GOP voters: We don’t want any of ’em

And the leading Republican presidential candidate is … none of the above.

The latest Associated Press-Ipsos poll found that nearly a quarter of Republicans are unwilling to back top-tier hopefuls Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson, John McCain or Mitt Romney, and no one candidate has emerged as the clear front-runner among Christian evangelicals. Such dissatisfaction underscores the volatility of the 2008 GOP nomination fight.

In sharp contrast, the Democratic race remains static, with Hillary Rodham Clinton holding a sizable lead over Barack Obama. The New York senator, who is white, also outpaces her Illinois counterpart, who is black, among black and Hispanic Democrats, according to a combined sample of two months of polls.

A half year before voting begins, the survey shows the White House race is far more wide open on the Republican side than on the Democratic. The uneven enthusiasm about the fields also is reflected in fundraising in which Democrats outraised Republicans $80 million to $50 million from April through June, continuing a trend from the year’s first three months.

“Democrats are reasonably comfortable with the range of choices. The Democratic attitude is that three or four of these guys would be fine,” David Redlawsk, a University of Iowa political scientist. “The Republicans don’t have that; particularly among the conservatives there’s a real split. They just don’t see candidates who reflect their interests and who they also view as viable.”

More Republicans have become apathetic about their options over the past month.

A hefty 23 percent can’t or won’t say which candidate they would back, a jump from the 14 percent who took a pass in June.

Giuliani’s popularity continued to decline steadily as he faced a spate of headline headaches, came under increased scrutiny and saw the potential entry of Thompson in the mix; his support is at 21 percent compared with 27 percent in June and 35 percent in March.

The former New York mayor is running virtually even with Thompson, who has become a threat without even officially entering the race. The actor and former Tennessee senator has stayed steady at 19 percent. McCain, the Arizona senator who is revamping his nearly broke campaign, clocked in a bit lower at 15 percent, while Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, remained at 11 percent.

None of the top candidates has a clear lead among Christian evangelicals, a critical part of the GOP base that has had considerable sway in past Republican primaries. Giuliani, a thrice-married backer of abortion rights and gay rights, had 20 percent support — roughly even with Thompson and McCain who have one divorce each in their pasts. Romney, a Mormon who has been married for three decades, was in the single digits.

Among the legions of undecided Republicans is Barbara Skogman, 72, a retired legal assistant from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She isn’t at all excited about any of the prospects.

“I’m looking for a strong honest person. Do you know of any?” she joked. She had an easy time detailing why she was queasy about each of the most serious contenders. “Isn’t that sad?” Then she reached a conclusion: “I just don’t know.”

Andrew E. Smith, a polling expert at the University of New Hampshire, said the number of voters in flux is no surprise, given that the primaries aren’t for another six months. “People really don’t decide who to vote for until the last couple months or days,” he said.

On the Democratic side, 13 percent declined to back a candidate, and of those who picked a candidate, some may be willing to change their minds.

Barbara Hicks, 29, an English tutor in Arlington, Va., said her friends got her to lean toward former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards but she said, “It’s not set in stone. … I don’t favor him very, very strongly.”

The only other sign that Democrats are at all agitated about their choices is the continued support for Al Gore, the former vice president and 2000 Democratic presidential nominee who says he’s not running. His popularity has slid some to 15 percent.

Otherwise, Clinton kept her strong advantage over Obama; her backers accounted for 36 percent of Democrats to his 20 percent, while support for Edwards remained essentially unchanged at 11 percent.

While neither Obama nor Edwards has threatened Clinton in national polls, both are giving her a chase in other areas. Obama leads her in fundraising for the primary and Edwards is running stronger in Iowa.

Nationally, the combined sample found Clinton has the edge among black Democrats, with 46 percent of their support to Obama’s 33 percent. Her advantage is even wider among Hispanics; she has the support of 45 percent of them to Obama’s 17 percent. New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, whose mother was Mexican, had the backing of just 5 percent of Hispanics and virtually no support among blacks.

The AP-Ipsos poll was conducted by telephone July 9-11 with 1,004 adults, including 346 Republicans and 477 Democrats. The margin of sampling error for the full sample is plus or minus 3 percentage points, plus or minus 5.5 percentage points for Republicans and 4.5 percentage points for Democrats. For the combined June and July samples, the margin of sampling error is plus or minus 3.5 percentage points for Republicans and plus or minus 3 percentage points for Democrats.


