “Tyranny”…!

    No more Acts, no more laws; ie., nada!!!…nothing more for these evil, “freedoom” destroying, failed, tax-base sucking mattoids that now reside in the Halls of Congress, the Senate or the Executive Branch. If you fail to confront them, then you are doomed for a rollercoaster ride down into the Hell of NWO slavery…!

    Carl Nemo **==

  3. bryan mcclellan

    The words Secret and Court used in the same sentence give me the CREEPS!Whats next, Let the Inquisition begin?