Ron Paul’s funds tops other long shots

Ron Paul, the Texas congressman running a long-shot campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, raised $2.4 million from April through June and ended the quarter with a similar amount in the bank, according to financial reports filed Sunday.

The total is a remarkable showing for Paul, putting him ahead of Arizona Sen. John McCain in cash on hand. While Paul has raised far less than McCain or the other leading Republicans, his libertarian views and opposition to the war in Iraq have lit a fire among nontraditional contributors, particularly on the Internet. About half of his total came from contributions of less than $200.

Despite his relative success in fundraising, he still barely registers in public opinion polls. For the most part, Paul has relied on his debate appearances and on an online network to spread his message. He also spent $120,000 on printing and mailing fundraising letters, his single biggest expense.

Overall, he has raised $3 million for the year and spent $646,000.

Republican Mike Huckabee raised $764,000 for his presidential campaign from April through June and had $437,000 cash on hand at the end of last month, according to his financial reports.

The former Arkansas governor spent nearly $703,000 during those three months. More than half went for payroll, travel, and media and fundraising consultants.

Former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson raised $461,000 in the second quarter, according to his filing with the Federal Election Commission. He reported nearly $122,000 cash on hand, but also listed debts and obligations of more than $127,000.

Lackluster performance in the second quarter already caused one Republican candidate to quit the race. Former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore announced Saturday he was withdrawing. On Sunday he reported $62,000 cash on hand and $129,000 in debts and obligations.

Huckabee has tried to court conservatives to establish himself as an alternative to the leading Republicans in the field — Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani and John McCain. Still, Huckabee’s report shows him as a distant contender in the race for contributors.

Romney and Giuliani both reported their finances on Friday. McCain and most of the Democratic candidates had until midnight Sunday to file their reports.

Arkansas was Huckabee’s most generous state, with donors there providing $3 of every $8 he raised. He also raised nearly $118,000 in Texas.

Overall, Huckabee has raised $1.3 million for the year. He listed $31,000 in debts and obligations.


  1. Ardie

    I have said this before, an ideal election is a choice between the greater of two angels rather than the lesser of two evils. I would like to see the day when we have a Ron Paul Republican running against, say, a “Mike” Gravel Democrat. We all win. Hopefully the Internet can serve to level, somewhat, the playing field. Right now it is the corporatist media who tell us who is going to be the next president.

  2. yarply

    The reason Ron does not have more money is because big business contributors don’t give to his campaign.
    Local people gave most if not all the money he has. What some would say or call grass roots money, and most candidates think all grass is good for is cutting, walking and pissing on. Not Ron, Ron Paul is definitely a candidate of the people even if some of his opinions and beliefs are different than his supporters. The thing about Mr. Paul is, he does not say one thing here and another thing there. He has a consistent message and stands by that message, hell or high water. (though I have seen him change his message when he has decided he is wrong on an issue) He may have opinions which differ from his followers but, overall he reflects the American spirit as once was embodied by the founders of this country.
    Personally I disagree with Dr. Paul on some issues, such as his net neutrality and medicare stance. But his overall message and his apparent honesty and integrity makes him the top candidate, no matter what the polls say.
    To many people are to easily swayed by mainstream media, and are afraid to be ridiculed if they stand by a ‘long-shot’ candidate. Plus others are to reliant and dependent on the government to vote for someone with Ron Pauls Anti big government leanings.

    Personally, I think even if Mr. Paul is elected, it is to late for this country. That the direction this country has taken since before the Korean conflict is almost non reversible. That we are bankrupt as a country morally and financially is almost with out a doubt for certain. Plus the fact that the last president which tried to change the course of this country was shot and killed by, some would say, the shadow government, AKA the military industrial complex in conjunction with the fed reserv. But that is all theory right?

    But I hope Ron wins and I hope this country can stand tall again. It would be nice if the good paying jobs came back from Mexico and China or where ever in the hell they have gone. That when I went to the store and bought something it said made in the USA, and wasn’t talking about the box the product came in. That the money I made I was able to keep. That if I had an opinion about something I could say it without having to worry about big brother watching and listening. That I wouldn’t have to worry about some gov agency watching what I write on the Internet and listening to my phone calls. That if I wanted to protest something I wouldn’t have to stand in a free speech zone or be arrested for having an Anti bush shirt on.

    There are a lot of things I wish for, Like what this country is supposed to stand for, Life, Liberty, Freedom and the ability to pursue happiness. Hell now days most people do not Know what liberty means and think freedom is what the government “allows” us to do.