FBI, IRS raid Senator’s home

Alaska GOP Sen. Ted Stevens, a king of pork barrel politics, is under investigation for taking bribes from an oil-services company.

FBI and IRS agents searched Stevens’ palatial vacation enclave home in Girdwood, Alaska, and seized an undisclosed records.

Agents want to know more about Stevens’ ties to VECO, an oil service company where two executives recently admitted paying $400,000 in bribes to Alaskan lawmakers.

Law enforcement sources say Stevens received bribes from the company.

Reports Reuters:

The FBI and IRS have searched the home of Republican Sen. Ted Stevens in a ski resort in Alaska as part of an investigation into his links with an oil-services company, officials said on Monday.

“All I can really say is we are conducting a search at the residence. We can’t go any deeper into detail than that,” said Dave Heller, spokesman for the FBI in Anchorage.

The FBI and IRS entered the senator’s Girdwood, Alaska home in the early afternoon with a search warrant. Television and news media swarmed the two-story alpine ski lodge in the shadow of Mt. Alyeska while agents combed the grounds.

The longest-serving Republican in U.S Senate history, known for delivering billions of federal dollars to his home state, Stevens in a statement said: “My attorneys were advised this morning that federal agents wished to search my home in Girdwood in connection with an ongoing investigation.

“I continue to believe this investigation should proceed to its conclusion without any appearance that I have attempted to influence the outcome,” it said.

Girdwood is about 40 miles south of Anchorage, the state’s largest city. The vacation enclave is nestled between Turnagain Arm, a glacial-fed body of water, and densely forested mountains.

Stevens, 83, is the subject of a grand-jury investigation into his links with managers of VECO Corp., the state’s largest oil-services company, as well as numerous unrelated fisheries matters.

In May, Bill Allen, then the chief executive of VECO, along with a vice president, Rick Smith, pleaded guilty to several federal corruption charges. The two admitted paying over $400,000 to bribe Alaskan lawmakers.

Allen had been a financial supporter of Stevens’ campaigns and a partner with him on a race horse. He also oversaw a project to remodel Stevens’ Girdwood home in 2000, vetting bills and construction work.


  1. gene

    Oh..no..not another dishonest Sen..a..tor!! I just don’t believe it. No, I haven’t lost my mind, I’m trying hard too though. Now find an “honest” senator and I will….loose my mind from the shock.

  2. Sandra Price

    Senator Stevens is in his 7th 6 year term. Expecting any politician to stay clean that long is asking for corruption. Maybe the people of Alaska to show some intelligence and curiosity about their Representatives. I’ve never been one for term limits before but after the corruption found in D.C. it may be a good idea.

  3. yarply

    Term limits are a bad idea for many reasons. One is that term limits limit the ability of elected officials to do the bidding of thoughs who elected them. It takes time to effect change and when you are only in office for a short time, one can not gain the position needed to effect that change. Second it encourages corruption because the candidate is in office for a short time and thus might as well just get along and go along
    and get what he can. Thirdly, to get into a committee of power one must be in office for awhile and to do so must not be from a state with term limits. Term limit states usually have no say in real issues.
    Fourthly,, if you have a good representative why should a state cut its own throat by limiting his or her service. If you have a senator or congressman who can get things done for the people of his or her state why should he be forced from office by term limits?
    Its silly. If someone is a bad representative vote them out. If a good one then keep them.
    That is why we vote.

    I have not articulated very well the many reasons
    term limits are bad but can assure you that they were not started to increase the power of the people, only to decrease it. These are the people who represent you. Its foolish to get rid of the ones who do a good job.

  4. doctordawg

    Stevens was tipped off! In his statement he says: “My attorneys were advised this morning that federal agents wished to search my home in Girdwood”

    He was given advance warning of the impending raid. He was given time to destroy evidence. This cannot be standard FBI policy.

  5. wolverine

    Say It isn’t so Ted, please say it isn’t so. With all the tragedy and chaos in today’s world if we can’t trust someone like Senator Stevens, who can we trust? Just say it isn’t so. If it is, the world as we know it has just ended.

  6. yarply

    The Federal Baby Incinerators going after a
    senator for taking bribes? Its evident, he has gotten himself on someones shit list. Maybe he didn’t vote the correct way, maybe he said the wrong thing to the wrong person or he is standing in the way of some new “pet project”. This is an old tactic in washington politics. When someone doesn’t play ball,,, send in the fbi for bribery and corruption investigation. Its really sorta comical, because as most know, almost all congressmen and senators are corrupt and take bribes, so why would they pick this one out of all the rest? Time to get a spanking?

  7. shag11

    I hope this slimey bastard under the jail. He wouldn’t allow that 250 million for the “Bridge to Nowhere,” to go to New Orleans instead. He should be incarcerated.

  8. SEAL

    It has been common knowledge for many years that the Stevens family is totally corrupt. The authorities have been after them for a long time. However, the Alaskan voters have continued to return them to office because of the massive amount of federal dollars they have always been able to bring to the state.

    The real joke here is that, even if they do finally get him, the damage is already done and his family will continue to reap the benefits for decades. Also, I’ll bet that his family will continue to be elected and reelected with him in jail. Alaska is not the only state with this condition, either.

    Good or bad government is determined by the voters. It is wrong to blame a long term corrupt politition when the voters keep sending them back.

  9. Jeffrey B.

    Deja vu – all over again? Last year, while visiting Alaska – two things struck me: and airport terminal named after a sitting politician – yup – another Teddy – and a staunch conservative owner of an electronics shop in Juneau – who told me to keep an eye on Stevens – because one day soon – he’d get caught with his pants down – unlike the other Teddy, whose pants usually are.

    It just goes to show you, whether RepublicRAT or Demagogue – they all water out of the same trough. We’re paying for the party(s) – and we don’t even get whistles and hats.

    The people of this nation have been shacked up with Rip Van Winkle for so many years, that they wouldn’t know an honest politician if they saw one. OOPS – that’s an oxymoron.