Senate ramps up pressure on Bush

Democrats Thursday demanded a perjury probe against embattled US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, as the Senate whipped up a new legal row by subpoenaing White House political guru Karl Rove.

The double-pronged assault came as a senator investigating a scandal over fired federal prosecutors said President George W. Bush was guilty of Nixon-style obstruction, prompting an angry White House counter-attack.

Gonzales, one of Bush’s closest aides, faced new demands for his resignation, and took another blow as the director of the FBI contradicted an element of his testimony during a tense Senate committee hearing this week.

The Senate Judiciary Committee issued subpoenas against Rove and Scott Jennings, deputy White House political director, to compel testimony in a row over prosecutors who Bush critics say were fired for political reasons.

A group of Democratic senators meanwhile asked Solicitor General Paul Clement to open a perjury probe into Gonzales’s testimony during his Senate grilling on Tuesday.

“The attorney general took an oath to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth,” said Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer.

“Instead, he tells the half-truth, the partial truth and everything but the truth — and he does it not once, not twice, but over and over and over again.”

At the center of the latest storm is a March 2004 meeting between White House aides and lawmakers and a visit to the bedside of the then-seriously ill attorney general John Ashcroft, while Gonzales was a White House official.

Gonzales maintains the meeting addressed “intelligence activities” that were under legal dispute and has denied it focused on warrantless wiretaps.

But FBI Director Robert Mueller appeared to contradict that, in testimony before the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee on Thursday, saying it was a discussion on an NSA (National Security Agency) program “that has been much discussed,” referring to the wiretap operations.

The Rove subpoena landed a day after the House Judiciary Committee issued contempt of Congress citations against White House chief of staff Joshua Bolten and ex-legal counsel Harriet Miers, after they ignored subpoenas arising from the prosecutors row.

Bush barred their testimony by invoking executive privilege, a doctrine allowing him to keep documents and testimony secret if he deems it necessary to the functioning of the presidency, but Democrats say that smacks of a cover-up.

The White House accused Democrats in Congress of using the row to score political points.

“Every day this Congress gets a little more out of control — a new call for a special prosecutor, a new investigation launched, a new subpoena issued, an unprecedented contempt vote, and an old score somehow settled,” said deputy press secretary Tony Fratto.

The White House has made various offers for officials to speak to the committee, but not under oath, but Democrats say they don’t trust them to tell the truth about the firing of the nine prosecutors.

“It is obvious that the reasons given for the firings of these prosecutors were contrived as part of a cover-up and that the stonewalling by the White House is part and parcel of that same effort,” said Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Patrick Leahy.

“Not since the darkest days of the Nixon administration have we seen efforts to corrupt federal law enforcement for partisan political gain and such efforts to avoid accountability,” he said, referring to Richard Nixon, the president who stepped down over the Watergate scandal in 1974.

“There is a cloud over this White House and a gathering storm.”

But the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Arlen Specter, who concurred with the subpoenas to Rove and Jennings, said that the call for a special prosecutor to examine Gonzales was going too far.

“I think that Senator Schumer has made a practice of politicizing this matter,” Specter told reporters.

“Senator Schumer’s not interested in looking at the record, he’s interested in throwing down the gauntlet and making a story in tomorrow’s newspapers.”


  1. Stoney13

    Oh, my Brothers, and Sisters! I am truly and sincerely trying to avoid all those wonderful, cleansing words that I have sworn not to type here in angry capitol letters, but It is a difficult thing, dear souls! And I am sorely tested in body and spirit, both!

    I will not type @#$%%%$#!, or %$#@@@*&, nor will I call our President a mother-%$#^% idiot! Neither will I declare Karl Rove the $%#%%$#@ piece of %%#* that I know him to be! But it is hard, people! It is indeed hard!

    But I’m of joyous continence this fine day! Because I know that at 8;00 PM, Kieth Olbermann will once more appear on my television set, and speak the words that make me grin that special grin that makes my wife hide all the firearms and sharp implements!