Associated Press Manager of News Surveys Trevor Tompson, AP News Survey Specialist Dennis Junius, and AP Writer Natasha Metzler contributed to this report.


  1. Jenifer D.

    I’ll make this easy
    Just pick two of the Oakridge Boys for Prez and V.P.; see how easy that was?

  2. Carl Nemo

    Maybe, just maybe Republicans; i.e, reasonable, mainstream conservative republicans are waking up to the fact they’ve been conned by the Bushistas; ie., “Poppy” and dubya, both operatives for the Cecil Rhodes NWO, one world government crowd…! Little do they realize they’ve been conned by a CIA facilitated plot 100+ years in the making; i.e, both the total compromise and secret coup of the presidency of the United States of America and the free world itself!

    Maybe mainstream republicans have finally realized that all the candidate “garbage” that’s being proferred to them at this point, just doesn’t wash out! Let’s call it a sixth sense survival instinct! Good for them, I say! Ron Paul isn’t perfect, but if they are only left with Paul then I say focus on him rather than any other of the losers that all march lock-step to their NWO/AIPAC/CFR/Bilderberger drummers!

    There’s an old saying that “in the land of the blind the man with one eye is king”. Maybe Ron Paul is the Republican party’s man with “one eye” that will lead them out of their wilderness of despair…!

    Carl Nemo **==
    p.s. Beware of “Billary”, she’s their sponsored “judas goat” who will lead the U.S. and the free world into it’s final, terminal state of “ruin”; i.e, “Big Sister”…!

  3. MrHoppy

    Ron Paul was somehow overlooked? You know… The most popular of GOP candidates. Un-flipping believable!

    I think I will send Ron Paul a check. I am a registered democrat but if the media and the machine they represent is that afraid of him, I like him even more than any of the right wing democrats that lied through their teeth about stopping this insane war based on a pack of lies.

    In fact, I sent Dennis Kucinich $50.00 and I will send Ron Paul the same.

  4. michaelstephenlevinson

    I’m the “nota” candidate for president, yet to break a sweat from way in the back. When asked about, I poll the most votes, ahead of the pack. “Nota” is my acronym for “none of the above.” I’m guaranteed to win, hands down, upon the nomination of both major parties. Heck! I bring to our table the prophetic, potential world peace for all mankind, given to me, aboard a ship, 40 days and 40 nights, in 1969; partially my qualifier for chosen poet prophet, your universal nominee.

    During that trip, on an ocean going merchant ship, with the ship’s crew for witness, the LAN Lord uh pin Heaven revealed his word unto my mind, within His every line a delicate sensible rhyme, like what He gave to Dante, when the poet was inspired with His Divine Comedy, and Moses the Teacher, who was given Five Holy Books and Kabbalah.

    Is it a 4th Estate task, locating crew who rode that ship, alive yet, to report what they recollect, as though yesterday, 38 yesteryears ago?

    People like ‘eye’, given what we have, only come around once every couple thousand years, at most. G-d inspires when His world requires. Be assured the end of His fav planet isn’t coming for 185,000 years.

    I bring to the marketplace a new word order, the ‘mull tie ling well’ Television Scripture, words, world orders, and word hor’s d’oeuvres, written down to be performed on worldwide television, from dusk until dawn, for all the world’s peoples to participate in all at once: nothing less, nothing more. Here in our land of the free and home to the brave I seek to speak my Peace: a new word order, the words reordered.

    This conception: all mankind taking one night off, for a change, to participate together, as a world, in a world wide all channels program, the first peaceful night in five thousand years of recorded history, when all are doing the same thing at the same time, Wah Ching Tell A Vision, is worth a Nobel prize for pizza. Your own le issue: are words refracted, renewed, a valued horse of rhyme, thusly worth your time?

    The other candidates for United States president, politishinz, aren’t galloping about with words for all mankind, promoting exit courses to get us out of Iraq, with strategies so the Iraqis stay in our corner. Regardless whom you assassinate or elect, this explicit plan will get us out of Iraq, a game plan for our exit with your loved ones intact.

    Do you want world peace? Then alter your format, let the words play.

