Second-quarter campaign reports filed with the Federal Election Commission show former GOP frontrunner John McCain with $3.2 million cash on hand – about $1.2 million above the $2 million that the campaign predicted would be reflected in the official report.

The final figures erase a significant talking point promoted by the campaign of long-shot candidate Ron Paul which, for the last three weeks, has argued that their candidate would have more money in the bank than McCain.

McCain, however, is not out of the financial woods. His campaign filings show $1.8 million in debt through the end of June while the Paul campaign reports zero debt. Paul has more “net worth” than McCain at this point although McCain has outraised Paul 8-1 and outspent the Texas Congressman by 10-1.

The reports do show McCain’s campaign, while crippled, is not yet dead and that Paul, along with other second tier candidates in both the Republican and Democratic parties, has a long way to go.

The Associated Press reports:

Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign spent more than it raised from April through June, leaving him financially strapped with $3.2 million cash on hand and a $1.8 million debt, according to a report filed Sunday with the Federal Election Commission.

Hindered by unpopular stands on the war and on immigration, McCain raised $11.26 million in the second quarter, short of his first quarter donations. He spent $13 million. Overall, McCain has raised $24.6 million so far in his campaign and spent $22 million.

McCain has raised $24.6 million through the end of June 30. Paul has raised just over $3 million. The latest Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll, taken July 17-18, shows McCain tied with non-candidate Fred Thompson at 16 percent, trailing frontrunner Rudy Giuliani by 11 points. Paul lags far behind with 2 percent. Mike Huckabee leads the second tier candidates with three percent.

Gallop shows McCain, from July 12-15, in third place behind Giuliani and Thompson, and Paul leading the second tier with 3 percent.

The high level of buzz generated by the Paul campaign through the Internet has not yet translated into support in the public opinion polls. The Gallop numbers are a slight bump from earlier polls but Zogby’s latest poll (July 12-14) shows Paul dropping from 3 to 1 percent from March and McCain dropping from 13 to 9 percent for the same period.

American Research Group shows McCain dropping from 30 percent in March to 14 in July but Paul remaining constant at 1 percent.


  1. “I never cease to be amazed at the myopic obsession people have with the presidency. As if all they have to do is place the right man in the White House and that will fix everything.”

    Perhaps, perhaps not. One man of principle in a House of 535 is not much. One man with a veto pen and the ear of the American people, now that’s a different story.

    The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.-Amendment X

  2. As I read this article, John McCain Ads are being displayed on both sides, theoretically making money for Doug.

    I guess the real answer is, until Ron Paul starts giving money to the media in the form of advertising, they are going to continue to write stories about other candidates and are going to be more favorable.

    I am not accusing Doug of putting these two ads here, but we know how it works. When you post an article, keywords are taken from it to customize the ads delivered. Write about Ron Paul and you don’t get high-commission ads (the PPC price is set by how relevant the ad is to the article, meaning a higher likely hood of click-throughs.)

    So, if we want the media to be more friendly to Ron Paul, we need to donate to Ron Paul so he get ads out there and brings money in for the media, because he isn’t going to create debt to do it!

    In free market economics we learn that companies don’t ever do anything out of good will. Your money is your vote.

  3. By my reading of the FEC reports, McCain only has $117,000 in primary money minus debts (he has some general election funds he’s never going to need now).

    Ron Paul has $2.4 million in primary money minus debt which is more than all of the Republicans (except Romney and Giuliani) combined!

  4. When I said the “lesser of two evils” I was referring to this upcoming election and the people involved in it because that is what our choices will be. And I was not esposing a defeatist attitude. Each election is different and the choices are different. I used the last election as an example of people not thinking it through and making the wrong choice by voting for Nader. They voted with their heart instead of their head.