    And I know deep in my heart of hearts, that when the fecal material does indeed make forceful contact with the air circulation device, Brother Doug shall speak on it in his special way, which will salve my soul, and again make me vote for Libertarians!

    Let the people say YEEEAAAAASSS!!!!
    Stoney Browning

  2. Sandra Price

    I’m watching you Gene! You know I’ve got your back in case of trouble. I do have another life other than this one and occasionally have to leave the asylum. We can’t impeach Bush but we can watch him kick himself in the ass at every opportunity! Yahoo!

    We do have a great group here and I’m delighted to read all the articles and replies.

  3. ekaton

    Cynic that I am, even I have noticed a certain attempt to keep commentary on an other than personal basis, with more emphasis on articulate expression and less upon epithet.

    erm… in my humble opinion…

    — Kent Shaw/ekaton

  4. gene

    Well Sandra (that!!!) same lady came walking back today and I saw her so I ran out to ask her if she was a “political wizard”…well, she took off running and screaming…I think it sounded like “Oh God, help me please!!”. Now I’m praying the (police} don’t show up at my front door.

    Mabe it had something to do with the fact I had just stepped out of the shower and was not completely dressed. Can’t think of everything, I mean we all make misstakes.

  5. ekaton

    And I know deep in my heart of hearts, that when the fecal material does indeed make forceful contact with the air circulation device, Brother Doug shall speak on it in his special way, which will salve my soul, and again make me vote for Libertarians!

    didja want a AMEN?!?!


    — Kent Shaw/ekaton

    (‘ekaton’ translates to ‘one hundred’ in greek, btw)

  6. geyser

    In reply to Ms. Helen Rainier.

    I was moved by your words. The world has changed greatly since the 70s especially, The United States of America. I entered the Military during Viet nam. What hasn’t changed is the act of war. Why it was never declared, I still don’t know. Calling it a Police Action was the height of, I don’t know, it just never made sense to me.
    I served four years of active duty in the Navy. Upon my release, I came back to the protests and demonstrations and no, I was not spat on or called a Baby Killer.
    Fast forward to 2000 and the country actually was in a fog. I watched as bush was given the presidency, I turned to my wife and said, “That man scares me”
    From day one he started to dismantle the greatest country in the world. Not one person raised a hand or spoke loud enough to stop him.
    He frenzied the people into this war,with his lies and cohorts echoing him. At least it didn’t take very long to uncover the truth and find him out. The problem was, it took to long to get a majority to turn on him. By then it was too late to stop him, he had won the reelection which was the turning of the knife.
    He and the others in the administration were able to keep portions of the people off balance, using the Fear Factor, fighting them over there and not here, to keep the war going.
    Now that he is in the final two years of his term, he is looking for anything to make his legacy legitimate.
    The truth should come out once he leaves office. Maybe then, the small number of die hard bush supporters will open their eyes, see the truth of how he manipulated them with the lies, the false dangers and tainted evidence.
    He will be gone but, his ways and what he did, will be with us for many years.

    Taking One Day at a Time

  7. denroth

    Bush’s obstructionist ways are precisely the same as Nixon’s. That doesn’t mean that he’s exactly like him in all ways. He (Nixon) had a myriad of faults, but being a blithering imbecile wasn’t one of them. Having said that, I loathed the man. He was elected in ’68 on the promise that he’d end the war in Vietnam immediately. Instead, and against the will of the people, he escalated the war, and let it drag on for several more years… inventing reasons to justify it. Hey wait a minute, maybe Bush IS just like Nixon!

    When we finally pulled out of Vietnam, we did so in disgrace. One of the things that makes Bush worse, is that instead of learning the lessons of Vietnam, he went ahead and got us involved in another unjustified, unwinnable war… this time in Iraq. Even worse than that, he did it for all the wrong reasons and by inventing false evidence to do so. This man (Bush) is pure, unadulterated evil. His use of his religion to justify so many of his actions, foreign and domestic, is going to reserve him a special place in hell… perhaps his very own wing! I sincerely doubt that God enjoys being used as a “shill”!

