Now that’s a good idea

Gov. Mitt Romney wants to remake the Department of Homeland Security into something more efficient. That, he says, would require major restructuring.

We have an idea on remaking DHS. Let’s remake it into an artifact of history, one that would remain locked away forever in the dustbin of mistakes of the past.

Romney: Remake Homeland Security Dept.PELHAM, N.H. (AP) — Republican hopeful Mitt Romney complained Wednesday that one of the Bush administration’s chief domestic security accomplishments – the Department of Homeland Security – is inefficient and requires major restructuring…. [Political news from The Associated Press]


  1. Janten

    On the other hand. . .

    Maybe we need to transform DHS . . . into a citizen accountable system to defend us and our homeland against dangers such as imperial presidency, stolen elections, lack of decent disaster relief and . . . Well, you get the idea. It could be a long list.

  2. Jellicoe

    All you need to know to convince you that DHS should be trashed is to remember that the legislation establishing DHS was co-authored by Senator (Bomb the Shit out of Them) Lieberman. Zeig Heil!

  3. Bill Jonke

    Changing the name to something that doesn’t sound like a pro-Nazi/Aryan Supremacy Gestapo unit would be a start.

    Oh, gee, I guess another good idea would be for the DHS to actually do something constructive and beneficial, you know, something that doesn’t put cronies on the payroll for doing nothing.