    There was a reality when we all walked into the voting booth last time and it will be the same this time. What we need to do is change the reality. We need to start immediately when this election ends preparing for the next one. We should have some good choices this time but, if we use the next four years to locate and promote the right people, we could make a real impact in the following election. And on and on. Create a new reality with decent choices to make instead of having to settle for the lesser of the evils under the system we have now.

    It’s the same old story. We have to get involved. Not just for a couple of months every four years, but all the time. Otherwise, we will continue to have the lesser of the evils as our choice which is exactly what the upcoming election will be. That is the reality, not defeatism. We have a little more than a year before we vote again. There is not enough money to promote a relative unknown such as Ron Paul into a household name; to make him a real contender. That would require millions. That is another reality. Any time spent working for him would be wasted effort for this election and could possibly draw some voters away from the lesser of the evils as it did in the last election.

    There is no doubt that whoever the democrats choose to run will be the next president unless something drastic happens. I think our efforts would be best spent determining that choice by the democrats at the convention. That is the reality for this election.

  5. Seal,

    Good points. And I think we all need to call congress and senate candidates (once they announce) and ask them questions that will help us determine if they will be compatible with the U.S. Constitution, free market principles, and individual liberties.

    This is important to do with all of them, but the U.S. Reps will be most important. Seal, you are correct. Ron Paul will not be king, for it is exactly the opposite of what he stands for. We must prepare to be fully educated on the legislative branch candidates. Make them KNOW what kind of government we are expecting from them if they want to hold office.

    Thanks so much for pointing that out.

    But, Seal, I will not ‘accept’ the lesser of two evils. If there is one positive thing that is getting accomplished each time, it is that these alternate, better candidates are getting more and more attention and gaining more and more votes each time. Eventually, they will not be ignored. Those that wanted to oppose GWB should have voted for the independent. The main reason they didn’t is because of the same ‘wasted vote’ myth that you espouse. If everyone that bought that line actually voted with their conscience instead, we would have fairer elections, better candidates, and a government with integrity.

    Your defeatist attitude (completely understandable) will be the ruin of this country. Will people still listen to this message when their neighbor’s families are drug out of their house and the father shot on the street in front of his children? That we must ‘just accept’ it? What about when ‘the radical muslims dominate the world’ (favorite fear-mongering neocon shrill call) are we just going to ‘accept’ it then? You do nothing, you deserve what you get.

  6. I never cease to be amazed at the myopic obsession people have with the presidency. As if all they have to do is place the right man in the White House and that will fix everything. I should think that the last few years would have demonstrated that it takes organiztion between the president and congress to accomplish anything.

    Look how easy it was for Bush to do whatever he wanted with a dominant core of loyal supporters ruling the majority republican party in congress. And remember how difficult it was for Clinton because his party was the minority. As disatisfied as we are with the results so far, you must admit that Bush is having a more difficult time now that the democrats have become the slight majority and will not be able to gain approval from them for any of his hairbrained schemes that require the approval of congress.

    When people vote they should be voting for an organization. Senators and congressmen who share the same ideals and goals as the president. To install a man like Ron Paul as president with the same type of congress we now have would be voting for nothing because that is what would be accomplished.

    You may notice that most of those running for congress attach themselves and declare their support for one of the presidential candidates or they espouse the same rhetoric which identifies them. It is highly unlikely that you could find any congressional candidates that would declare themslves in support of Ron Paul. They will look for the most likely to win candidate for president to attach themselves to because that enhances their chances for election.

    Those who cast the “disgused” votes for candidates with no possible chance of winning too often fail to visualize the impact of their actions. The last national election was a classic example with Nader pulling just enough votes away from Kerry to reelect GWB. In reality, they voted for Bush. People need to accept the fact that they are stuck with the choice of the lesser of evils and support that.