    Oh, and BTW, the only reason Richard (aka Tricky-Dicky) Nixon resigned was that he knew that had he’d remained in office he would have most definitly been impeached. That would have been the ultimate humiliation for that paranoid, arrogant S.O.B!

    Dennis Roth (NYC)

  8. LurkingFromTheLeft

    Okay – so you have

    …all of our backs –

    …but if I were you, I’d want to be CORRECT and not ‘right’ –

    …that’s a bad bad word! –

    …thanks for your comments and for your efforts –

    LFTLeft 😉

  9. Sandra Price

    LFTL, I’m watching the whole chicken coop. I must confess I had a crying weeping screaming fit when I could not read the replies on the home page. I begged and pleaded with Doug to bring back this function. I think he hated to see an old lady crying and it worked! I’ve known him a long time and he knows I’m usually right although I don’t expect him to admit it! He is a 24 carat jewel.

  10. LurkingFromTheLeft

    Yes we do –

    …and we need to thank Doug again for keeping the comments function open – I can’t tell you how much I missed that when it was gone – and how much more I needed to drink –

    …so you watch Gene – Gene keeps his eye on me – and LOTS much watch Sandra! –


  11. ekaton

    “We can’t impeach Bush but we can watch him kick himself in the ass at every opportunity!”

    Sadly, to be a realist, I am forced to agree.

    Love ya Sandra. You are generally well thought out and logical whether we see eye to eye or not.

    — Kent Shaw/ekaton

  12. gene

    Dam (Stoney13) you had me standing up singing “sweet Jesus”.
    I’m almost (60) and for a moment I felt like I was (20) again. I think you miss-spelled *&%%$$$%^&&&**((&^ that should be…^^%%$#@**&&^^%$….thats OK, I can’t spell either. Neither can someone I know who drinks (wine).

  13. LurkingFromTheLeft

    Hey…I take offense to that one…

    …what did I spell incorrectly? –

    …I’m a Virgo and will not be able to live with myself if I can’t find it and fix it! –


  14. long_rider

    If the FBI were to be honest, and created a new list of the most sought after PUBLIC enemies, Osama would be about 125th on the list. The other 124 persons would reside within the chimps administration.

    I wonder how many Americans really suppoer impeaching the chimp, and co-president?

  15. Helen Rainier


    I am very touched by your words. And, as a Vietnam Era vet, but not a Vietnam War vet, I want to personally thank you for your service — as I do to each and every vet here.

    I live in Tacoma WA with two active military bases in the immediate area — Ft. Lewis and McChord AFB. In fact, the “special” person in my life — whom I met at Bragg in the mid-70s, is also a Vietnam War vet (he was SF there and later was one of the first members of Delta), retired from Ft Lewis.

    Somehow, against all the odds, we managed to stay in touch over the years. A couple years ago when I realized I had to make major changes in my life (to remove myself from a very bad marriage and where to move to) I decided to move out here. Had been thinking about doing it for almost 25 years but life just got in the way.

    Bottom line here: He and I are seeing each other again — when he’s here. He works out of state for several months a year and it is almost like being in the Army again all those years.

    At any rate, I run into active duty folks nearly every day and every time I do, I take a few minutes to talk with them and thank them for serving this country and for the sacrifices they and their families make every single day.

    It always seems to catch them unawares and they very humbly say thank you. It always moves me tremendously and a lot of times I break up and find it difficult to speak without developing a lump in my throat and my voice cracking with emotion.

    Same thing happens when I go to the Puget Sound VA medical care facilities. By god, if our government is going to give a damn about our vets, I can at least tell them that I care about them and that I support them wholeheartedly.

  16. Steve Horn

    I forgot about Polk …

    I think that W’s portrayed arrogance is a defense – he’s just not bright enough to comprehend opposing points of veiw, so he refuses to consider them.

