Following the lead of Congress, which in itself is an oxy-moron, I’m taking at least the month of August off from the day-to-day grind at Capitol Hill Blue.

It will be a working vacation. I have a full schedule of events relating to citizen journalism and the future of online journalism, starting with the Media Giraffe Conference in Washington next week and continuing with involvement in a number of citizen’s journalism organizations.

So I’ll be back sometime after Labor Day, or maybe sometime after Halloween, or Thanksgiving, or Christmas, or New Year’s. It depends on how wrapped up I get in this whole citizens’ journalism thing.

I don’t have to worry about Blue as much as I used to. We have three good columnists: Hal Brown, Phil Hoskins and Rob Kazelis who add much needed variety to our site. We have the commentary of Dan Thomasson, Deroy Murdock, Bonnie Erbe, Paul Crisp and others to keep the discussions flowing and we have the talented crew of moderators who keep ReaderRant active as the best discussion board on the Internet.

So I doubt anyone will miss me over the next few weeks. I’ll be active over at Blue Ridge Muse and DougThompson.Com and I’ve got a new community-news site that launches on September 1 so I won’t be vegging out at the beach.

Enjoy what’s left of the summer folks. See you on the flip side.


  1. Doug, CHB is the best in quality postings, news features & editorials, no other site I can think of matches CHB. Don’t make it too much of a working Holiday, you need to re-charge your energy cells.

    And the various folks who post on the rants: Carl Nemo,
    Gene, Kent Shaw, Sandra Price, SEAL & many others, my hat is off to your excellent postings, I am honored to be in your school, you all our truly awesome in your political awareness, observations & historical insights.

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