The White House accused congressional Democrats on Friday of waging a crusade to bring down U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales after lawmakers sought a perjury probe against him.

The criticism came a day after testimony by FBI Director Robert Mueller raised questions about Gonzales’ credibility under questioning by Democratic lawmakers.

Mueller told a congressional hearing he had serious reservations about a warrantless domestic spying program that Gonzales testified drew little disagreement within the administration.

Ratcheting up the bitter rhetoric between the administration and the Democratic-controlled Congress, White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said Senate Democrats were determined to get Gonzales.

“They have deliberately had this crusade against him to try to destroy the attorney general,” Perino told reporters.

Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer of New York brushed off charges his party was trying to destroy Gonzales. “For sure, he has already destroyed himself,” Schumer said in a statement.

Gonzales has been under attack for months over what Democrats say was the politically motivated firings of U.S. attorneys last year and over his testimony to Congress about the warrantless spying program.

The cases have become a headache for President George W. Bush’s administration, with Congress demanding internal documents and summoning aides to give testimony.

Gonzales has testified “there has not been any serious disagreement” within the administration about its surveillance program, which critics denounced as illegal.

But former Deputy Attorney General James Comey told Congress in May that concerns about the program were voiced at a 2004 meeting and a number officials had threatened to resign. On Tuesday, Gonzales said the wiretapping program was not the topic of that meeting in the hospital room of critically ill Attorney General John Ashcroft.

“The disagreement that occurred … was about other intelligence activities,” Gonzales insisted under questioning. “It was not about the terrorist surveillance program.”

Mueller’s testimony backed up Comey’s version.

Bush spokesman Tony Snow said he believed both Gonzales’ testimony and Mueller’s comments were true.

He said there had been a controversy over intelligence activities but not specifically over the wiretapping.

“I have defined very narrowly what the Terrorist Surveillance Program is. And that has never — the legal basis and the authority of that were never a matter of controversy,” Snow said.

Senate Democrats on Thursday urged that Gonzales be investigated for possible perjury. Several Democrats and Republicans have called on Gonzales to step down.

The senators on Thursday issued a subpoena to senior Bush adviser Karl Rove in their probe of the firing of nine federal prosecutors. The White House, which has said the firings were justified, contends Bush’s executive privilege shields his aides from having to testify.

(Additional reporting by Thomas Ferraro)


  1. JudyB,

    Thanks for your good wishes. I was somewhat sore yesterday but woke up this morning feeling much better. The insurance adjuster called me yesterday morning and told me from the way I described the damages she is 99.9% certain the car will be considered a “total” loss. This will be busy week with calls to make and insurance issues to be dealt with. Needless to say, I will be keeping a “low profile” for the next several days.

    Again, I appreciate your concern and thank you for your good wishes.

    I am just going to keep on keeping on. What else is there to do? Life has to go on in spite of the BS and the things that happen.

  2. Note to Gene…I am so happy that you survived your horrible accident yesterday(Sun.) Yes life is worth living and it often takes something that threatens our lives to make us realize how fragile and precious it is truely is. Stay in your survival mode” and continue posting on CHB..I love reading your rants & raves! None of us should ever allow for even a moment any government from making us want to live…the bastards in charge are not worth it no matter who they are!

  3. Well, one thing is for sure…

    …we know the Bush Regime is consistent in their lying, their deceiving, their propaganda, and consistent in holding a steady stream of piss down our backs why they continue to tell us it’s raining (tap line of my blog)! Oh yes. I’ve never seen so many people in ONE White House tell me, “Look! A birdie! Look at the pretty birdie! Come here birdie! The American people want to see you! Pretty, huh American people!?!”, to just divert our attention away.

    Effing tired of them all and would prefer to see all of them rounded up and bound for prison.

  4. This is off-topic, and I hope a moderator catches it and doesn’t let it go through, but I’m going this route because I can’t figure out any other way to send an email to Doug / the editors (probably an “oversight” on my part). I can’t find any mention on the site of the allegations that slave labor was used in the construction of the US Embassy in Iraq, per the testimony of Mr. Rory Mayberry before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform on Friday. Would someone please either point me to the commentary on this topic or, if none yet exists, take it up and try to determine what really happened? Here is the link to the youtube entry for Mr. Mayberry’s opening statement:

  5. Thanks Helen, I can’t take credit for that one though,it’s been around since God was a boy….

  6. Well next week is now here so eveyone be careful out their is “crazy land” USA. I will be watching the stocks. This subprime lending crap which was cut up into ridiculous investment instruments and sold to pension funds, insurance companys, states, banks and other financial institutions by hundreds of hedge funds is spreading throughout the financial world like a virulent cancer. This insatiable desire to get rich with out hard work is crashing down around these very foolish people. Will be interesting to watch as it progresses.

  7. I read that article (LFTL). This nation is deaf, dumb, and blind with the exception of a few. Of course these evil bastards that pretent to be our leaders and talk about justice are aware also, thats why their premeditated (criminal) actions continue.

  8. It seems obvious to all that have been paying attention, that Gonzales has committed perjury. The problem is (as has already been stated) most Americans are not paying attention. For most American citizens “Their Government” is a distant entity in which they have no say. And, sadly for the most part after we have cast our votes, we don’t have anything to say about what goes on in Congress or the White House. With this administration the blatent abuse of power and constant lying by Bush/Cheney have caused the masses to become aware do to their bogus reasons for war, but again, they feel they are powerless to do anything about it…and “THEY” have been right thus far. The ONLY thing that will cause the majority of Congressman to act on his constituants behalf, is the fear of not being re-elected. I would like to applaud all those who have sought to get the truth told and the guilty punished….However, All of this investigating will most likely be meaningless because we have a “Decider ‘N Chief” who will not allow his henchmen to testify under oath or on record..and if one of “HIS OWN(ed)” gets caught perjuring they will be pardoned and their punishment erased. So, as I see it, we “Our Government” when it comes to paying the bills but we have a voice ONLY on election day (and I’m not too sure about that since the 2000 election)

  9. Since all the good comments

    …were already posted, I’ll just say –



  10. Don’t forget that these are the folks who outed a covert CIA agent. Plus they put up two Supreme Court Justices with a snow job/FUD that even Sen. Spector is now looking at.

    Don’t forget that Prescott Bush and high friends in business wanted to make the US Fascist back in the 1930’s. BBC report and

    Looks like It Can’t Happen Here was actually reading someone’s mail.’t_Happen_Here

  11. Bryan — OMG! I’m ROFLMAO — “…if my dog had wheels he’d be a F*#%ing wagon …”

    Brilliant and so damned funny.

    Thanks for the belly laugh! 😉

  12. One of the democrat congressmen summed it up today when he said, “If you kicked a republican in the heart, you would break your toe.” I think that pretty well describes the problem.

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