Attorney General Alberto Gonzales returned to Capitol Hill Tuesday and did what he always does when he testifies before Congress.

He lied.

Gonzales lies so often that reporting the fact that he lied is no longer news. If the attorney general’s lips are moving, you can bet he’s lying.

His latest around of lies, claiming he didn’t brief lawmakers about a terrorist surveillance program directly contradicts a four-page memo from the office of the national intelligence director’s office shows Gonzales did, in fact, discuss the program with eight Congressional leaders.

Angry Senators, including Republican Arlen Specter, say they may need a special prosecutor to bring Gonzales to justice for perjury.

Yeah, right.

It is a fact that Gonzales lies. It is also a fact that nothing will be done about it because the Congress of the United States of led by a Democratic party that talks a big game but can’t deliver in the clutch.

Gonzales has been caught lying so many times that he should have lost his job months ago. Yet here he is, returning to the Hill to lie some more.

Over in the House, the Judiciary Committee voted to cite former White House Counsel Harriet Miers and White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolton for contempt for refusing to testify about the politically-motivated firings of U.S. attorneys.

Big deal. The White House has already announced that it will not allow the Justice Department to investigate any such contempt nor will the Department be allowed to enforce the will of Congress.

Yes, there’s a pattern here. Congress blows a lot of hot air. President George W. Bush goes on his merry way.

Congress votes to being the troops home from Iraq. Bush vetoes the bill. It goes back to the hill but Democrats don’t have the votes to sustain a veto.

Congress passes a law Bush doesn’t like. He amends the bill with a “signing statement” that he says allows him to ignore any provision of the bill he doesn’t like. Over the last six years, Bush has found a lot of things he doesn’t like in bills coming out of Congress and amended more of them through “signing statements” than any President in history.

Congress bitches and moans but does nothing.

The courts find Bush’s action in his domestic spying program unconstitutional. Bush ignores the court ruling and proceeds. The court does nothing.

In six years Bush – aided and abetted by Vice President Dick Cheney and the politically devious Karl Rove – has turned the Presidency into an absolute monarchy that answers to no one – not Congress, not the courts, not the Constitution and certainly not the people.

Congress moans and frets and does nothing. Some Democratic House members want to impeach Bush and Cheney. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says no, impeachment is “off the table.” Sen. Russ Feingold wants Bush at least censured by the Senate but Majority Leader Harry Reid says no.

Last November, voters in this country put the Democrats in charge of Congress with a mandate to do something about the despotic rule of George W. Bush.

Instead, the Democrats – like the corrupt Republican leadership that covered for Bush for 12 years – did nothing.

It’s time for a third choice.

Doug Thompson published his first story and photo at age 11 -- a newspaper article about racism and the Klan in Prince Edward County, VA, in 1958. From that point on, he decided to become a newspaperman and did just that -- reporting news and taking photos full-time at his hometown paper, becoming the youngest full-time reporter at The Roanoke Times in Virginia in 1965 and spent most of the past 55+ years covering news around the country and the globe. After a short sabbatical as a political operative in Washington in the 1980s, he returned to the news profession in 1992. Today, he is a contract reporter/photojournalist for BHMedia and owns Capitol Hill Blue and other news websites.


  1. I got to laugh because their are just not many options left. Fisrt of all I just came back from haveing to go out into Joe public land (good old f**k-up USofA) and I didn’t notice anyone I would consider being in the know. Most are just simply brain dead, simple minded, self consumed and hoping to purchase their next gadget/wedget in the near furture from Bestbuy or where ever. So anyone hoping for a revolution, you might be waiting for a while….like f**king forever!!

    Don’t think so, OK…I guess only time will tell but from what I see in Mobile, Alabama, forget it. Just got back from Atlanta, GA and its even worse. Now please, don’t piss in my ceral and tell me otherwise. Its gone to far and their is NO turning back and where it will end…Ha!! do you really want to know?

  2. I watched CSPAN witnessing the entire hearing of Gonzales. The one thing that stood out to me, was that he was confident while testifying…in fact, quite confident that his ass was going to be covered by the “Decider” regardless of how many times he lied.

    “Repetition does not transform a lie into a truth.”
    Franklin D. Roosevelt

  3. Uh, Doug, I think Bush has only been in office for 6 1/2 years, so Congress hasn’t been covering for him for 12 years. I’ll admit that it FEELS like twelve years since the good old Clinton days, when the lies were just about diddling the staffers, a small time real estate investment gone bad, and the travel office.

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