  7. Dear Readers and Capitol Hill Blue,

    Has anyone working for CAPITOL HILL BLUE ever taken a basic philosophy 101 course …or maybe – at least – a course in logic?
    Articles of this type are so insidious …and so absurd!
    If any one in the editorial staff of CAPITOL HILL BLUE had ever taken a basic course in logic, you would appreciate that the numbers of PEOPLE supporting a candidate (presently at least) …much less the number of DOLLARS in their accounts sais little or nothing about the merits of their campaigns.
    Republicans PROFESS to be about smaller government, less spending and lower taxes. Of course, all of this would be nothing more than smoke and mirrors if the amount of money being borrowed – and printed – were not kept under check as well.
    It should be apparent to anyone paying attention that Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate in the field – Republican or otherwise – who honestly give’s a rat’s behind about such things.
    People look to the media to provide them information on the MERITS of candidates. In response, the media supports its particular favorites by seeking to undermine the “credibility” of various campaigns (…like that of Ron Paul at present) by characterizing their campaigns as hopeless …as not having enough supporters or money …well before that is a relevant question.
    Such practices show an interst in the media to misguide the public by what is called the “bandwagon” effect and also by engaging in arguments which are guilty of “begging the question.”
    The “bandwagon effect” is directly related to that trait of human nature which makes us behave so much like sheep being herded to the slaughter. Sheep follow the crowd – even when the crowd is being herded into the butcher’s shop. Why should I care if a majority of my fellow citizens (presently, in any event) favor Mr. Giuliani or Mr. Romney …or Mr. McCain to Ron Paul? I don’t want more of this stupid war and the higher taxes and government spending that goes with it.
    The bandwagon effect SHOULD be familiar with any one who has ever had a half-way responsible parent: a parent who has ever challenged their attempts to justify their behavior on the basis that “all the other kids are doing it” by asking “Yes ..and if all the other kids were jumping off of a high cliff into shallow water – would you follow them there too?”
    We should not endorse the principles of this or that leader because a majority of our peers are more inclined to follow them…. we should only follow any given leader BECAUSE WE AGREE WITH HIS PRINCIPLES.
    Show me where ANY CANDIDATE in the field holds a candle to Ron Paul when it comes to recognizing a principle …much less following Ron Paul’s example of excellence in that arena!
    There are many political assets which Ron Paul has that John McCain will never be able to hold a candle to. For one: Ron Paul has never undermined the ability of the public to exercise their First Amendment Rights of Free Speech by supporting – or purchasing ADVERTISING on behalf of – any candidate in the name of “Campaign Finance Reform.” (As I hope you’ll remember: John McCain actually WROTE that bill!)
    Continue pretending to be “objective bystanders” if you wish: you are not …and that’s becoming more and more apparent.
    How many articles have you written on the number of members of Congress who refuse to participate in the Congressional pension plan? How many articles have you published on the members of Congress who return a portion of their salaries to the National Treasury? How many times in THIS article have you reported the number of people signed up for John McCain MEETUP GROUPS? Where have you reported the average contribution in dollars being given to the respective campaigns? Where have you reported the candidate who is receiving the most contributions from military families?
    Ron Paul has one political asset that is unparalleled among the candidates from any of the political parties at the present moment: CHARACTER AND PRINCIPLE.
    Here’s an idea for you: whoever wins the Presidency will have to take an oath to defend the Constitution before they can enter the Oval Office. Why don’t you have all of them take a quiz (…on the spot: no open books!) …and see how many of them even have a clue about the most salient points of the Constitution. I’ll bet we both know who would win THAT contest!

    In Liberty!,

    James Hines

    “Yes, Roper, I would give the devil benefit of law …FOR MY OWN SAFETY’S SAKE!”
    Thomas More as portrayed
    in Robert Bolt’s A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS

  8. Trouble is, McCain got literally NO votes in the first NH straw poll, Paul got 1200 people to the rally in Iowa when all the others combined had only 600 and Paul also had the MOST supporters (about 400) in the debates in NH…

    So that’s a good measure of popularity.

    I was working a booth today and NOT ONE person came by asking about McCain — well maybe ONE.

    I had scores asking about Paul!

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