Feingold: Time to censure Bush

Liberal Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold said Sunday he wants Congress to censure President Bush for his management of the Iraq war and his “assault” against the Constitution.

But Feingold’s own party leader in the Senate showed little interest in the idea. An attempt in 2006 by Feingold to censure Bush over the warrantless spying program attracted only three co-sponsors.

Feingold, a prominent war critic, said he soon plans to offer two censure resolutions — measures that would amount to a formal condemnation of the Republican president.

The first would seek to reprimand Bush for, as Feingold described it, getting the nation into war without adequate military preparation and for issuing misleading public statements. The resolution also would cite Vice President Dick Cheney and perhaps other administration officials.

The second measure would seek to censure Bush for what the Democrat called a continuous assault against the rule of law through such efforts as the warrantless surveillance program against suspected terrorists, Feingold said. It would also ask for a reprimand of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and maybe others.

“This is an opportunity for people to say, let’s at least reflect on the record that something terrible has happened here,” said Feingold, D-Wis. “This administration has weakened America in a way that is frightful.”

At the White House, spokesman Trey Bohn said, “We realize that Senator Feingold does not care much for the president’s policies.”

Bohn said Bush wants to work with Feingold and other Democrats on such matters as supporting U.S. troops, improving energy choices and securing health care and tax cuts for families. “Perhaps after calls for censure and more investigations, Congress may turn to such things,” Bohn said.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said Feingold’s proposals showed the nation’s frustration. But Reid said he would not go along with them and said the Senate needs to focus on finishing spending bills on defense and homeland security.

“We have a lot of work to do,” Reid said. “The president already has the mark of the American people — he’s the worst president we ever had. I don’t think we need a censure resolution in the Senate to prove that.”

As for the Senate’s top Republican, “I think it’s safe to say Russ Feingold is not a fan of George Bush. I think that’s the best way to sum that up,” said Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

Feingold spoke on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” Reid appeared on “Face the Nation” on CBS, while McConnell was on “Late Edition” on CNN.


  1. SEAL

    I have always said they american people won’t do anything until they are stressed to the point where they can’t maintain the american standard of living. So far they have been able to do that by refinancing over and over, mortgaging themselves into the future so far they will never be able to recover. Apparently they just figure they will die and that will cancel the debts.

    The other day I heard the average person was spending one-third of their income on fuel for their cars. The value of the dollar continues to decline but wages don’t increase. The availability of adequate paying jobs are decreasing. Workers are being let go from good jobs that have been shipped overseas to find the only job available for them pays much less.

    Considering the above, it shouldn’t be much longer before they are forced to get involved. I think the creditors are out of new gimicks to keep them going. I do think the people have waited too long to get mad and we are facing some serious depression. I don’t see how any president and congress can fix the damage at this point.

  2. gene

    (Seal) above..your first statement is right on the mark and from what I have read within the last several months strongly suggest this nation is CLOSE to…as you said “stressed to the point where they can’t maintain the american dream”.

    I’m not going to start listing all the reasons why (in one of my lazy moods), I will suggest however that the next 6 months should be very interesting.

    I personally am not looking forward to all the chaos that will (more than likely) occur because of this global financial scam. Joe public is fixing to receive the “sucker punch” from hell.

  3. erika morgan

    Whatever keeps up the pressure is a good idea. I hope that our democrats in Congress begin to speak to truth with their colleges from across the aisle in their many social settings; to convince them to come over to the side of reason and reality, and away from the fear delusion that we must engage in war in Iraq to keep terrorists away from America.

  4. pupnannie

    Good for you Russ Feingold. Even if it doesn’t get anyplace, the American people will know you are TRYING to do something about this so called president. It’s time the Democrats and all Americans stood up to this corrupt administration.

  5. gene

    “Good for you Russ Feingold.” Well, yes I guess but we are still left with the same multitude of idiots with their heads up their asses.

    I truely believe we are wittnessing the beginnings of the “End Times” of whatever variety you might adered to. I see nothing but a world where tension is building to a degree that will explode or implode globably. A financial and energy crisis muliplied by billions of human idiots and its time to start parcticing (bending over and kissing your ass goodby).

    Don’t think so…(OK)..just give it 6 more months but you will have missed all that time “practicing” kissing your stupid ass goodby.

    Oh ativan my precious ativan, were art thou my love?

  6. vietnam vet

    vietnam vet

    Hey Gene! are you a prophet? This is about the third time you have predicted calamity is in the process of overtaking America. If Congree and “We the people” don’t do something about bush and his nazi regime, your prediction will come true. And our fighting in Korea and Vietnam was all in vain.

    peace and Love

  7. Sandra Price

    Could it be that the Feingold Democrats are simply trying to correct their inadequacies?

  8. Elmo

    Censure is meaningless.
    Call on the House to conduct impeachment hearings.
    Oh, I forgot, impeachment clashes with Nancy’s table setting.

  9. Janice

    Senator Russ Feingold is trying to do something to censure this dirty rotten administration. I would rather see impeachment proceedings initiated for both Bush and Cheney, but that has no chance of happening – in spite of what the American people want. Censure is a first step, and I applaud Senator Feingold for doing this. It is a travesty that the elected Congress will not do as the citizens of this country desire. I am beginning to loose hope for this country.
    If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.
    Mark Twain

  10. justanothercoverup

    I have to agree – Censure is meaningless – and besides, Bush will just wipe his freshly reamed anal cavity with the Censure and the Constitution; for all practical purposes, Censure winds up being a colossal waste of time!