    (there are a number of paragraphs in this piece I finished last night, that are related, but I will skip them, about establishing peace throughpout the middle east, and how I plan on accomplishing it – not the subject of this Blue article that inspires me to post. Later today will be up and by tomorrow, the full article. Peace my brothers and sisters, peace is the issue)

    To get out, America must first admit Bush’s democracy mission in Iraq was claptrap, his true purpose, behind our thousands dead, privatize Iraq’s oil, giving the Iraqis royalties, in lieu of the oil belonging to Iraq, possession 9/10’s of the law, the liquid gold beholden to Exxon; a benchmark obligate that Bush’s vacating Iraqis can only fail to mete.

    Those Iraqis despise Cheney and Bush as much as America does. Thanks to president “Little Bush,” 97% of the world’s opium is grown in Afghanistan, cooked into heroin, the blossoming drug trade funding al Qaeda, and drug deals running from Lebanon’s hashish valleys, throughout Western Europe, Canada, Cancun, and of course, the USA.

    Thousands have died since Bush proclaimed, “Mission Accomplished,” and thousands more are following them. The end won’t come into view until “Little Bush” is plucked from our office, and we are rid of him.

    Like it or not; love him or despise him, we need to leave him, to send Bush packing. Ironic, we cannot win world peace without first turning Bush out, as our “Little Bush” is the dead Hussein’s vain counterpart.
    George needs to get plucked, big time, to metaphorically join Saddam, the Big Salami, because our friends the Iraqi people need a fresh face.

    I volunteer my talent, my blessing from G-d, to appear on Iraqi TV every day a couple hours, week in and week out, always with one day of rest, to save lives especially the lives of our guys and the innocent Iraqis, teaching coming world peace and establishing in the Iraqi’s collective mind, throughout that region at least, that I am the holiest Imam ever to walk on this planet. I can calm the Iraqis, whether I am US president or a private prophet, waiting to take my oath of office.

    The warmonger Bush orders additional troops, and more killing; his opponents, military exit, a lead to even more wasteful death. Bush’s ribbon shirt generals are faceless bureaucrats, useless, not leaders.

    We should either refocus our presence in Iraq on democracy and commerce for their own sakes, or immediately pull up stakes! Anyone wearing an American uniform in Iraq is a death squad target, as I am on FBI’s domestic list, a target. Lucky for me FBI is squad less; their anti-Semite’s bullet, prearranged, cannot fly until New Hampshire. Not since Ruby Ridge has FBI ran an assassination; they have the itch.

    Liken Iraq’s interim constitution to our own Articles of Confederation. Iraq needs a constitution that will last. They do not have one yet. Ours should be their base, word for word. We are the youngest nation on the planet, with the oldest standing government. Our constitution and Bill of Rights should be translated, and the Iraqis challenged to read it.

    The Iraqi people might embrace our tried and tested methods where everyone’s rights are protected and all religions are equal under the rule of law! Our own Constitution, in place, could bring about closure to the Iraqis’ internecine fighting, leaving only Saddam’s Baathists, and al Qaeda’s sponsored terrorists for the Iraqi militias to deal with.

    We should be going over our constitution for the Iraqis line by line on television all day long; I’m ready to do it, and in their newspapers, too, so Iraq’s people adapt our constitution as their own. Unless we win the peace, the war was completely a waste, our kids’ lives wasted in Bush’s vanity, but to win we need some innovation, beyond our constitution, with thousands more of our own people doing their part in Iraq than are presently there, or we can’t get out.

    Those going over should be civilians, not soldiers in uniform! It’s time the American people are embedded with the Iraqis, key to our success. We need to deliver our constitution to every village, pass out translated copies with a hand shake, and help establish democracy in Iraq, an actual from the bottom up, which is the way democracy has always started up, contrary to Bush’s top down above us style of doing business, and to do it right, to win, we need the right truck.

    In order to leave peacefully, that our victory, we must supplement our troops with 40,000 citizen ambassadors. President Bush must order an independent retrofitting of ten thousand off road trucks that today gather dust at our dealerships, with volunteer ambassadors from every state aboard in forty vehicle teams. Christen our trucks, The Scorpion Brigades, with license plates from every state, and Onstar hooked up, so we are there, too. F-150’s, Sierras, and Silverados are made for the job. I can hear the announcer’s voice proclaim, “like Iraq!”

    In my administration this dangerous civilian volunteer mission will pay minimum $23 an hour with double time for overtime, including life insurance paid by Uncle Sam. The president must instruct our potential citizen ambassadors to go to their favorite dealership and register for emergency service. His refusal is reason to immediately begin an impeachment! Required you bring your own assault rifles with cases of ammo, too; and not be afraid to pull the trigger with a person in the crosshairs, or you can’t make the trip. In Iraq kill al Qaeda or be killed.