    Let’s face it, incredible steps are taken to keep people who question W’s actions or motives as far away from him as possible. I suspect this is because his handlers know that W can neither substantiate nor explain what he says or does without a script. Bush is, in the worst sense the phrase, a talking head.

    George must be terrified of something happening to Rove. Before Rove entered his life George failed at everything he tried. While he may, in reality be failing as President, I’m certain that KKKarl keeps assuring him that he’s doing a great job, and that’s all Bush needs to hear, because he knows KKKarl is a smart guy.

    This could explain his “I’m the decider” bullshit – if he can portray himself as the absolute ruler of America then he doesn’t need to explain anything to anyone. The only fly in the ointment for him is that damn constitution – freaking thing is always getting in the way!



  17. Wayne K Dolik

    One contemporary comparison between Bush and Nixon is certainly the events that lead to the resignation of Richard Nixon. History tells us that it was a bi-partisan effort that brought Nixon down. In other words Republicans and Democrats joined together in outrage to condemn the cover-up. This must happen again to save this Republic if we are to save the Constitution and our standing in the World.

    Nixon has been characterized by his paranoia while Bush is characterized by arrogance and lies. Furthermore Nixon was reasonably honest. Read Nixons great “Silent Majority”. It has withstood the test of history. Unlike Bush, Nixon made every effort to tell the public the truth. Nixon did more for the Common Man through legislation than most Democrats. Bush has not. And, unlike Bush, Nixon ended the war of his day. Bush will not.

    Therefore, there is a Presidency in history that runs parallel to the Bush Presidency. This points out one of the first false flag operations by a President of the United States. This President was James K Polk. Polk in his arrogance wanted to expand U.S. territory into Mexico. So Polk ordered American forces into Mexico on a raid. Polk alleged that these forces (who were killed in Mexico) were killed on United States soil. Polk had help from the Press. Does this sound familiar? The Mexican War of 1846-48 was on. This war with Mexico was the Iraq war of the time. The big lie!

    Young Abraham Lincoln newly a member of the House of Representatives was the voice in opposition to this falsely provoked war. Lincoln demanded Polk tell the truth to the American People about what really happened. Lincoln said, “ Let him answer fully, fairly, and candidly. Let him answer with facts, and not with arguments. Let him remember he sits where Washington sat, and so remembering, let him answer, where Washington would answer.” Lincoln also suggested that Polk was crazy on many occasions. In the end Polk acted arrogant like Bush and lied like Bush and thus Lincoln questioned Polks sanity. Herein, lies a better comparison to the Bush Presidency. Arrogance, and more lies to go to war were trademarks of the Polk Presidency. So too with Bush.

  18. ekaton

    “In the end Polk acted arrogant like Bush and lied like Bush and thus Lincoln questioned Polks sanity. Herein, lies a better comparison to the Bush Presidency. Arrogance, and more lies to go to war were trademarks of the Polk Presidency. So too with Bush.”

    Well done, Wayne.

    Bush’s sanity is in question.
    So, whom shall judge?
    In my arrogance, I shall.
    And, after all, who am I to second guess Lincoln.

    George Walker Bush is certifiable.


    — Kent Shaw/ekaton

  19. gene

    “Bush is, in the worst sense the phrase, a talking head.”

    Now thats funny Steve. It explains some issues I was perplexing over. He’s just a talking head. WOW!! now why didn’t (I) think of that. Genius Steve pure genius.

  20. LurkingFromTheLeft

    Because of the…

    …ativan silly –

    …you hadn’t taken enough YET –

    …hmmm – Yale is close to Rhode Island where The T Heads did form –

    …yes – he is a genius – and genius enough NOT to run for prez –

    …we’ve tried to talk him into it –

    …CORRECT Sandra? –


  21. Helen Rainier


    I think Bush is a talking asshole.

