Paris? PARIS ? ? ? ?

Alberto Gonzales’ lies have become so obvious and painful that even some GOPers are scratching their collective heads and complaining. Other than deadbeats like Orwin Hatch, and a few others, it is clear that the only people who support the AG are the president and the Veep, the two most concerned about what might happen if Gonzo saw that it was bedtime.

In other news, the Chief of the Supremes, Herr Johan Roberts, had yet another seizure, a recurring medical issue that he seems to have withheld from Congress, perhaps even from “sein Führer”. One can only hope that as he recovers, he sees how bad health care choices are for those who do not wear the top nine robes, and how our democratic syste, our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness is far more important than hi painfully obvious personal loyalty to sein Führer will wake him up and make him see the light. Doubtful, though.

Congress, congress, congress. What can you say about a Pelosi-led group of chickenhawks who “DARED” give the poorest of the poor a measly increase in the minimum wage, and now seek a significant increase in their own pay? other than several choice four letter words?
It is hard to believe, but today’s Democrat Party Majority is as bad, if not worse than the GOP majority they replaced. Not only does she and her ineffectual, spineless, useless Hoyerites and DLCers refuse to deal with the most serious issues facing us, not only does she refuse to face up to her constitutional mandate and responsibilities, but she won’t even try to use the most important weapon in Congress’ mandate – the checkbook.

Pat Tillman was probably murdered by his own men. Romney reminds people of a weathervane in a hurricane. McCain is falling faster than my ex’s souffle.

So what are the most important stories in the Main Stream Media?
Hillary’s cleavage
Edwards’ haircut
Paris’ loss of $60,000,000 trust fund.

Face it, we are beyond hope.


  1. SEAL

    If a supreme court justice lies to congress in order to be approved, he must be impeached and removed from the bench. Alito also lied. Congress, do your job.

  2. bony

    You hit the nail on the head about out the minimum wage.
    In Florida the minimum wage is $6.65 x 40 hours a week the worker grosses $1064.00, $12,680.00 per year. In Georgia it is $5.15 for $824.00 for the month, $9888.00 prt year.
    Congress could care less about the people of this nation.
    Asking people to live on $824.00 a month is a crime. How can they live in this economic climate. No wonder there is crime and discontent in America.
    I never thought I would see the country come to this state of affairs.
    Maybe the congress should be paid minimum wage? If they were given a job review like most of us they would be fired.

  3. Jeffrey B.

    Doncha just love it? Paris loses her Trust Fund and her “acting” job on the same day. Send her to CONgress – she couldn’t possibly do worse – and who knows – she might be able to get some pork to help the poor inmates being treated so badly in the L.A. County jails. OOPS – she’s already had the pork.

  4. JerZGirl

    Mr. Kezelis should know that a certain Ron Mills has plagiarized a portion of this article and posted it in his blog as an original writing, changing one word to make it his own. The link for that is:

    Also, I agree with his perspective in this article, but wish it had fewer typos and run-on sentences to make it less confusing at the beginning. That doesn’t mean what it says is wrong. It isn’t.

    Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit.

    Wisdom is knowing not to put it in fruit salad.