    The “I” in the acronym IED, precedes the “E” that stands for Explosive. The “D” is for Device. “I” stands for Innovative! But we, the American people are the innovators, not our enemy bureaucracies. Our commonest of sense, American ingenuity, dictates the menu for off road war-mien retrofit embedding: completely coat trucks desert cream, especially the chrome; uniformly splotch beige; rig grills with cast iron shields to protect motors, also splotch; beef suspensions; enlarge gas tanks; Add Mobile One to crank with charcoal dip filters of air conditioning. Compasses fastened on the dash, with reupholstered camper tops, a mix of Kevlar and Dragon Skin; same stuff in door panels. Plate the truck undersides and doors with iron from junkyards.

    Include the best dash-bracketed 40 band CB’s and most importantly, high powered binoculars, with police radar guns, too, distance calibrated, so when our Scorpion Brigades dash around the desert floor in forty-tooth combs we mean any suspicious Iraqis rolling, or Jihads going to Yemen for an R&R, stopping to plant a road-side bomb, and then rolling on, are guaranteed surface-to-surface laser-guided tickets.

    Load cases of bottled water, freeze-dried everything, and microwaves, with delicious ready-to-eat meals bought off the supermarket shelf.

    Every mission critical democracy truck flown over should have a digital camcorder and laptops with wireless Internet access, so we can see what is up with our volunteers. Every camper top needs a tow missile bracket, so over night trained civilian gunners can park their tails on the spare tires to fire. Every quad cab has to have 50 caliber machine gun brackets on their roof, so in case the need arises, whoever rides shotgun on the border can ride standing upright in the sunroof, and stinger a crossing suicide bomber, besides all of the foreign interlopers going home on leave who need their tires blown out in their tracks.

    We should be getting our quad cabs ready for off road desert duty immediately! The army pipeline for bureaucracies’ armored vehicles is 18 months. Our Scorpion Brigades could get their iron plating welded and made ready for emergency service inside of 48 hours!

    The president should speak to our nation and order it. Our C5-A Constellations could be flying from airport to airport, loading up trucks bumper-to-bumper with crew aboard, the next tailgate party to be on the desert floor. Bush’s refusal is a major reason for impeachment! We cannot allow this president to sacrifice more of our precious kids in a guerrilla fight that refuses to finish, which is guaranteed, absent these above described, retrofitted, off road trucks in the mix.

    The genuine threat of impeachment could motivate his wife to read her wimp the riot act. Bush must surely realize the more of our troops are wounded or killed, the less the likelihood for republicans holding office, proven by the mid-term elections of 2006. When this was first written down, before FBI came to knock on my door with my newspaper email to editors in hand, Americans killed in Iraq numbered 650 and counting. 4000 were reported as wounded, politic-speak for body parts sheared off, and 13,000 casualties. What affords the label: casualty?

    Ten thousand trucks, four civilian ambassadors in each, is the minima required to establish a foundation for Iraqi democracy and peace.

    Besides visiting every country hamlet and town, to make friends, assess needs and begin a grass roots, people to people Marshall Plan; in groups of forty, with cells and CB radios, our Scorpion Brigades will seal, in and out, all of Iraq’s borders, guarding the oil pipe lines while watching the major highways and byways, in quartets or pairs, parked off-road a few miles apart, their CB’s and cop-car radar guns, powered to mark insurgent vehicles that pull off road to leave makeshift bombs, along with a human detonator, left back to click the remote trigger from behind the nearest berm.

    Our spotters can CB down the two-lane which car needs disabling, etc., then proceed to take out the detonator left behind to blow us up. The Scorpion Brigades on guard will nail each and every insurgent they encounter crossing the border, enabling us to secure Iraq at large.

    The Scorpion Brigades, ten thousand trucks strong, will own every checkpoint, neutering that issue. The Jihad insurgency pays its own way, smuggling oil the insurgents cash out in Syria and Jordan. We will ‘ticket’ all the tankers long before they roll up to the Iraqi border.

    Insurgency is a full time occupation. But insurgents have to eat. When we own the length of all the borders with our Scorpion Brigades, the continuous feed of fresh terrorists from around the Middle East will be canceled, as will their means of finance, which are smuggled goods.