    Seems to me that calling him a talking head is giving him credit for a modicum of intelligence, and he has, most certainly, NEVER displayed any remote modicum of intelligence.

    Just my opinion! 😉

  22. Helen Rainier


    To be perfectly honest, I don’t give a rodent’s rear end about Bush’s fragile ego.

    I don’t care if it’s his ego, or a defense mechanism.

    He’s had such a pampered, spoiled life that I have a difficult time feeling much compassion or pity for him.

    He could pull himself up his bootstraps, as I’m sure each of us here has had to do.

    The simple fact that is operative here is that Bush has done nothing to fulfill the obligations of his Oath of Office. For god’s sake, the guy whimped out on a 4-year TX Air National Guard tour and he “cut and ran.” That’s pretty damned disgusting to those of us who have served with distinction and honor.

    And he’s still a yellow-bellied coward with a long white stripe down the middle of his back.

    Paris Hilton has more gonads than Bush! ( 😉 )

  23. gene

    Dam Helen your good, real good. Thats the same reasons I joined and spent over 20 years active duty. Vietnam, even spent several months in Iraq. Had to be avac back to the states for (medical reasons)…..and NO (LFTL) it was’t mental. Had plenty of “MENTAL” issues before I ever left. Respiratory, couldn’t breath….dam near killed me.

  24. Helen Rainier


    I am in agreement with your comments. I was still rather young (middle school) when the Nixon/Watergate scandal broke. However, the Bushies are managing to make Nixon (in comparison) look like Mother Theresa.

    In my life, I never, ever thought I would witness such an incompetent and dangerous administration (and all of its henchpeople) than the domestic enemies who are currently squatting and masquerading as leaders of this country.

    I grew up as the child of a World War II veteran (ETO) and his wife and my beliefs about what America is all about is based on what they told me America stood for. That is one of the reasons WHY I chose to enlist in the US Army in the mid 70s: because, like my father, I wanted to serve my country and do so honorably. It seemed the least I could do and it was also something I wanted to do to honor both my father and mother and the sacrifices they made for this country during one of the most dangerous times in history — the overtaking and occupation of large parts of the world by Nazi Germany and Japan.

    What I have seen happen to this country at the hands of the Republicans and the Bushies leaves me pissed off, frustrated, full of visceral hatred, and disgust by the way they have dishonored the legacy, credibility and former glory of the United States of America.

    Your comments re comparing Bush to Nixon are dead-on target and I stand proudly with you.

    Proud US Army Veteran
    Vietnam Era

  25. ekaton

    “…he thinks he’s Harry Potter” — LFTL

    I generally like the way you think LFTL. But in this case I ask your pause. “thinks”, sir? Mr. Bush KNOWS he is a true wizard with a direct line to God. A true Muhammed for his time.

    Sorry, LFTL, I don’t mean to be generally disagreable.

    — Kent Shaw aka ekaton

  26. keith

    Mr Fratto…..this isn’t an “out of control Congress”…it is a Congress that is FINALLY starting to exercise the critical oversight duties we elected them to do!

  27. LurkingFromTheLeft

    Yes – correct –

    …and by then, the cork will be pulled –

    …and the wine will take over –


  28. Sandra Price

    Gene, you are starting to sound like a manic skeptic. That woman who just walked by your window might be a political wizard. Did she look in? Did she smile? I would have!

    I think this mess with Bush is a hoot. He loses image daily with his actions and non actions. He can do nothing right. Leave the poor loser alone.

  29. Steve Horn

    For all his flaws, I think the comparison to Nixon is unfair. To Nixon. Nixon may well have been a drunk, a fool and a liar, but he did get us out of Vietnam and he did do the decent thing and step down when his troubles became so public that it was getting nearly impossible for the business of governing the nation to be accomplished by congress.

    I see the current administration as being far worse than any that I can recall when it comes to trampling on the constitution, legal obstruction and, lets face it, starting two wars, one (Afghanistan), perhaps justfied in part by the terror attacks of 9/11, perhaps. The other (Iraq) totally unjustified, except through greed and avarice on the part of Bush and his pals in the oil industry.

