Bush wants to rebuild nuclear arsenal

The White House wants Congress to fund US nuclear missile updates to dissuade possible attacks from countries such as Iran and North Korea, according to a government report released Wednesday.

“Credible US nuclear capabilities and our security commitment to allies remain an indispensable part of deterrence and an important element in our effort to limit proliferation,” said the report prepared by the Departments of Energy, Defense and State.

“The future security environment is very uncertain, and some trends are not favorable,” it said, pointing to North Korea and Iran as countries whose nuclear programs “underscore the importance of US security guarantees.”

The document sent to Congress, titled National Security and Nuclear Weapons: Maintaining Deterrence in the 21st Century, recalls that in 2001, President George W. Bush ordered reduced by 2012 the number of strategic nuclear weapons from 6,000 to between 2,200 and 1,700.

The Bush administration estimates that that number of nuclear weapons, while smaller than the Cold War arsenal, is sufficient, but says that the weapons must be modernized.

“The United States needs to invest in the Reliable Replacement Warhead program.

“The sooner Congress authorizes and funds transformative replacement programs … the sooner the United States and its allies can realize the benefits this approach holds for maintaining a credible and effective deterrent with the lowest possible level of nuclear weapons,” it said.


  1. SEAL

    This request from Bush should scare the hell out of congress and cause them to run as fast as they can to impeach the bastards. If they have any sense at all they will cut off all funding for the war in Iraq and just sit back and let the fools in the White House scream about it. Considering their beligerence in the events of the past couple of months, there is no doubt that the time has come to shut these maniacs down. They have openly declared that they are above all law and answerable to no one. We absolutely cannot have that.

    Congress must draw a line in the sand and tell all the members to declare themselves as being on the side of America or the anti-american regime Bushco has created. This is not about politics or parties anymore. It is about the survival of our nation. This is a war between the people of the nation and the Bush administration.

  2. gene

    “rape the country”….rape is surely the correct word and I don’t think we have seen anything yet. Congress should have (how many times have I heard that) STOPED this white house gain of criminals months ago. Bush’s whole family is part of a massive (evil) scheme to control the world. I’ve heard that power is corrupting and absolute powere corrupts abolutely. Welcome to the new Germany.

  3. Caine

    This is absolutely nuts!!
    They use Iran and North Korea as the threats to push this agenda? How stupid! It’s not like any clear enemy is going to nuke us, so why would we even needs to update our nukes now?

    This is all so that Bush’s MIC buddies can rape the country even harder than they have already. And, our complicit congress and senate will go right ahead and authorize it, even though the democratic majority should be able to stop it. But they won’t because they are getting their cut of the pie as well.

    Who is carrying the word of the people any more? No one!!!

  4. Helen Rainier

    Why, pray tell, should we do this? This is completely assinine. Don’t we have enough nuclear missiles already? If it’s a matter of outdated technology, revamp and retrofit the existing technology.

    And another concern: What will be done with the nuclear waste in throwing out what we currently have?

    For the love of common sense, we already have a problem with what to do with nuclear waste. No one wants it?

    Why add to the problem when we don’t have a solution of how to dispose the nuclear waste we already have?

    More dunderheaded thinking from dunderheaded non-thinkers.

  5. gene

    Well this should make the Russians happy. Start of “cold war” number two.

    Has honesty, truthful, sensible, mature, caring behavior been lost forever on this planet? Starting to really look that way. What next?

  6. Electric Bill

    My question is, at whom does he want to aim his new nukes ? Blue states, the NYT, NBC or maybe Comedy Central? Just as the only real threat to American liberty comes from the Bush Administration and the Republican National Committee, the only real way to get these tyrants out of office is for the people to rise. We complain, but let’s try deluging our elected representatives with letters (real letters, not e-mail) demanding the removal of Bush/Cheney. I doubt the repugs will do much with it, but it may just stiffen the dem’s backbones sufficiently. It may not work, but it is a first step and one we won’t regret having done if it doesn’t work.

  7. Carl Nemo

    We’re broke as a nation; 9.7 trillion in debt with another 55 trillion facing us in projected shortfalls concerning Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and government pension funding. The housing debacle is going to cost this nation trillions in bailout indebtedness; again, money we do not have. Meanwhile all the crooked, sub-prime lenders made their money up front and also with the massive business loss write-offs they’l pass on to the American taxpayer. The average American household has $7500 in CC debt hanging over their heads. America’s corporations are awash in “red ink”. The party is over folks.

    I’m waiting to hear the shearing crunch of this financial iceberg as it rips the USS America from bow to stern. Btw there’s no Captain or crew onboard. The Captain and his closest henchmen are partying hearty on the “ranch” in Paraguay and the crew; i.e, the House, the Senate, and the Supremes have no doubt vacated D.C. to their very safe retreats wherever that might be. “We the People” will be left holding an empty financial bag and our bodybags too no doubt…!

    All I can say is the MIC has the Bushistas strung-out on wasteful defense spending as a pimp has his hookers strung-out on crack cocaine or heroin… :))

    North Korea hasn’t produced a single, simple fission device nor has Iran, but these mattoids want us to gear up playing the cold war again. Even their insane anti-missile shield is another boondoggle. Both Korea, Iran and any other rogue entity “know” if they so much as try to use a simple fission device that they risk having their nation being turned to “green glass”. If all the money being wasted on useless defensive and offensive MIC pull toys was spent on U.S. infrastructure; i.e, roads, bridges, schools and the implementation of a national program to free us from the hegemony of oil, then we’d have something to show for our tax money. Instead this continuing saber-rattling and Iraqi style adventurism has brought and bought nothing but poverty for this once great nation.

    I watched the so-called YouTube debates the other night?! Between the lame candidates and what I witnessed of the questioning electorate via YouTube, all I can say is we are witnessing the “twilights last gleaming” for this once great nation. Get ready down below…!

    Carl Nemo **==

  8. lexiedogmom

    Lexie Homewood
    Well, that’s sure going to make me sleep better at night! W with a brand new shiny nuclear arsenal.

  9. ekaton

    If the United States uses nuclear weapons without first being attacked with nuclear weapons I shall go literally berserk. I don’t know what shape or form it will take but it will not be pretty.

    — Kent Shaw