The numbers are almost beyond understanding. Shocking, scary, and symptomatic of everything wrong with this administration.

30 billion – Israel (including cluster bombs)
20 billion – the House of Saud
15 billion – Egypt

and many more billions for other nations in the region. That is the cost of MILITARY AID we are throwing into a regional war zone. To opposing parties. With differing interests.

This follows a fatally late, fatally flawed and fatally organized plan to have Condi meet with everyone in the region and make peace. As Fem Fatales go, Condi is one of a kind. (luckily for the rest of globe) The ringing silence you hear from the region tells you just how believable this administration is there, and for the most part, the rest of the world.

Considering that this administration has never seen a lie it does not embrace, nor an issue that does not look like a nail in need of a blunt, hardened, heavy, wood-handled instrument of pounding, it is little surprise that as part of its “peace initiative” the first thing that they wield and yield is a hammer. A multi-billion dollar, deadly one, at that.

Before our current era, misnamed as the War on Terra, presidents, military leaders and most of our allies around the world, knew from experience that millitary action was the last resort, not the first. Partly, it was due to their horrific experiences in the field. A fine example is an underestimated president from the 1950s. Eisenhower knew just how it felt to have beloved junior officers die in his arms, how it was to deal with thousands of casualties, and how horrific the whole idea of war truly was. He also recognized the growing power of corporate America and what danger it posed if it joined together with millitaristic pols and leaders.

In some ways, what we face today is a confluence of some of the worst events in our history. Newt Gingrich, never someone to admit failure, and rarely able to recognize that someone else’s idea was far better than his, was the first to push the idea that military force was pointless if it remained unused. The neocons who followed in his path took those ideas to extremes never imagined by us, at the same time that they were greatly feared by our founding fathers. Add to that mix a maniac like Dick Cheney, a lightweight virtual illiterate like George, and a bombastic, insulting screw up like Rumsfeld, and you can imagine the result. Except, they managed to hire and promote some incredibly capable and effective staff, people who followed orders efficiently and effectively, thereby compounding the damage to the military, the country, and yes, even to the world.

Most of America now realizes just how badly served we have been by these cretins of corporatism, these dastards of Defense, these ineffable fools who ignored wise counsel at every turn. We see how terror has actually crystalized and become a far greater problem than the most dire predictions suggested (unless you review the 1999-2001 CIA reports which spelled out in painfully accurate detail what an invasion of Iraq would cause)

Therein lies the problem. The foreign policy of our nation is bankrupt, corrupted, illogical and doomed to failure. Like a trapped, rabid animal, the Bush administration poses a greater threat to America than Al Qaida ever did. Even worse, they still control enough of the puppet strings in congress to get what they want – vastly increased foreign arms sales. Who can profit from this misguided policy? Hmm. The arms dealers, perhaps?

We must ask the basic question: WHY? The Muddle West has been damaged by our officious, incompetent, and corrupted policies. Millions now suffer like never before, hundreds of thousands of innocents are dead, and thousands of US lives are lost. And the answer from Team Bush is to increase the amount of sophisticated arms in the region – to competing and unfriendly powers?

That is not just slightly insane, that is rapture-ready crazy.

If only we had a congress with a spine, willing to stop this madness before we make a horrific situation worse. But we don’t. We owe an apology to the world.

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