    Now, let me make this perfectly clear (grin) – I’m no fan of RM Nixon, but he did sign my Eagle Scout award, so let’s cut him a break and stop using his administration in conversations about Bush. The current administration has got to be the worst in the history of our nation – it has no near equal.



  30. Sandra Price

    This whole story about subpoenaing Rove is better than Impeachment of Bush/Cheney. It puts the White House on the defensive with all of us watching to see what they do next.

  31. LurkingFromTheLeft

    Yes it is

    …although we know Dumbass The 43rd will tell him he doesn’t have to go –

    …EP and all –

    …I do have hopes of THIS card being the one that brings down the house of cards they’ve built –

    …probably used laminated pieces of The Constitution –

    …after all, it isn’t worth much more in Chimp In Charge’s opinion –

    …and NO, I’ve not hit the wine already this morning – just have had a pretty good day thus far –


  32. gene

    Well the circus continues with new freak shows everyday now. It is entertaining in a (sick) kind of way. Stock market probably will continue too head south and prices on food and gas north. Each day is “the good old day” until the real shit finally connects with the real fan.


    Oh…just saw a lady walking by my window (I suspect exercising). Wonder if she is aware of any of this incrediable “stuff”? I would speculate she probably doesn’t know a dam thing, especially if all she does is watch Fox news or even the local news which is a joke.

  33. Stoney13

    To Helen and Gene,

    For your sacrifice and service to this country, you have my sincere thanks! And for the ignorance and apathy shown towards the veterans of this country when dealing with the medical and emotional issues confronting them, I am truly, deeply, and profoundly sorry.

    Stoney Browning

  34. LurkingFromTheLeft

    Yes she is…

    …maybe she and Steve can find the answer to why only the best and brightest minds interested in saving our US Butts are here on CHB? –

    …and why too few others want to try and do SOMETHING to fix the mucking fess we’ve got in DC? –

    …oh, will that wine taste great tonight –


  35. gene

    Stoney13 (above)..thankyou so much for those kind words. Even though I served, I ask nothing and still consider myself blessed beyond what words could ever express. I saw horror and lived it for a while, many live it for a life time. Those are the real herrors in my heart of hearts. I wish to God I could change the world into love instead of all this suffering. ALL I can say is “I care” and will continue to do whatever I can when ever I can to help…..period.

    And (LFTL) don’t start crying when you read this, if you do.

  36. LurkingFromTheLeft

    Oh I read it…

    …but I want to know what herrors are? –

    …I have himrors in my life –

    …as for crying, I do that quite well thank you –

    …thinking of having it made an Olympic sport – I could SOOOO be on the team –


  37. Helen Rainier


    I would like to add my thanks to Gene’s for your kind words.

    I think most of us who have served in the military did so not for thanks or glory, but out of a sense of patriotism and a sense of love for what we believed then were the moral values of this country and for the US Constitution.

    As such, when we raised our right hands and took our Oaths of Enlistment we swore to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies — foreign and domestic.

    I can only speak for myself, but I believe most of the vets here will agree, that our country is now under attack from the worst enemy — the Domestic Terrorists who have been methodically and systemically destroying our Constitution and our civil rights as envisioned and immortalized by our Founding Fathers through the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution itself.

    That is why WE keep on speaking out and up and we carry on with our Oath to protect and defend the Constitution from the Domestic Enemy.

  38. LurkingFromTheLeft

    My bad…

    …I neglected to he “thinks” –

    …for lack of some quotation marks, the KINGdom was lost –

    …or reference Bushian Logic –

    …jumbo shrimp –

    …as for liking the way I think –

    …with wipe of her brow and cleavage heaving sigh of relief, I’m glad you chose the word THINK for my efforts –


    P.S. I tend to like the way you think as well – and I’m usually pretty agreeable myself!