    10,000 quad-cabs, four people strong in each, ought to be enough to control all of the Iraqi borders, visit every hamlet, and truly own the roads that roll through the al Qaeda controlled provinces.

    We want the Iraqi parents to let us bring back 25 thousand of their kids to America with us, to live in America and go to our schools, for a couple years anyway, so the kids are safe from flaring violence, there, and learning democracy here. This kid exchange, for the Iraqis, goes with Congress also awarding Iraq favored nation status, so our quad cab ambassadors can make ready deals with every farmer in every village we visit for all their figs, nuts and dates, packed on the spot for export, in exchange for American cash on the barrelhead.

    I seek the nomination of both political parties, so we present to the world a united face, the first step toward my coming achievement that will suffice as world peace, beginning with a peaceful night, when all the world’s peoples will be doing the same thing at the same time: watching my whirled wide radial on television. I promise in advance, to spout, in every line a delicate sensible, ‘mull tie ling well’ rhyme, so all on the planet, our good ship mother earth, feel they are participants.

    Regardless your political party affiliation, my Iraq Exit Strategy is the only viable way for us to set the stage, for drawing down our troops to get out of Iraq without a debacle. Unless we seal that country’s borders first, when the date certain becomes known, and we begin to pull out, every insurgency group from all the surrounding countries will send Jihadis to bag themselves an American, our kids body bagged, but beheaded, their heads like melons, wired along the roadside to the airport. Evil will have broken loose. We cannot allow it.

    Nor can we wait until I take the oath of our highest office. The above, my strategic way out, will dumpster Bush’s idea of ‘privatizing their oil, and dumpster Bush, leaving the oil rich Iraqis in charge of both their oil and country. With 25 thousands of their innocent children going to our schools in America, Iraq will indeed become a very firm American ally, a bastion of democracy, a model for all the Palestinian, Iranian and Syrian children to follow.”

  5. mojibyrd

    Ron Paul for Prez….

    Why are you all afraid to mention Ron Paul for president, just because he does not have the controlled and manipulated media backing him…certainly appears that many in the public eye are watching his progress…but oh yeah why do as the people want, just do as this administration and screw the people, we (the media of course) report to those who are lining are pockets with green backs and they do not want any positive feedback about Ron Paul reported….well too damn bad as the people are talking and taking notice of him.

    Impeach Bush Now

  6. Wayne K Dolik

    mojibyrd, don’t fret about Dr. Ron Paul yet, I just watched Dr. Paul’s appearance at the internet Company Google. It is amazing how many young people are warming up to Dr. Pauls message of freedom. There are millions of young people who value basic freedom. Dr. Paul mentioned to this group that he wants more tolerance and open-ness in our Government and young people whole heatedly welcome this message. I will post his meetup at Google at the bottom of this piece. I predicted earlier here at CHB that the Paul campaign would overtake the McCain candacy in cash on hand. I was right and Dr. Paul blew McCain away. He currectly holds the number 3 spot in cash on hand.

    Here is a new prediction. I think Dr. Paul will make his big move in the final days of the next quarter of fund raising. Dr. Paul based upon popularity and current momentum could raise as much as 9.5 million. Then watchout!

  7. nuQler Ostrich

    I wasn’t going to comment, but the posts about Ron Paul made me think about the curious media response to him raising more money than John McCain.

    Instead of treating him with more respect, the media continued to ignore Dr. Paul and instead began drumming McCain out of the race.

    I found that very curious.

  8. Sandra Price

    Carl you are right again. I really wonder if the Evangelical voters don’t realize of the corruption behind all their choices. I’m been on many Social Conservative forums and they are a one issue pack of voters. They have no clue regarding the Constitution and will never vote for anyone who is not pro-life. Let them stick with one of the Christians running and leave Ron Paul to rest of us. I’m still not convinced that Paul won’t sell out to the pro-lifers at the last minute.

    We will have had 8 years of a religious nut in the white house and maybe even the those fools will go for another kind of President.

    The problem is deeper than abortion as we still have to fight for same sex marriages and death with dignity and keeping the government’s hands off of our family choices.

    I see no choice other than to vote for a Democrat and it will be my first time. But to keep the freedoms out of the hands of the wing nuts, they leave me without any choice at all.

    The GOP may soon catch on that the government is not in the morals business. They should take that as their own responsibility but do they understand that? Big daddy is a temptation to these religious people.