Thompson raises $3 million in one month

Possible Presidential candidate Fred Thompson may not be an announced candidate but he has a knack for fundraising, pulling in $3 million in just the month of June.

Imagine what he might do if he actually announced?

Thompson to Report $3 Million for JuneWASHINGTON (AP) — Presumptive presidential candidate Fred Thompson on Tuesday will report raising roughly $3 million in one month for his all-but-certain White House bid, Republican officials said…. [Political news from The Associated Press]


  1. JoyfulC

    In a society so addicted to entertainment, I suppose it’s inevitable that actors who can “play the role” of a leader will succeed. But who knows! Just about anything would be better than the loser son of a powerful, wealthy family who demonstrated his ineptitude in every job his daddy’s connections ever got him.

    I just hope people will make the effort to distinguish between the real man and his real politics and style, and the role he plays on TV.