Scandal-ridden Louisiana Democratic Congressman William Jefferson is pissed at the leader of his party in the House. So pissed he reportedly called Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi a "tight-assed honkie bitch."

According to a House aide walking behind Jefferson while he was on a tirade about Pelosi asking him to step down from the House Ways & Means Committee because he got caught taking a $100,000 bribe from an FBI informant, Jefferson called Pelosi a "tight-assed honkie bitch who should mind her own fucking business."

"He sounded really pissed," said the aide who asked not to be identified. (Editor’s Note: Although we did verify that the aide who emailed us this report does indeed work in the House of Representatives we could not find a second source who could verify what Jefferson said.)

"In the interest of upholding the high ethical standard of the House Democratic Caucus, I am writing to request your immediate resignation from the Ways and Means Committee," Pelosi wrote today to Jefferson in what the Associated Press described as a one-sentence letter. The FBI has a video of Jefferson accepting a $100,000 bribe and agents raiding his home found about $90,000 of the marked bills hidden in his freezer.

Jefferson’s official response, where he left out the bit about asses and honkies and bitches, was longer than one sentence:

Leader Pelosi:

I have received your letter of this date requesting my immediate resignation from the Ways and Means Committee. With respect, I decline to do so.

Through my committee position and since this federal investigation became public, I have secured over $20 billion in tax credits and federal funds for my district after Hurricane Katrina. I authored the GO ZONE Act, the Katrina Public Finance Act, and the Katrina Tax Relief Act, along with my colleague Jim McCrery, which all resulted in massive tax relief for families, seniors, government agencies and businesses in the hurricane-affected region. All of these matters fall within the jurisdiction of the Ways and Means Committee. Additionally, my committee covers trade, which is important the Port of New Orleans. My work on the committee has been important to our port’s recovery after the storm.

None of the matters reported to be under scrutiny involve issues under jurisdiction of the Ways and Means committee. Therefore, such a request would be even more perplexing and unreasonable. If I agreed, it would unfairly punish the people of the 2nd district and I will not stand for that.

Further, such a request would be discriminatory, in as much as no other Member currently under federal investigation has been asked to step down from a substantive, legislative committee assignment. It would also be unprecedented, in as much as I have served with Members who have been indicted, tried and won their cases, and who were never asked to step aside from their committee assignments during those processes. Therefore, I will not give up a committee assignment that is so vital to New Orleans at this crucial time for any uncertain political strategy.

William J. Jefferson
Member of Congress

In other words: "Screw you honkie bitch."