    Read the “The Impeachment Moment” – and note what is going on in Washington right now – and how you can help to end the tyranny of Bush and Cheney! It’s time to act, and all it takes is for your fingers to do the walking – and then you do the talking!

    It was suggested that we call on Congress and the White House today to express our support for impeachment – but I disagree!

    Keep it up for the whole week! Why stop with just today? One day shows some solidarity – but a week would cause frenzy in Washington – and that’s what we need! It’s time for them to know that “the people” are tired of this crap – and we want Bush and Cheney gone, and yesterday wouldn’t have been soon enough!

    Here are those phone numbers again. Make your voice heard, all week, at least once or twice a day. If enough people participate, the results will be self-evident!

    The offices included in the Executive Office of the President.

    1. Council of Economic Advisers: (202) 456-1414 / (202) 395-5084
    2. Council on Environmental Quality: (202) 395-5750 / (202) 456-6224
    3. Office of Administration: (202)456-7921 / (202) 456-2861
    4. Office of Management and Budget: (202) 395-4840 / (202) 395-4840
    5. Office of National Drug Control Policy: (202) 395-6738
    6. Office of Science & Technology Policy: (202) 456-6021 / (202) 456-7116
    7. President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board: (202) 456-2352
    8. United States Trade Representative: (202) 395-7360 / (202) 395-3230

    The offices included in the White House Office.

    1. Domestic Policy Council: (202) 456-1111 / (202) 456-5594
    2. Homeland Security Council: (202) 456-1700
    3. National Economic Council: (202) 456-1414 / (202) 456-2800
    4. Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives: (202) 456-6708 / (202) 456-6708
    5. Office of the First Lady: (202) 456-7074 / (202) 456-7064
    6. Office of National AIDS Policy : (202) 456-7320 / (202) 456-7320
    7. Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board: (202) 456-1066
    8. USA Freedom Corps: 1-877-872-2677 / 1-877-USA-CORPS
    9. White House Fellows Office: (202) 395-4522 / (202) 395-4522
    10. White House Military Office: / (202) 757-2151

    And the Vice Presidential Entity, whatever branch he ends up in:

    1. Shooter: (202) 456-9000 / (202) 456-1414
    2. Shooter’s Moll, Lynne: (202) 456-7489

    Naturally, if you call the White House to express your disapprobation in the matter of I. Lewis Libby, you will be courteous, and remember that our public servants have important work to do. LINK

    Also, here are the toll free numbers, as provided by another Chimpster seeking to attain the same results!

    Toll Free Numbers to Congress

    These are all numbers I have collected over several months. The first two I have used recently and seem to work 24/7. You can leave messages after office hours.
    The other numbers have been furnished by others and some may be special numbers for specific issues on specific dates but what the hay…. if you can’t get one, keep on trying.

    1 (800) 828 – 0498
    1 (800) 614 – 2803
    1 (800) 459 – 1887
    1 (866) 340 – 9281
    1 (866) 338 – 1015
    1 (877) 851 – 6437

    Don’t forget your own elected officials. Some have toll free numbers for use within the state. We might have better luck with contacting the state offices.

    I am working on a post card campaign too, called “Impeach the Traitors Now” and am looking for other ways to raise hell. Suggestions & ideas are welcome at

    WE have to find a way to get information to people since we know that the sorry-ass media in this country are the enablers for that corrupt administration. LINK

    Have at it – this is our chance to be heard! If we don’t act, the only people we are “letting down” are ourselves and our own families. There is no matter more important than returning the United States to the Rule of Law and forcing the “Decider” to respect and honor our Constitution and Bill of Rights!


  11. Janten

    This censure attempt by Feingold is a sad whimper from one who once upon a time seemed to perhaps have enough strength, conviction and good sense and intentions to do something real.

    Something meaningful such as impeachment.

    I sure miss Paul Wellstone!

  12. gene

    Vietnam vet…”are you a prophet”..answer: No, I’m just a human who currently has a dam hemorrhoid hanging out his ass (very irritating experience I must confess) and living in a world full of (mostly) f**king idiots.

    Anyone could be a prophet, just open your eyes. “They have eyes that can not see and ears that do not hear” spoken by a real prophet. How about this: Daniel was told by an angel to close the books up until the last days when people would be running (traveling) to and fro and knowledge would abound. Prior to this period of time no one would have understood. And this: when you see the fig tree bloom that generaton would experience the end of all things. The fig tree bloomed in 1967 and “that generation” equals 40 years….hmmmm, lets see add 40 to 1967…hmmmm again, mabe 2007. Either way to me and my understanding, we are dam close and their is ONLY ONE WAY OUT of this mess.

    Shit, Santa Clause has more validity today than the truth.

  13. JoyfulC

    I think we’re going to have to wait until this administration is out of office — perhaps for a while after they’ve been out of office.

    But eventually, I hope this adminsitration will face justice. Some of what they did was outside the boundaries of what was legal, if not only what was right.

    But really, in this case, justice may not be the most important thing. The US and the world in general needs to gain stability. I think if bringing this administration to justice is deemed to be necessary to achieving that end, then that’s what will happen. But if bringing this administration to justice is deemed to be a detraction to stabilizing the world, then it won’t.

    We might just have to eat it for the sake of a greater good.

  14. long_rider

    “his “assault” against the Constitution”. Sorry this is an impeachable offence, why is anyone in their right mind even considering censorship?